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  1. Slegs I am fairly lucky as i have had access to drawings which i have been able to work into one. I have actually attempted my first sample adapter. Unfotunately where i glued the drawing to the MDF i think it shrunk which sent it all out. Still i managed to work with it and it seems okay. Had a measure up and it looks good and acurate as well. I am hoping i will get away with just a 10mm adapter as Nigel did with his 2.5 conversion. The MDF is 10mm and i think i will be okay with this. Also decided to reverse the inlet manifold so the throttle body will sit over the gear
  2. So what about a bit of fun. why not add some captions to the pictures everyone is adding!!
  3. Simon Its a way of keeping the wife out the garage!! She wont come up because of all teh creepy crawlies there. Doesnt mean i like the spider but unless someone wants to come remove him i guess he will b staying put.
  4. Emailed a spider expert, see below. Still cant bring myself to squash it. Waiting for another reply from him. Yes, that looks like Steatoda nobilis, one of several species given the name 'false widow'. I would recommend leaving it there. The press seem to love demonising this little creature but it really wont do you any harm. There's a nice informative page about the species here: Nick Loven Nick's Spiders
  5. A question i dont think i will ever have the answer to. Always thinking about going abroad but would it be for the better. At the end of the day i know where my home is and would i miss it i reckon so. Guess that answers my question.
  6. One persons art is another mans rubbish. When i first cam on here i was acused of wrecking my 911 by some. I actually thought it was much more modern and to my liking. The way i see it is the world is full of opinion and total bulls**t!!! But hey wouldnt it be a boring place without it. A world where everyone has the same. How would we compare things then. How would we impress all the women when they have the same........ The way i see it is if you like it and you can do it then why not!!! I had a mate who bought a smart car and while everyone was putting in bike engines he fitted a a 1
  7. Karl Each to their own i guess. The car looks great but IMO i think a spoiler more inline with the bodyshape would be better suited.
  8. Not one for killing living things. With an exception to NATS that is. I have an electric bat for them. "Fry em is what i say, little bitting b*****d's"!!!! Every now and then i have a clear out in the garage. Its very damp and old so i get alot of creepy crawlies in there. Nothing a good hoover doesnt take care of from time to time.
  9. Anyone got any pictures of sun roofs in the Esprit which are nearly full roof size?
  10. Tried looking on the net but couldnt find anything other than one possible which was just a common web spider. They live round window areas. Which is where this one lives. Creepy as it is its still someone to talk to in the garage! Just dont like working iwhen its above me!!
  11. Oh the Joy of having timing chains on your new engine!!
  12. Wheels look great refirbished. Looks like you have been hard at polishing also on the bodywork. Very shiny!
  13. The problem with a cambelt is the only way to check it is to remove it and then you may as well replace it. I worked for VW for some years and they stated the cambelt should be checked at 40k and replaced at 60 on most models. We had one fail after it was checked and the customer said i thought you checked it and got there own way. New engine pretty much all paid for by VW. So after that we advised people to replace them at 40k rather than check and noted this on their paperwok in service so they had a copy should they not have had it done. Therefore removing all liability to the dealership.
  14. I used to work for Wurth Uk. They do plenty og good stuff and are a grteat product. Always percieved as being expensive but if you know the reps well or you know a workshop who use their product and can order you something then its worth looking.
  15. Mr Irwin bolt grippers on their way. Thanks Chris!
  16. wayneb911

    s2 on ebay

    Its only round the corner to me as well so i may have to go and have a peak! Looks very nice i have to say.
  17. Have to say i hate cleaning engines. But i do like the results! Another can of degreaser and a toothbrush latter and its starting to look much nicer. The engine seems to be cleaning up pretty good so i wont paint it as i want the engine to look as if it was an original fit. Mondeo 2.5 V6 sump and oil pick up fitted. Punky just wondered if you can clarify something on yours. The extra bolt for the bracket on the oil pick up? Mine didnt have a hole for it, presumably there was a bolt in there to as a blank but it would mean removing the tray to get it out. I dont think this ne
  18. Thanks Hilly. I have done plenty of research and using the Jaguar ECU is completeely out of the question. Its to dependant on other sensors in the vehicle. The problem is that when the vehicle starts it interacts with pretty much everything on the car. One of the companies who is a technical partner to who i work for did alot of work on this engine for one of their OEM's and after much work and trying to get into the Jaguar ECU they found that it would not run what they needed so they ditched it and went for aftermarket managment. Have you any recommendations. I have spokent to someone w
  19. ads/green I will be running with an aftermarket ECU system so hopefully i can do that. Have tried searching the internet for answers but not had any joy.
  20. Danny I thought it would be far easier to just fit one that is cable operated. Punky has done this on his using the mondeo manifold and therefor i fugured it cant be that much of a job but i may be wrong. HILLY................ Where are you hiding!!
  21. Just a query. If a engine is fitted with an electronic throttle how easy is it to fit a manual throttle body instead? I want a cable operated one which will be much simpler for my application
  22. Chris Thanks for the offer. Think i will buy a set as they will come in usefull anyway and there not to expensive from your link. Feel free to pop over though and see the car when you this way. I try to get out there most nights after half seven. Drop me an email at any point.
  23. Engine starting to clean up well. Not bothering with the sump as i will be fitting the replacement Mondeo one once the engine is clean. Now thats a scary site seeing that hanging there. All new territory for me with EFI. Not sure what i will be using from the old loom or if i will actually need anything? Inlet manifold and wiring loom removed
  24. We all suffer with bloody rusted manifold nuts at some point. My question is how do you all deal with yours. I have two manifold studs and the nuts are so corroded you cant get a spanner to work. Mole gribs are a no go as there is not enough space to turn them. So what does everyone recommend as really dont want to break them. Will get new ones anyway but rather remove the stud safely.
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