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  1. Not really any updates but here are a few shots of the new engine. As you can see it needs a good bit of TLC. There i some minor oil leaks that have been left and soaked the engien over time so i will address them befor the unit goes in. May even cut the adapter sample out tonight. See how i go for time. Here you go Typical car salvage place using an old seatbelt to pull the engine out. Not sure how they managed to break the dipstick head and the oil filler cap though! Also they had cut the main engine loom connector from the harness instead of unplugging it. Still i can renew it or use another when i do the engine managemnet. Been looking into engine managements and talking to alot of people. May be going for an Omex 710 series which comes highly rated from one of the tuning companies who also do work for one of our companies.
  2. Hi £20 for membership gets you access to parts manuals, discounts etc so worth it. Car looks great in the pictures
  3. Well done Mike its really coming together. Was it much of a job getting the carpet in?
  4. I wasnt till now!! Ha ha.. Happy birthday.
  5. PP Once i have confirmed its okay i can send anyone a copy. Unfortunatelly i dont have CAD at home. We have CAD engineers in my office but not for personal use and they are snowed under with other stuff most of the time.
  6. Took delivery of the new engine today. Came complete as discussed with the company. So first things first will be to junk all the aircon stuff and any other bits that are not needed, stick em on ebay and got some money back. As per Punky's thread i have aquired a mondeo sump and oil pick up. The big clean will start to make the engine look nice and shiny. Will try and get soem pictures when i get out there latter for a sort out. In the meantime while i have been waiting for the engine i have been designing tha adapter plate. So here it is. I have drawn the adapter in full scale and i am 99.99999% sure its acurate but wont know till i cut a sample and instal it. The adapter was made using technical data that i had managed to get hold of for the engine and existing gearbox. For anyone else who would be planning this conversion i am happy to post a full scale drawing to them once i have tested it and am happy that it is correct.
  7. Agree with the TLF Essex itle. If you call it just Essex group you may end up with lots of long legged blonde female's in white stiletoes turning up.... Now we wouldnt want that would we.............
  8. Dave I would be interested in this. Not sure how often i could get to the meets though and also depends on the distance still but being Essex im sure it would be much easier. Albeit i wont have my Esprit roadworthy for a few years yet to bring along.
  9. wayneb911


    You been watching Blue Streak?? "Freeze!!" "Put your hands on the noodles" "Chicken or beef"
  10. Simon Great shots i see your steaming ahead. I am starting to trail behind now! Not been in the garage for month! Hopefully back on track next week. Any pictures of the shell.
  11. If Rash is able to explain where then i will be up there straight away!! Will take lots of pictures and of course try to buy it as well!! Could it be this one. Unfortunatelly you cant google earth this road as it joins to Downing street. It is however close to the disco boat and also the convention centre. May have a little drive latter for a nose. Red one on left possibly? Could be a wild guess but who knows. It looks right.
  12. If its on the pump you may be able to fit a new end. Company in London called Ken Mills is a Bosch specialist and rebuilds anything at very competitive prices. Will try and find his contact details. Not suer it will help but who knows. Helped e out with some old 911 rebuild stuff.
  13. Rash You say there is one in London near City Airport? Do you have the location details. Would love to go see it as i frequently run people to city airport for my business
  14. Rolf The car is in fantastic condition. Its good to see how it has all been made. Its a shame the company is no longer in existance as im sure by now they would ave also improved the design even further.
  15. My friend has a S1 landrover. I drove it round the block and all i can say is it was like driving the bus in the carry on films, bobbing up and down steering left and right to keep it straight..
  16. I think by law if you are awaer of the history you have to disclose it. Being that i have worked for a number of dealerships in the past i have alwyas known them to HPI a vehicle upon part exchange so im sure this is the case in all dealerships. Dealers always try and pay the bear minimum for a part exchange and therfor if they had done a HPI they would ahve knocked the customer down even more in price upon finding this information. Another issue though... Was it a main dealer and how many years ago are we talking. HPI was not always available to the public and if they were just a small one man band car dealer they may not have had access to this information.
  17. Matt I think this is the best interior cleaner you will find. Perfection from every angle
  18. Bibs I had a series one and also a fiesta turbo. I nearly bought another series one befor the Esprit. My parter said she would never get in it as its a typical essex boys car!!! They are awsome cars a true classic Ford!! Also had 2 R5 turbo's one which was packing 280bhp and left everything standard, Didnt like head gaskets though or that may have been the abuse it got. Lowered trucks, CJ7, Orions, Metro, 944, 911,Jago, Rotrax, AXGT, Spitfire, mini, chryysler voyager, Audi TT, A class, bikes, Im sure there is more!! im only 28!!
  19. HPI check can be done online for about
  20. Wondering if this can just be relpaced with a rubber fuel hose? Or even alloy tube and bend it to shape with a pipe bender??
  21. I use Wurth helmet and visor cleaner! Great if you use Blue cloth as well like you get on the rollers in toilets for drying your hands. Next best one is tesco own!!
  22. Thanks Hilly So im guessing that i will be able to get away with a standard 2.5 flywheel which will reduce the cost alot more also. I will update everyone on that once i have trial fitted one to confirm this is the case. Im deffinately researching all my aspects a lot better on this engine and ensuring that i get everything right.
  23. Hi Phil this is pretty much the same engine except that noble take the ST220 engine varient and not Jaguar, also a lot more engineering work went into the noble engine for the turbo conversion. From what i remember the engine is fitted transverse in the Noble. Will ahve to double check that
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