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  1. I too am searching for new tires for my recently acquired Esprit since I am still running the original Michelin MMMX3. There aren't many choices for a matched set in the stock sizes but I have found Toyo T1R, Nitto NT05, Falken FK452, Bridgestone RE050A, Sumitomo HTR ZII, and Continental ContiSportContact 3. Just how important is it to have a matched set? I am also considering Michelin PS2 for the front and PS3 for the rear as the tread pattern is quite similar.
  2. Yes there is still a slight odor and the connections are tight at the heater matrix inside the cabin. I will check the lines in the chassis beam. Thanks to all for the responses.
  3. Thanks for the info. I was sure I had tried all the controls yet the fresh air door would not close but the recirc button does close the flap now. Just have to hunt down the coolant odor now. Thanks.
  4. Is the flap under the front hood also stuck open?
  5. Hi, I have recently noticed a slight coolant smell from within the cabin of my V8. Doesn't seem to matter if the heater is on or off and I am getting heat although maybe not quite as hot as it should be. I smell nothing from the outside and I am seeing no leaks anywhere and the coolant level is not dropping. I did notice that the flap under the front hood remains open regardless the position of the heater controls which I assume opens and closes depending upon the selection of the controls. I have only put a couple of thousand miles on my recently acquired Esprit, and am trying to learn all the ins and outs. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, Greg
  6. Thanks for the great idea, but I doubt the seller would want to run it without the belt. Greg
  7. Yes I figured I would do a B service and cam belts right off the bat. I did have an independent tech do a PPI on the car and although not super familiar with the Esprit, he thought everything sounded and looked fine. As I think about the whine a little more, I noticed it mostly as we were returning from the test drive and I was coming into the parking lot in first gear. I don't remember hearing it much in the higher gears. Thanks for your input the green 94 by the way Greg
  8. Jim, actually I'm not seeing that the transmission fluid has been changed, just the level checked at about 3500 mi. Greg
  9. Dave, The cam belts haven't been done but I have seen service records for oil and fluid changes and lubrications. We had the car up on a lift and I was able to see the underside and all looked very good with no signs of leakage anywhere. I figured I would need to do the cam belts immediately if I got the car. The big issue for me was not knowing how these cars generally sound. Thanks, Greg
  10. Thanks for the input Jim. The car is a 99 with only 7k miles which I am told were miles put on the car gradually so the car has no been setting around idle for years. One thought I had was that everything was still fairly tight because of the low mileage. Not really being a car guy, its difficult for me to pick out all the various sounds a car will make. Thanks, Greg
  11. Hi, In my continuing search for an Esprit I recently test drove my second V8. Not really knowing what these cars are supposed to sound like, I did notice a bit of a whine at low speeds as well as medium speeds. It seemed more pronounced at the end of our drive but then again when we first started out I was thinking about a lot of other things too and maybe I didn't notice. There isn't much of a whine at idle. Just wondering how much is normal. Thanks a bunch, Greg
  12. Thanks Paul, Good advice and I'll look deeper into the archives.
  13. Hi, In my searches for my dream car, I have come across a couple with very low mileage. Having read about how these cars need to be driven I am curious what kind of issues I might face buying one that hasn't been driven much. Any insight would be much appreciated...thanks! Greg
  14. Very interesting...thanks for that great bit of information. Greg
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