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  1. Had a look into the Flywheels. As thought the ST220 and the Jaguar engine share the same dual mass flywheel. The standard flywheel from a 2.5 has the same bolt patterns and same crankshaft centre bore. The only difference i can see is that the earlier 2.5 flywheel has 2 dowel locating points which are in a different position to the 3.0. Does anyone know if this is essential or if it would be safe to use the bolt points only and not the dowel locations? Most older engines ie the rover V8 did not have locating dowels only the bolts so not sure they would be to essential. Are they simply for loca
  2. Over hear i believe if you take an Automatic test its illegal to drive a manual? I failed first time but past second. Lost my licence befor my 2 year six oint thing was up and had to retake test. Got told off when someone cut me up for swearing at them out the window, starting the car back up and then flooring it across the painted rounabout!! Passed my bike test first time though.
  3. Rolf The car looks great. If they were still in existance i would have certainly been adding the conversion to my list. Would love to see even more pictures of the car. Engine bay etc. Rear hatch up...
  4. Triumph spitfire bought when i was sixteen and i finished restoring it for my sevententh. Drove it for two days but all my mates had escorts and orions so i felt left out and sold it. Regreted ever since and now can find it. Just know its been off the road since i sold it once the tax ran out!! grrr!!!!!! Unless its gone over sea.
  5. Thanks Nigel I will have a go at the adapter soon as the engien arrives next week. Hopefully it all goes to plan and i can trial fit it within the week as well. Will see what i comeup against with the input shaft. DS Vittess has some longer shafts so i may get away with purchasing one and then just having the flywheel machined for a bigger bearing as Punky did. Or i could have the input shaft machined down to fit the HJaguar spigot bearing.
  6. Looks great i have to say and i think its made my mind up for the colour i will be painting mine as well. Great conversion. Not seen a thread on it. Did you start one? Sorry for going off topic.
  7. Not sure what the valence is on mine but its similar so may have to look at doing the same. Also any more pictures of your car, the engine etc?
  8. Is that a standard lower valence with twin exhaust exits or was that custom made?
  9. Paul As per Dannys comments i am sticking with the standard transmission for reduced costs and being that there is plenty of people on here that think the strength of the Citreon box is undermimed im hoping that they are right. Thats not to say i wont change the transmission at a latter date. Maybe once the car is on the road and i have had some time to enjoy it i will start gathering parts to take the brakes outboard with a UN1 tranmission set up. Time will tell. Also at present i have no idea as to the reliability of the transmission as the car had sat for 17 years! Once its running if
  10. Maybe they sold the design to Toyota for the new Celica. Looks very similar!!
  11. My highlight is reading the project section hence my comments. Guess its just the winter stopping people doing work and updating. I always have an itch to post something!!
  12. Im a mobile dustbin with a high calorie diet. See it and eat it, then eat more. 6ft and 12stone. Used to be few stone bigger when at the gym but have not really got back to it from a bike accident some years ago. New years res and i have actually attended!! Back to body building we go. Well until my engine turns up I was a veg for 15 years when i was younger. Parents fault but then at 17 i discovered savaloys and never looked back!! I like plain bacon sandwiches. No mayo in mac d burgers just cheese Like penut butter on toast but not in a sandwich, same for Jam. Hate keebab th
  13. Punky I figured by having a full scale drawing i could simply take it to the machine shop and they could lay it out on the alloy and make the plate from that. SAve me making lots of MDF hula hoops again!! I still have the old MDF ons from the rover engine. The flywheel on the rover engine i believe was much larger so wouldnt have been acurate enough for the new engine. However i havent posted it yet so befor i do i could take a copy as the bolt holes are spot on. As a recap am i right in saying that the input shaft sits directly in the middle of the bellhousing? If so i can get a friend
  14. Hilly I guessed that was the case with the clutch release bearing. Will see how it fits on the jaguar pressure plate, may have to make something like Punky did. Punky I think i will just try and locate a jaguar flywheel then to save compliaction. Will let you know what i find out about the Mondeo one though. Ideally i dont want to make the adapteranythicker than i really have to. Alternator i will address when i get to that point but will search ebay and see what i can find like yours. One question i forgot to ask was about the belt used. The engine has aircon pump and i think power
  15. Punky, Sorry i must have missunderstood your last comments about the adapter. So does the company still have the CAD details then? If so then i will be best off getting one made on that as we know yours works. I have already obtained part numbers for the Mondeo sump and pick up so i can get them shortly. I will look at the Jaguar one befor i do so. Regarding flywheel i will do some research and see if the Mondeo standard flywheel will fit, if this is the case then i can also use the pressure plate from a mondeo with the Lotus disc. Release bearing i will have to look into. Alternator will b
  16. Has anyone seen or got CAD data or a drawing of the bellhoucing or rear of the 2.2 engine? Since i am about to make another adapter plate i thought it would be easier to obtain this and the with the data from the duratec i can get a full scale drawing made of the adapter for ease. Also it will save me making lots of them again!!
  17. Good luck matt If its going to at a standard of the other car then it will be great. Will it be staying original as well?
  18. I have spoken to Punky and unfortunatelly he no longer has a copy as it was done some time ago. Would love to get a copy otherwise. Would save a lot of work. He has contacted the machine shop who made the one on his car and they are able to do another though so i guess i will just have to make one. Unless your doing any engine out work soon Punky? Could someone confirm anyway if it would fit the Citeron box? Im sure it would. I wouldnt need the extra bit for the slave cylinder thats added as using my old location anyway.
  19. Bibs I was more emplying to the Esprit project and restoration section. Not long ago it seemed like there was alot of new projects and restorations getting underway and now it seems quiet.
  20. Well as everyone knows i have been having my arres slapped for chopping and changing my project when it comes to an engine conversion. The RV8 idea has been completly scraped and im now going for the 3.0 Duratec as fitted to Punky's car. The Rover engine, adapter and old clutch has sold on ebay for
  21. Is the weather holding everyone back on their projects etc as it seems very quiet. Let me guess your all off having snowball fights?
  22. I agree but unfotunatelly there is money to be made in peoples mistakes and thats why they do it. I love my partner and rather than go get it from somewhere else what better Porn than working on your Esprit!!
  23. Also contact Mick at Southern GT40 as he has rebuilt UN1 gearboxes in stock which are capable of huge ammounts of power also i think they have limited slip diff. Cant remember but hes not expensive either
  24. Good work Simon. Hope you dont get anymore snow up your way to hold you back!
  25. Victim Not sure if you have seen the lattest posts but i have actually abandoned the Rover engine and am going for a Duratec. Hopefully i should have my new engine shortly
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