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  1. As title says, anyone in/around the Bristol area or even a bit further afield, it’s a 89 SE turbo 10 pin connector I believe? Thanks in advance!
  2. im guesing its the standard one, do you have a picture of digital one? i will compare it to mine see if it is that one
  3. i was thinking about buying one, where does it actually plug into? the ecu itself? , cheers, shaun was just wondering if there was anyone on here with one, i could drive over to them (when i get the idle problem sorted >.<) just have them check the values quickly for me save waiting for it in post etc, also if mine is running that cool, then apparently im loosing boost? due to the ecu not letting you have so much? i want that extra boost! lol
  4. ok, i know im asking alot of questions, so sorry lol, but, ive read a few posts about temeratures and things, my temp guage when im driving normally will stay around 60 degress, if i dirve harder it will go up towards 80, not often above it though, and if i idle in traffic for quite a while, it will also start to creep up towrads 80, never really been above it, i know guages are just for rough values, but i dont have freescan to test it via the ECU do you think the thermostat is the problem? or are these normaly temperatures? what should the guage roughly read most of the time? is there anyone around the bristol area that could run freescan on my car for me? car is a 89 SE turbo, thanks cheers, shaun
  5. hello! ok this is similar or may even be the same as a few threads ago... my speedo suddenly went mad, jumping from 0 right round hitting the needle stop and bouncing back again, and when stopped, wouldnt go down to 0 (but milage didnt go up either even when stopped on 30mph, though wold go up normally when moving) unless you tapped the front of the speedo a few times, then as soon as you move off, again it would bounce around, doing 0 - over 170 in less then half a second lol. now though it doesnt move at all, it stays on like 50mph, milage doesnt go up either (bit of a bonus? ) any fixes for this? possible problems? easy to fix? (could it be a fuse or something stupid like that? i think they do a brand new speedo on ebay for about
  6. how cheap is cheap? lol, you have a rough price? is there a picture of where it is? cos i dont really know what im looking for lol. think theres a lotus dealer just down the road, so will get it ordered asap cheers everyone also, silly question forgot to mention before, the car would sometimes idle high, like 2k rpm... would that be down to this staying retracted i guess? lol i really have no idea
  7. sorry for all the annoying quesions lol, but, do you know of a uk supplier? and is it quick and easy to fit? cheers, shaun
  8. i have this problem to where the car wont idle.. it will be fine 1 day, then others it just wont idle, drops to 100-200 then cuts out..ive only had the car for a couple of months, its a '89 se turbo, did you find the problem with yours? if so can you tell me what it was/how to fix it, where to get parts etc, cheers, shaun
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