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  1. Stink


  2. wilf please please please could you tell me wot you did to combat this prob .as i have the same one thanks mate
  3. hi mate i have the same problem .just seen your page .i have a s3 1986 na .and at wits end please could you let me no how you got on
  4. thanks for reply mate .the coil is a non balest coil and a new electronic amp at wits end with one
  5. Has anyone had a similar problem , i have a lotus esprit s3 na 1986 , i have found that when the car has been driven for over 45 mins it start to misfire and judder between 2/3000 revs and makes the rev counter flicker , i have found that the igition amplifyer and coil are really hot does anyone have any suggestions ? i have already fitted new plugs, coil and ingnition amplifyer and the car has been in the garage for the timing setting up and carbs have been reset .
  6. i have a1986 s3 na and i got my leads made up they are 8 mil thik good money well spent
  7. Hi i have the same problem ,really hot days the engine seams to have an iregular paterened missfire , after using the car on a hot day i noticed that when i went to close the driver side window it stalled the car , any ideas ?
  8. Yes has electronic ignition , and the timing is spot on but havent checked ignition modual , how would i check that ?
  9. It last run on Sunday , it took ages for me to start it but eventually started and ran well , had problems on Monday thought it was the coil lead so replaced it , still no better today have no spark at all now , it has had a new battery , new plug leads, new disc cap , new rotar arm , new plugs , new coil , cant think what else i can do ?
  10. I am having major startin problems with my s3 esprit 1986 , i have no spark at all can anyone help ?
  11. Hi thanks for that will give it a try , my s3 has got the pipe connected from the bottom of the air box to the crank so will check and make sure that its not obstructed , thanks again.
  12. Hi mate ,ive also had this problem , tried a service kit on slave cylinder to the clutch - CRAP ! so i invested in a new slave cylinder and bled it with brand new oil , hey presto problem solved , also another tip when trying for reverse engage second gear and release clutch to biteing point then depress clutch and select reverse this usually works on mine, hope this helps.
  13. Hi thanks for that, i have also heard about this pump but havent got a s3 mannual yet , one of the mates is trying to get hold of one for me , I have been told it may be something to do with petrol vapour still in the air box , can you let me know how you get on once the pump and celenoid are fitted , thanks .
  14. Yes mate think it was me , only just joined the forum today and saw you have spotted me , what were you driving ?
  15. My series 3 lotus esprit 1986 has a big problem starting after being run..... Once the fans have come on and the engine is upto good temperature, the problem occurs when i try to restart the engine after about 15mins.This is when it has to turn over for ages before it will start again. Can anybody help me? or has anyone experienced this too?
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