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  1. Nice , now I just need to catch a good deal for one of the cars !!
  2. Another question about compatibility of engines. I know some damaged Lotus cars for sale (85 Excel and 88 Eclat). Both with good 2.2 engines. Are all these engines basically the same and usable for my S2 ? And how are these engines compared to the original 2.0 in my car (power) ?? thnx, Gert.
  3. Hey Neil, I was looking into that today too. How did you get that trim out? Guess the front window needs to be removed? It seems to be sitting to firm to just pull it out... Gert.
  4. Spotted last week at the Zolder racetrack in Belgium. Unfortunately didn't see it drive.
  5. Nice work!!! I have some repairs to do and these little tips are very welcome. My car has some "stars" in the paint too, so now I know I have to take care of them very well. I do have a friend who is a fiberglass specialist, haven't seen him in a while but I think I need to contact him again to do things 100% right from the first time...
  6. Yeah, I think 2500 Euro is way too much. the engine does have it's "NOS" value, but not for me. I'll first check out my original engine....
  7. Turns out he wants more money of it than he wanted to let me believe in the beginning. He's asking 2500 Euro. Too much I think, as I can buy a good running (rear damaged) Eclat with that engine for half that money. And I wonder if an engine that has been sitting for this long time won't need an overhaul either ? Or some parts any way. If someone is interested, this guy sells the engine; dominiek.gielen(at)
  8. Found a 1981 2.2 liter crate engine for sale in Belgium. It says a 1981 Sunbeam/Lotus 2.2 liter engine.(150 Hp) Bought in '81 and never came out of the box. I wonder if this engine would fit my '78 S2???? I rather would keep the original 2.0 liter, but this could be a hell cheaper than restoring my engine ... It says 150 hp, that's less than the 2.0 liter ????
  9. Well, I guess every car is worth buying and restoring IF you like the make and model and don't buy it just with the intend to make a profit !! I bought my S2 concidering very well the cost (not to mention the labour) will probably extend the value of the car, but I really wanted the car and that's it... I will try and spread the costs over a longer period too. It's just a decision if you want to invest in a dream but you indeed need to concider if it will be affordable to buy that extra car or if it will just drain your daily living budget !
  10. Yes, the original color was silver. I like a silver/red combination too for oldtimer cars, but just not for an (older type) Esprit. I am still thinking of the color, but I think white it will be. The red interior still will look good with white I think.
  11. Spend most of this week stripping the car down. Baddest thing (technically) I discovered are the totaly worn hinges of the headlights, gonna need to sort that out later. Next days the left door and interior are going out. Than I can go searching for all the chassis/body bolts. I'm planning to build some kind of construction to lift the body against the roof, so I can save a bunch of space, and put my wives daily driver inside in winter.... I'm mostly also taking pics of how everything is fitted, like the door opening mechanism; seems simpel now, but some things can be a pain to fit right after a few months....
  12. The steel blue looks like mine... I'm still thinkin' of the color too, but 90% sure it's gonna be white. I have a red leather interior that fits white nice too I think. Original color of my Esprit was Silver BTW.
  13. Cool Rens, we have one big lazy Main Coone too ! And no, I won't tell my wive you got kittens What made me happy today ??? This forum...I looked around for a few hours and found a mass of information needed already for the restoration of my S2. I really thought I was one of those loners working on an old Lotus, and tech info would be a pain to find, but the opposit seems true !!! Gert.
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