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  1. It wont let me upload the other pictures says "upload failed. the file was larger than the available space" help please Have made a quick movie at
  2. This is the program I have used to calculate the potential top speed based on engine speed gearspeedslotus.xls For those that dont like to open attachments it gives the following based on max engine speed of 6250 rpm 1st- 45 mph 2nd- 78 mph 3rd- 113 mph 4th- 141 mph 5th- 169 mph 6th- 205 mph This is using a final drive of 3.0:1 and 275/45 18 tyres
  3. If I have finished my project Esprit would love to join in
  4. Pics of the project will be taken in the morning !!!!!! I thought I would give you some more details of the project. The engine and gearbox fit within the standard engine bay ( there is 1 inch clearance either side), on the rear the removable cross member above the gear box has been replaced with a tubular section that is raised about 1/2 inch to allow the gearbox to fit. The centre line of the differential is in the exact same position as when fitted with the 4 cyinder turbo ( to ensure no issues with driveshafts). On the weight side of things the engine/gearbox is the same as the Lotus units ( the engine is a all aluminium block and heads) I am planning on only using about 8 psi of boost from the eaton m112 superchager ( when you look at the interior mirror all you can now see is the pulley ang charger-----fantastic view) I am using a standard Cobra throttle body which has been machined and fits directly to the charger ( when you look through the rear glass the throttle stares back at you I would love to be able to run it without a filter and paint them red) I have had to modify the tailgate by removing a portion of the inner section to allow for clearance of the charger, the glass has also had to be removed. For fuel and ignition I am going to be using a Adaptronic ECU It is a really trick piece of kit with adjustable traction control and lauch control, it is also "adaptable" so will self tune
  5. Will post some pics of her later today, the gearchange was a nightmare to do as i wanted to keep the original lever so hade to make a "translator" as the esprit gearchange cable both move when you go across the gate, not like any other car i have ever seen !!!!!
  6. Hi I am new to this forum, I have had my Esprit 10 years and have been doing a massive modification project on in. The engine has been replaced by a ford mustang cobra 4.6 V8 32 valve quad cam with a eaton m112 supercharger (600 bhp) which drives through a porche boxster 6 speed gearbox. At present the engine and gearbox are mounted and am waiting for the custom drive-shafts to be delivered. I am going to repaint it soon and can not decide what colour to paint her..... so I made a video..... take a look Which colour do you think looks best ????
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