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  1. Is it a good buy though? Not for the purist but could be fun.
  2. I used to be insured with Equaity on my motorcycle when i ahd an accident they were pretty good and quick to pay out also offered the bike back at salvage cost which they just deducted from the final figure. Bike was totaled, frame bent front wheel stuck in engine etc but was worth the buy back for sale of some of the bits.
  3. Glad your both okay. These things happen and im sure that in the months to come you will look back and just be glad of being here. We all know that in an insurance companies eyes cars are written off with huge bills for brand new parts. On the other hand they often give the option to have a pay out and they will knock off the scrap value of the car if you want to keep the car. May be a good option then you start looking at repair or even shell replacement with the use of second hand parts. If your capable of doing the work yourself then it may be cost effective just time consuming. One good point would be the knowledge you gain about your car. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Hope you feel better soon and as i said least your here.
  4. Would love to but the budget wont stretch that far hence the need for a project. May look at an engine update latter just depends on how whatevr i get goes. Not hugely ino the power side as i like to just poodle along in something nice that grabs attention. Bit of a tart!! Time will tell.
  5. I am deffinatelly keeping my eyes peeled at the moment. Need to sell my bike first to fund it but hopefully it wont take long. Figured by asking all the questions now when it comes to getting the car i will have a portfolio of knowledge on the things i want to carry out. I am a bit of a perfectionist and can carry out all the work myself so hopefully i should save the pennies to!
  6. Hi Danny couldnt find any pics of your car the other day can you post some larger ones for me to see. Also can you not source wheels for the S2 then in 17"? regards Wayne
  7. Emailed the owner. Actually found his discription but cant locate them on the net anywhere!!
  8. Anyone know what wheels these are and if they are a direct fit?
  9. Thanks. Ye this is my second TL. I bought it after carefull consideration about getting another bike. Sold my last one three years ago when my little girl arrived. Needed to get another bike so bought this a month back!! Think i have bikes out my system now as its to busy out and all to hard to hold back on the throttle. The wife is very pleased its going as she will know if safe in the garage playing with a project! Well i say safe im sure there will be casulties along the way in the restoration!! I have a habit of putting blood into my cars!!
  10. I would say on this one it depends who has the lap top at the time!! All though my partner does like to have both. Oh and to add to the frustration when she goes to bed and im watching tv and on the lap top go to reach for the control and oh dear where has it gone??? Is it just a female thing that they seem to think the best place a for the remote is on top of the television?!! I bet im not alone here!!!!!
  11. If anyone is interested i nedd to sell to fund an Esprit project asap!! Got the buzz for the Esprit now and im forward planning with ideas!
  12. atching the one on ebay at the moment. Whats your views on it? Also do you kow how much he will want for the 1982 one? Thanks Wayne
  13. I beg to differ. I had my 911 painted by a Porsche garage down in Essex. Westcliff on sea. The car was absolutely stunning. I handed them a rolling shell with just engine in nothing else. They removed the doors, rear spoiler, bumbers, bonnet and painted it. You can never tell from a picture but this car was like glass!! I paid
  14. Hi i am looking for a project what should i expect to pay for a car needing a rebuild. I am currently selling my motorcycle to fund this. I have plenty of experience in rebuilding cars and last year completed a 1977 911 with turbo body upgrade. Regretably sold now but looking for another project and always liked the Esprit. Guess i just like cars with the engines fitted in the correct place!! Thanks Wayne
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