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  1. Hi guys and girls i know this is a lot to ask but please visit the link and help to get this project on the road and ready to market. This is a genuine plea and a genuine website. Your help is greatly appreciated and i hope to bring you the widow SPR1 kit very soon.
  2. Hey guys. Slewthy we sold the business a few years ago. This is my new venture. Back in the game lol. Heres a few more pics. Buddsy is started life as a mk1 mx5 and i chopped a tvr sagaris bodyshell up then made it my own. Front end update. Just need to reshape bonnet slope and make lips on all the cut outs.
  3. Hey guys you may or may not remember me. Well im back into building all things different but little less Lotus this time. Thought i would share with you anyway to show what im up to these days so here goes. Eventually there will be a chassis and shell build from scratch to bring to market as a new low volume sports car in the UK. The demo car im working on which will be completed for May will have a lexus V8 under the hood. Feel free to follow me at Just black primer to show imperfections
  4. After an Esprit again, pref S3 any condition considered just cheap as chips please, even incomplete cars no engine, rolling shells etc. Drop me an email if anyone knows of any. Currently not yet in a possition to fork out lots of money like i used to be but working on it and would feel much more at home knowing i have a project waiting to be started in the garage [email protected] Thanks Wayne
  5. I still have the design for the adaptor on file i can nail it across if anyone ever wants it. I dont have the full size template anymore but ime sure someone could mock one up from the drawing i made as it was acurate and based on original Ford duratec drawings and Lotus bell housing drawings that i aquired. Welcome back me cant wait for a new project Everyone on here has made lots of progress. Watch this space im hopeing to fill it again soon. Wayne
  6. Hey Danny Just wondered how much this cost you? Anyone know of any as Hilly says "BASKET CASES" LOL Wayne
  7. Danny F***ME i been missing out this year. Awsome project once again. Keep up the good work. Would love to catch up some time and see bothe the cars. All going well i will be building a new workshop in the next few months and then looking for my next Esprit. Regards Wayne
  8. Get simon how are you. Car is looking amazing I have to say. Well my life is back in order lol so watch this space cos i'l hopefully be back soon with a new esprit project Wayne
  9. Hi, do you have the lotus 910 engine cad drawing? could you send me in my email? [email protected]


  10. Thanks Buddsy With what im going through it didnt take much to come to the decision. There are far more important things in my life than this and who knows i will probably be back with another in time. I have been offered
  11. Sorry guys i have no choice. Text me with offers please as i said not really up to talking. Thought i would offer it hear first. If i get a reasonable offer it will go otherwise ebay. Thanks
  12. You all know the car and have seen the posts. The reason the car is for sale is for personal reasons with my family i would rather not go into. I wont be able to get on the forum much at the moment and im not up to talking so if interested please review my 2 sections in the project and restoration section for S3 restoration and also jaguar conversion Please text on 07538477572 Wayne
  13. Lot of hard work done. look like 355 rear lights which are the same as i will be doing. Although i dont like the way they have been installed.
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