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  1. I have the sender out of my S4 and it measures 0-170 ohms.
  2. Hi, Both the drain and filler/level plug on the Renault 25 gearbox seize in place and the 10mm square peg is not man enough for the torque needed. Most Renault Garages over here in France place an M12 nut over the peg (whatever is left of it) and weld it in place. A 19mm spanner then gets it off easily. Thats what I did on mine to solve the problem. Now I have no problem getting my plugs on or off. Cheers Paul
  3. Daniel; Mine is RHD, they were only sold on the UK market. My thoughts were to leave the empty CAT box, then fit a sports exhaust either extended to replace the EBPV or put in a spacer. That way the tester thinks there is a CAT and I can get rid of the very heavy and quiet exhaust box. This brings me back to my original question; does anyone know what an S4 without CAT will do on CO emission? (See my spec above) Paul
  4. This is exactly what I was thinking of doing. Just leave it empty,save the cost of a new one or a bypass as long as it gets through emission. Accord ing to the French test station it has to get 0.2% CO at 3500 rpm and 0.5% at 1000 rpm. Is there an argument that a contiuous section bypass pipe is better for performance than an empty Cat? Any thoughts? Paul
  5. I've just had great fun removing the engine and gearbox out of my S4 and have learnt a lot about Lotus engineering in the process!! The car was fitted with the standard S4 exhaust comprising CAT, EBPV and very heavy box all nicely rusted together. Now the strange thing is that the car must have had a new EBPV (only thing not rusty) but the CAT box was completely empty! I can't find any bits. Does this mean someone has emptied it or can it disintegrate and be blown out? The car has gone through two French MoTs presumably in this state. My question is does anyone know the level of CO emission of an S4 without CAT? Cheers Paul
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