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  1. dangerous afr on peak torque, try to let off on the dyno next time u c those mixtures, hope you figure the problem out
  2. Jean,

    sorry late responce just loged in,

    the wheels r volk racing CE28N, on pics dont look to good but on the street I get more compliments on the wheel than the car,

    on the front redrilled the hubs to take the 114 bolt pattern and on the rear have conversion spacers, acceleration is much better they r very light,

    here is a link I found

  3. Hello,

    I'm french, I speak little English. I own the same spirit as yours with the same color, I like your rims a lot, could you send me pictures of your mind and tell me the brand of your rims.



    email: [email protected]

  4. work of art Wayne, can't wait for datalogs, on the heat exchanger for the air coolers do u have a pic with different angle for the end tanks? they look small in the pic, I am sure they calculated the floow thru them
  5. ^ .035" On all BB unit's gt35 and smaller, Paul, R u using gt2560r or 2860rs cartrige? lookin good bud
  6. those r 300zx headlights thats what expensive $$$ diablo uses and many other cheap parts and they make fun of esprit using toyota lights lol
  7. Gunter, R u using any ethanol content guage for the fuel, not sure about germany but here in the states we have winter and summer blend of e85, and its not to cnsistent in the stations, so when I tune on a winter mix wich is around E70 on summer blend e85 the car goes lean so risk of detonation or melting things on cruise can happen Also u can run much more timing with E85, do u have a way to do that? that will bring the egt's down and improve ur gas milege
  8. 1 uz is more low end torque than the lotus v8 so ur 1st gear should b perfect
  9. that's the only down side 2.5'' exit not familiar with it but it has great blower options for some one staying stock bolt on I forgat u have a bigger down pipe this should work for u if u wana stay internal wastegate its simillar what I have been using gt3071r should get u to 375whp and its a fun street turbo very good responce on a small engine also just saw they have a great exhaust housing option for internal wastegate if u whant to get in the 400s more efficient is gt3076r if u shop around can find the blowers couple hundred cheaper then atp
  10. Art have u seen this housing?
  11. just found this on the atpturbo site for guys who wana stick to direct bolt on and have great compressor choices
  12. I like cooling mist products
  13. on old or heavy rich running cars I put atf in the cylinders and let it sit over night, next day I put back the plugs and spary galon of water in fine mist wile running at couple thousend rpm throught the carbs or throtle and than change oil and filter, on the fuel system I buy galon of toulene from paint stores with 4 ounces of mystery marvel oil in 10 galons of fuel run it till empty and change the fuel filter but 1st check all the rubbers like stated in above posts good luck
  14. I rebuilded my s4s clutch and pressure plate, the clamping load on the used s4s was around 790kg and one of the side torque straps set had a litle bend on the upgraded clamping force came out to 1312kg will c how long it will hold 400+whp, the thrust bearings will work hard with that pressure and the torque straps were replaced with better and thicker material hope that should take care off hard, high rpm heal and toe down shifting and on off throtle I relined two clutches I had in us for $120usd both and did the pressure plate in australia for $120ausd now if I can just put it togeather in the next few weeks and c how it holds
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