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  1. Been unable to get on the computer due to a face book hog!! I hate the bloody thing......... But i do like this? One down!!!! The other is solid and coulnt get it to go. Kept breaking the nut. Wasnt able to get enough weld in the sides of the nut. Will have another go at the weekend no and may need to go for the drilling option. Pleased i got one though.
  2. Wish me luck. Off in the garage in min with a feel good approach and some new plain un coated nuts and a new handsfree welding mask!! Out with the grinder to make sure the stud is cleaner and then onwords and hopefully outwards!! To be continued.........
  3. Somin Engine ports are blocked so nothing can fall in. Been soaking them evryday so far. Will let you know how i get on latter. Going to by some more nuts which are not coated just plain steel.
  4. Danny Thanks for the advice. I will have another go latter tonight. Regarding the nut i was trying to weld a larger nut on as well. The stud originally took a 13 which i tried to weld on and failed, then tried a 17. Would this be a good way? Think it may also be easier to lay the engine over slightly using the hoist and work on it a bit flatter. Contacted a local machine shop who said they can do it for
  5. Thought i would give it a go with the welder last night. Welded some nuts on and they just span off just as easily as the thing broke in the first place. Must be my welding. Think i may have to try and get it to a machine shop and have them done as i dont want to start drilling them out myself case i make further damage. Will a machine shop work on it as a whole engine though as dont really want to start pulling the head off!!
  6. I very much doubt the Evora ECU runs in standard form. It may have some calibration work done and also may interact with other things on the car. Transponders, imobolisers etc. Most manufactureres have to put some sort of security in to protect their brand. Otherwise everyone would just buy Toyota parts etc.
  7. Hi Buddsy Any pictures of your progress. Must have missed your comment about the engine. New engine is much more exciting!
  8. Not in amillion years. Production lines for automitive manufactures are not geared up for direct sales and service. Hence the reason why you have main dealers..
  9. wayneb911


    Welcome to the forum.
  10. Engine only has a 2 month warranty but they offered a fitting service as well so i think buy doing that they are saying the engine is okay. Unfortunatelly unless you buy a whole car for the engine its a risk. These engines never the less are pretty strong old girld so hopefully it will be okay. Danny. Im at a loose end as to what to start with. Will try some heat when i get in the garage tonight and see how i get on with that first. If that fails i will then look at drilling it out. Broken bolts are my worst fear on engines!!
  11. Dave Really sorry for your loss. Our thoughts are with you.
  12. So where these really lotus specific discs? Surely there must be something out there the same. Very early BMW perhaps. What about the Citreon SM or was that just gearbox? Maserati Merak? Same pattern maybe??
  13. Been meaning to post these up for a while. Has anyone elsegot one theirs. its good to see the original details.
  14. So can i heat it up and the spray WD straight on? Will the instant cooling be bad? How long shall i heat it and what should i heat up. The head?? Not very confident with things like this as worried about further damage.. May call out somone.
  15. From what i have learnt on this forum i think it is possible and without to much effort either. Think Mat Watts has done this. have a search. Only thing you may find is the old its an S1 and should be kept original. Not sure how people will react on this one as its still a lotus engine which to look at i dont think looks any different visualy??
  16. Spent a couple of hours in the garage while the missus and little one had a nap today. Few better shots of the engine and box. You can see where i will need to cut a piece out the Lotus bell housing.
  17. As you can see not much to get hold of! Suggestions or offers please help!!
  18. What a great start to the day. Just been swimming with the little one and then visiting her nanny. stationary behind another car at the junction. They Pull out to go right and so since they are half way across i pull out to go left and wallop!!! Seems they decided to stop half way because of the car comming along at silly speeds. Bit of a blind bend as well. Guess being a rear ender its my fault. Car still drivable though. Needs wing and bumper and behind bits and pieces. Thing is i have a new car due in a couple of weeks!!! Didnt need this. Luckily everyone ok and just a 3 year old all the way home saying what did you do daddy...
  19. Its the Duratec engine im working on so engine out already. Manifolds need cleaning up and new head studs and nuts so want it reoved. Also needed to get to that side of the engine for a good scrub up.
  20. Okay will get some in the morning. Forget to take them when i was out there braking them earlier!!
  21. I will soak it with WD. Did think about heating it but wasnt sure in case i made it worse. Because of where it is its awkward to get a pair of grips in at a good angle. Machine shop is not a solution at present because of transporting the engine so hoping to be able to do it at home. If i have to though i will have to work out how to get it to the machine shop.
  22. The stud has about 10mm outside the head. Not sure i could get a nut on will have to have a look. Not to confident with my welder at the moment so want to avoid that route. unless someone fancies popping past and having a go for me? Any other ways im open to options.
  23. Chris my Irwin set turned up yesterday so i got out there today and gave it a go. They gripped fantastic unfortunatelly the studs were obviously seized and both snapped. Still Manifold off now and i have two studs hanging out with about 10mm on show to grip hold of. Next question. What is the best way to remove a broken stud? May need to buy a new tool. Glad i got the irwins i cant believe how strong they must be. Im sure i will have many more times that they will be needed.
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