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  1. Well done Buddsy truely fantastic finish. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the car picures.
  2. Ha ha!!! Well hopefully with some good advice, lots of pictures and hints and tips from Nigel and Punky i will be able to stay on track!!
  3. I have done lots to my previous cars but one thing i have never done is an engine conversion. Being that my car had sat for 17 years un started the engine would have prob needed a fair bit of work. This was my chance to get to grips with doing a conversion. One thing that is my specialty is bodywork and nothing cheesy! Always end up with great looking cars in my opinion. Look at the 911 in my picture. That started life as a narrow bodied 1977 911! I wont be failing on this one and should be steaming in once i have the new engine.
  4. Excelent work i think a few people may be asking you for custom dial faces!!
  5. Bibs I know what you mean and i knew i would get a good telling off when i posted this but its a learning curve and one hopefully i will learn by and stick to my new decision. I think the Duratec is what i will go for. based on mixed comments from Punkys post and also Nigels email i am undecided as to which is the best route. Both have pros and cons. For ease the Jaguar sounds like a better start due to pipework and mounts etc but also the mondeo sounds like it will be relitevely simple as well and some jag parts will be interchangable. Possibly manifolds and engine mounts. I ave asked Nige
  6. Andy I really appreciate all your advice and comments. The reason for the mondeo version was to buy a whole car so i have most of the parts needed. Wriing hoses etc. I wasnt aware you could pick the jag engines up as cheap as that so i may start looking for one. Using the mondeo i would have planned on fitting jag manifolds and mounts if they could be used but again i may be better just buying the jag engine. On the adapter side is there a possibility you could do a paper copy of the adapter plate to post to me so i can line it up against my gearbox to see how it compares? Think this wo
  7. Hi Hilly Fully understand what your saying and i really need to get to grips with this now. The right way for me is deffinatelly an engine conversion. What engine is best i think is now the Duratec rather than the V8. Few reasons, Cheapness of parts Reliability Modernisation. It has always been on my mind if i am actually doing the correct thing by putting the V8 in and at the same time i have always wondered if it should be a more modern engine that goes in. The more i read on the duratec and yours the more i think the modern route is better. Got me thinking actually about my engin
  8. The Duratec route has been done by a couple of people already so their is plenty of information about and it also seems a safe bet and they are known as a good engine.
  9. Standard ST24 engine produces 170bhp standard but easily tuned to 200 with not alot of money. I have seen some around 300 but not really looked into tuning. Just want the car on the road!
  10. Andy I think its deffinatelly the right move and im already looking at a doner car that way i have pretty much everything. Chris I know the rover is a proven engine its a 3.5 but i think i have now made my mind up and the engine will be out in the next couple of days. Geir Over hear Duratecs are ten a penny and easy to get parts for even in the local breakers. A whole vehicle i can pick up damaged with a good engine for £500 or less. Deffinatelly the Duratec route now. Hopefully i will stick with that. Ha Ha!!
  11. Been thinking lots over the last few weeks and reading Hillys and Punkys conversions. Have to say i think i may have been swayed!! Im actually thinking of pulling the plug and going the V6 Duratec route instead for a more modern engine. Least i havent spent any money yet if i do decide to do this. Whoops.... I have a habit of changing my mind half way through things!! I have a strong feeling i will now as well!!!!!! Someone give me a slap please!!!
  12. You will need alpine keys they normally come with the radio. Failing that some small slithers of metal to slide in the holes once you have removed the front provided that its a face off stereo. Or your local Audi shop will do it probable for free
  14. Thanks Simon Hope your car is going well. Once this is done i plan to write a guide on everything as i did on the complete conversion of my 911 start to finish. Least that way should anyone plan the same in the future they will have all the answers in one place. Should have some more updates in the next few days. Jason What sort of pump are you on about and do you have any pictures? Only though about an inline pump to save on space again
  15. Dont think its the starter as you normally get a clonk and thats about it. Slly suggestion but has it got fuel? Have you also fitted the correct battery. If the battery power is to low for the vehicle it wont be enough to crank it over. Easy way to check this is jump it off another car to see if pulling the extra power from another battery gives it a boost.
  16. Managed to get out for a few hours. Started making some templates for the mounts but couldnt get them how i wanted so gave up for the day. Water pump has been modified and now i just need to get someone to weld the end over and then i can finish it off. Will fit an electric inline pump up by the radiator.
  17. Luckily its a gas or gasless mig just need the regulator and gas. Will see how i get on without the gas first and may change after.
  18. Picked up my new welder today. Christmas present from my lovely partner. Not welded for few years so hopefully i still can! Bought a Clarke MIG 90EN 30 AMP min 90 AMP max says capable of up to 4mm but im sure its more like 2.5-3mm max. Still hopefully before i go back to work i will get the chance to get out and practice and hopefully get the front engine mounts made for the V8.
  19. Could be worse who ever owned mine has obviously had away themoney and re laid the carpet with house hold fluffy stuff!!! Looking forward to ripping that out..
  20. Great work hope it all works out. Its nice when so much hard work finnally shows off.
  21. So who do you trust??? I know someone or a few people actually who were locked up but now released who fleased huge ammounts of money from accounts. One of them worked for a bank in a very high position and actually put credit card applications through in other peoples names but the cards were never actually issued to the customer but to his friend instead who with the given pin numbers would raid the accounts. Bing that the accounts had also been given high limits lots of money went missing. This was some years ago when it was probably alot easier and less security. However i have also be
  22. Sorry forgot about that bit So does anyone know how Mark Irwin can be contacted?
  23. Im wondering how easy it would be to recreate? Who knows where the moulds are. I have asked befor and the last time they were around was in southend?
  24. Well i would do the conversion!! I think it looks great just needs a bit more of modern touch in certain places. Especially the hood side of it! Come to think about it has anyone ever attempted or thought about a targa conversion??? Im sure that would be alot easier?
  25. Not been out in the garage for few weeks now. Seems man flu with a bit of extra feel like crap!!! has taken its toll on me. Feeling fed up now as want to get out there and fab the front mounts but being christmas i prob wont get a chance. Especially if i dont start getting better..
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