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  1. I think a few people miss the main thing that make a kit car a car and not a kit and that my friends is all in the details. You can restore a lotus and make it look nice but you can also restore a lotus and a be a perfectionist. The end product is down to the person who puts in and goes the extra mile to make a kit car look like it came out the factory as a car and not a box of bits. 

  2. Hey guys. Slewthy we sold the business a few years ago. This is my new venture. Back in the game lol. Heres a few more pics. Buddsy is started life as a mk1 mx5 and i chopped a tvr sagaris bodyshell up then made it my own. 


    Front end update. Just need to reshape bonnet slope and make lips on all the cut outs.



  3. Hey guys you may or may not remember me. Well im back into building all things different but little less Lotus this time. Thought i would share with you anyway to show what im up to these days so here goes. Eventually there will be a chassis and shell build from scratch to bring to market as a new low volume sports car in the UK. The demo car im working on which will be completed for May will have a lexus V8 under the hood. Feel free to follow me at


    Just black primer to show imperfections






  4. After an Esprit again, pref S3 any condition considered just cheap as chips please, even incomplete cars no engine, rolling shells etc. Drop me an email if anyone knows of any. Currently not yet in a possition to fork out lots of money like i used to be but working on it and would feel much more at home knowing i have a project waiting to be started in the garage :)

    [email protected]



  5. I still have the design for the adaptor on file i can nail it across if anyone ever wants it. I dont have the full size template anymore but ime sure someone could mock one up from the drawing i made as it was acurate and based on original Ford duratec drawings and Lotus bell housing drawings that i aquired.

    Welcome back me cant wait for a new project

    Everyone on here has made lots of progress. Watch this space im hopeing to fill it again soon.



  6. You all know the car and have seen the posts. The reason the car is for sale is for personal reasons with my family i would rather not go into.

    I wont be able to get on the forum much at the moment and im not up to talking so if interested please review my 2 sections in the project and restoration section for S3 restoration and also jaguar conversion

    Please text on 07538477572 Wayne

  7. With some obvious exceptions, I dont think many Porsche owners like getting their hands dirty. Or am I unfairly biased?

    Guessing that could be pointed at me. As a former Porker owner and restorer full on hands man! Still visit the Porsche forum from time to time. Bit clicky i have to say but still a good community there. Customisation is not taken as easy by most but if done correctly there not to bad. So long as the car looks good at the end.

    There is a fair fe hands on people on there especially with the older cars like mine was.

    Lotus foums only an Porsche only forums i think are best to keep vehicles seperate but maybe a section called my other ride or something?

    Oh and have to agree if its a boxster... "You big girl" deffinately a hairdressers car!

    So here is some hands on Pork work.......... (Oh and sorry for hi jacking Simon)rolleyes.gif




















    Hands on enough! Bet your all wondering how the Esprit will turn out now.

  8. Time sert are expensive when you buy them from wurth if you dont know the sales rep. I used to work for wurth and they are actually very cheap especially if you work for them. I have a few garages i know so will pop in and ask to pinch an insert. May even have some in the garage. They can be done without the insertion tools. A normal tap does the same. Even a bolt. Its only the last few threads that are not formed and then splay out when you insert the tool. Hopefully i wont need to though. Will let you know once i have done it latter.

  9. We shall not surender!!!

    Out in the garage today. One last try with the welder option and.......... still no go so i guess i will have to brave the drill.

    Ground the stud off to a flat head but didnt grind it flat with the block. Centre punched it and began to drill at slow speed with some decent pirana drill biits gradually increasing the size. So after a little bit of drilling and have to say im impressed with how straight it was it was ready to be re tapped.

    Now where is that bloddy tap set!!! Twnety mins and a machine mart latter

  10. Glad you are full filling your dreams and i only hope you get to do them all. Live life to the full and by that it doesnt mean by length but by doing everything you want to do.

    There will still be alot of people on here saying dont do it its an S1 but its your car and i wish you all the best with it. Oh and cant beat a nice turbo instal if its done properly!!

  11. Sorry Bibs

    Still not convinced. Would rather play with the car than sit on facebook. Never been one for social networking. Always argue with my partner as she is on it so much. But then she moans that im on the Lotus forum to much and then i get the comment. "Least i know the people im talking to" Cant win. Feels like were all friends anyway!!

  12. Argh!!!! Said it befor will say it again. Hate it Hate it Hate it. Its for the women to look at while the men play in the garage!! If i wanted to hear from school people i would have stayed friends with them!!!

    Face book is the root of all evil and a relationship wrecker. Most social network sites are and often end with disaster and suspicion amongst people. Maybe im wrong i dont know but one thing is i will never be on there.

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