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  1. I think I am right in saying every F1 team has a base in europe, surely they will have to keep a base in the UK. The F1 season still is a mainly european affair with 9 races staged within the continent.
  2. No But he is an international Driver
  3. Would be great to hear the name Senna and Lotus used in the same sentance. Really hope they give Bruno a chance !!!!
  4. The same as Alex I have my daughter this weekend, can do the weekend after ???????
  5. I prefer the lights with the centre left the colour of the car, more modern . Might well get the V8 flat panel and paint it white
  6. Is there anyone on here with an ebay account in the U.S I need to buy some parts for my car but the company does not ship to the UK, I can paypal the money if you could send them to me, they are only really small parts that would fit in a small jiffy bag
  7. Had mine since 1999, she was only 7 when I got her, would not be without her ( she outlasted my first wedding ). Remember my first ever drive of her like it was yesterday, she has done 30,000 miles since that day..........memories ......
  8. Jonathon, this is what I want to see on the screen from my rear camera
  9. I have put mine in the pocket at the rear of the centre console. I bought it from a guy in Oldham for
  10. yes please !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could you make all the grey change to clear( see thru ) and change the background to a uniform colour ???
  11. My car is still in pieces so have not tryed it in motion, you can download a free trail of centrafuse form here The buttons to operate it are really good, nice and big. There are loads of skins available like these The logo can be changed to a lotus one !!!! If you right click on my heater control and save picture
  12. Are you using centrafuse as a front end ??? This is the panel I am making, going to print it on a transparent paper then stick that onto a peice of perspects??
  13. With a device called fusion brain I could have intergration with the heater, engine start, automatic headlights .......
  14. Well I have now started the install of my in car PC I can now access the forum from the comfort of my drivers seat !!!! It has full internet access via a 3G internet dongle Have took a few pics ................ As the car now has no air-con the heater controls are easy to modify, the fan speed switch fits where the centre illumination bulb went, big thanks to oneshot for sorting out the new panel design ( going to print it on some transparent) I am using a piece of custom software called centrafuse as the front end, it is brill for the touch screen. It will also have a reversing camera, TPMS, engine data, navigation, blue-tooth phone control.........the list is huge and if I can work it out I should be able to steam video with engine graphics ( bit like on board used in F1)
  15. I have spent hours trying to do that BIG THANKS
  16. Could some one help me please, I am not brilliant on computers. I would like to put the fan switch picture in the center of the first picture. I'm going to have to learn more about these things Fan switch picture
  17. Quick update for you Have been busy with the lathe today and made the spigot adaptors, as shadeone said the spigots are all 60mm, they are in interferance fit on the hubs and machined to 67mm for the wheels I decided to go for steel as with them only being 3.5mm thick was not confident that ally would not crack, I also machined a small lead to help when fitting the wheels Having sold the front brakes I have also done a bit of origami and made some cardboard 360mm discs to see how the new brakes will fit Still waiting for the new logos, so dont moan lol
  18. I'm starting to think of keeping it white, she looks good with the new lights and wheels !!!
  19. Have just reconnected the battery and put on charge for 1/2 hour and took a quick pic of them in the dark Image removed due to size. sorry here is a 800 x 600 The pics dont do them justice, they are so much Brighter than the originals.
  20. I think they make the back of the car far better, the stop and tails are Led. I'm going to fit LED indicator bulbs and a red LED bulb in the o/s for a fog light. They also have built in reflectors so are no problem for the MOT test.
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