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  1. After a week wait they have arrived here is a pic of the old and new Only had to do a tiny mod The one on the right still has the small piece that I had to remove
  2. Feel like i have just Have spent hours googling and cant find what i am after
  3. Is there anyone on here who is really good at doing computer graphics, I am desperate for a Lotus logo in a .png format that is 115 x115 with a chrome outer ring. Will share with everyone what I am upto very soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. These type of cracks are caused by heat, they are an mot failure and are extremly dangerous. Throw them in the nearest bin and check the correct operation of the caliper ( i.e it is releasing freely). What is the disc on the other side like ???? If the caliper if not releasing then ( and this is from experiance ) check the brake flexi, I had one that was acting like a one way valve the fluid would not return as the pipe had started to delaminate on the inside !!!!!!! Can tell you how to do a simple check if it is sticking !!!
  5. have found this on the web Is it a Lotus colour ???? I think mine would look nice this colour If it is a Lotus colour does anyone know the paint code/name ????
  6. Was not to happy with the quality of the new centers so waiting for some more..... My daughter made me laugh, she said " dad, since your car is a lotus and you have Ferrari wheels.....does that mean you now have a ............FEROCIOUS " The red chassis is just red oxide paint as a Will take some more pics later on need to change front suspension....if someone could measure the hieght of the wheel arch to floor on there car this would be really helpfull...
  7. I can recommend The Tudor Rose at two mills which is just off the A550. You are more tha welcome to pop around for a coffee/tea and have a look at mine ( the car that is lol ). If you want I could take the camera up the hoseshoe pass and take some " fly past " shots !!!!
  8. Have spent most of today test fitting the wheels, I decided that instead of using the standard bolts ( which make changing wheels a nightmare) I would replace them with studs and nuts. Having done my calulations for the offset I bought 60mm for the rear and 40mm for the front.................. When I have finished with the brakes/hubs etc I will locktight the new studs into the hub and torque them to around 100 Nm to ensure that they do not unscrew when I remove the nuts later on.... So I started on the rears first here are some shots of the old and new together.... Ok now for the first wheel, I have not made the spacers yet and think I do not need to !!!! the wheel fits perfect to the arch and clears all the suspension.............yipeeeeeeee....... I also fitted the new adjustable rear suspension from PMN with 9inch 350 lbs 2 1/4 springs ( the springs are dirt cheap so if I want to increase or lower the stiffness wont cost the earth !!!!) So onto the front's again the old and new Fitted the new studs....... Fitted the wheel again with no spacer and it again clears the arch and all the suspension great, Strange thing is on the n/s it is just catching on full lock here but not on the o/s.....Have measured the center of the hub to the sill on both sides and they are the same ??????? I think that they have put more fiberglass on the n/s ????? The plan is to drill a small pilot hole where it's catching and see how much material there is , then use a sander to remove enough to clear, If I use spacers it will make the fit worse as the wheel will be further away from the pivot point... Tomorrow I will also be fitting the front suspension.............
  9. The pcd are the same at 108mm, the spigot size is larger at 67.1mm so I am making rings to fit the 58mm front and 60mm rear hubs
  10. Some more old pics from one of our many trips to europe (me and the car that is lol) This is her sun-bathing on the French Riviera in Nice And another one at Imola in Italy ( looking for an entrance to get on the track lol) And another one on the way to the Mont Blanc Tunnel ( sound was brill in the tunnel) In one week I done from here in North Wales to Dover then to Nice. Onto Monte Carlo then Florance upto Imola. Through the Mont Blanc Tunnel upto Tignes ( ski for 2 days) back upto Calais and then home. 2500 miles in total
  11. Now they look a million times better Now they have got PROPER Logo's on them !!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hi and welcome to the forum...nice car ( looks like mine )
  13. I was just about to list a hi-spec kit on ebay, I fitted them to the car last year and they have never been used. I am looking at upgrading them to 360mm 6/8 pot calipers. If you are intrested PM me. They are the 4 pot gold ones with all the bits
  14. Sorry I thought we were on about front, yes the rears are a single piece so you will have to replace
  15. Did the bearing fail on excess freeplay or roughness when rotated, if it is free play you could repack with grease and adjust to take out the play. If it is roughness then will need bearing adjusting. You should be able to free off the caliper.
  16. Thought Bibs had gone when I read the title.........
  17. Does anyone have an old flat rear plinth after changing to the later round lights or does anyone know where I can buy a new one from ???
  18. I have just ordered these from Oz. On my White car with the surround left off I think they will look sweet !!!!!!!!!! They only have 3 more sets !!!!!!
  19. Was thinking about the fog light, you could fit a red bulb to the o/s inner and a clear in the n/s for reverse light.
  20. so they do fit then I was thinking of leaving the number plate surround off
  21. They are a bit dear with shipping to the uk $85, anyone live in L A on here who could check them out and post them on at a decent price. ?????????
  22. I have found these lights on for a Toyota AE86 I think they look like the right lights that used to be on the GT coupe They have a picture of the rear At $80 for a pair would brighten up the back of the car !!!
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