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  1. Turned my rod three times and it worked great and so simple. The redhose syndrome is a bit misleading ...on for example the lotusespritworld site. I mean if you only have the problem with the reverse gear when hot you can try this simple thing first with just a 10mm wrench. Thumbs up for the ideas guys.
  2. Hello, hot starting problem can be many things. I have an old 1984 S3 N/A car without wenting on top of the engine so problems get more worse on this car. I have looked at other things then the classic fuel evaporating issue, which is ofcourse one of the reasons!. 1. I changed the pluggs and leads rotor and cap = little better but not solving the problem. 2. New better fuel lines on top of the engine = not solving the problems but improvement 3. Battery, i changed the battery and battery cables and all the shoes and cleaned everything=big improvement. Probably the ground cable and shoes because of dirt. 4. Another thing that is important is the coolant. Change it and clean the radiator and evaporator carefully on the outside. !!! Problem is not gone on the S3 but the car starts faster. This should be better on the S4. /Fred
  3. Hi Slewthy, Looks cool. Where can i find thoose bulbs? /Fred
  4. The SU pump from SJ is the best pump. Modifie the bracket with rubber washers and the whirrrling annoing noice from the pump wil be much better. /Fredrik
  5. Esprit from Esprit is pretty unique but between the bolts on mine is 17CM (measure from the middle). From the bolts to the corners of the rad was hard to get but anyhow your car will be unique so you have to use the cowling anyhow to measure this! A tip: When you mount everything back. Glue the foam around onto the radiator, this will save you time and the radiator will run cooler, perhaps . /Fred
  6. I searched alot and ended up in a Tudor High Tech battery. I had a very expensive Optima battery before but the tudor is much better start battery and last longer with radio on and car off and the alarm can be on a month and half before i have to charge it. A very good battery!
  7. I have not had the time to drive to the Esprit this weekend but tonight its garage time. I'll get back. /Fred
  8. Hello, With the carbs and all the hoses off etc. I Used a rubber hammer and gave the inlet alot of small knocks here and there and viola! /Fred
  9. The only thing that works good as carbcleaners are Carburettor cleaner. I have tried everything.
  10. Ok, the holes in fiberglass cowling tells you exact the position of the brackets. I'll check how high and also measure how many centimeters? the brackets are from the edges this weekend since i dont have the car to close to my apartment wintertimes. /Fredrik
  11. Dave, i have the somewhat odd S3 aircon version of the car too . Just upload a picture on the part of the radiator you need, is it the the lower two bracket thats attached to the plastic shield?. I overhauled the whole radiator last year so maybe i can help you. Tell also whats your plan with it?. Have you overhauled the whole radiator?. I'm so happy that i did it was full of junk and the car now runs perfect in hot conditions with the original overhauled radiator. /Fred
  12. Thanks alot for your help guys, much appreciated! Kind regards, Fredrik
  13. Ok, send them an email. If not available from Douglas Vally Breakers, anyone else has an ideá where i can purchase this part, partnumber?
  14. Hello, Steve at Sj-SC and Lotusbits didn´t have a non-return valve on the shelfs anymore. Searched the web, ebay et.c but i can´t find the that plastic thing. Do you know where i can find the non-return valve? anyone have a part number for it?. Checked the Lotus Notes service book but no good info. My car is a S3 N/A 912 LC from 1984. Thanks for you help in advance! /Fredrik
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