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    1988 Lotus Esprit Turbo
  1. Ok I will get my mechanic friend to help me with the readings, etc and trouble shoot the info given i'll be back with the results thanks, P-Nice
  2. Hello I have a 1988 Lotus esprit Turbo, 60,000 km on the engine, just replaced my timing belt, altenator belt, and other small works, brakes etc. I havent been driving it for some time 2yrs, and it sat in my garage for 4yrs prior and I want to know if anyone have info on why the compression is operating at 75% on each cylinder? I haven't tried everything possible yet whereas I was getting good boost and power b4 changing the timing Belt. Help anyone please!!!! throw ideas as to the problem for me so I can troubleshoot, thanks P-Nice from Canada
  3. Thanks for the feedback all, It goes in reverse somewhat but has to be forced an its not consistant. We will be installing new select linkage and see if this is the problem. I will keep you posted thanks. P-Nice
  4. Please help with info etc PLEASE! My mechanic tried adjusting, but feel that there is too much play in the select cable, has any of you encountered this problem? thanks Paul
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