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  1. are there no stock BOV's on this engine?
  2. Thanks a lot bud. I really apreciate it. I gave up on the silver one... i belive i struck a deal on this one... here is the link... What do you guys think?
  3. just one last question... Is it possible to work on these cars by yourself like every other car? I hate taking it to the dealers as all my cars i preformed all the maintenance and work by myself. Oil changes, valve adjustment etc... Where would i get parts for it in the states? Thanks guys.
  4. I'm in St. Louis, Missouri. Yeah I'm definetelly begining to be a little skeptical about this car.... I got to keep looking more then... Thanks a lot.
  5. Thanks for all replies... I don't want you guys to think i'm dissing the lotus or something... I love this car and i can't wait to get one... Nor was i really comparing it to porsche, mazda etc... I'm just curious, why is 50k considered high mileage and why were there already engine rebuilds in plans (not this car but i read on the forum). I always considered anything under 70k low mileage... But every car is different... What is the major failure point in these v8's? Also... i tried searching and i can't find what is the stock boost on the 99 since there is no boost gauge, i won't be able to know that. I got an email from the guy and he said the Big service was performed 2 years ago, but he doesn't know if that included cam belts etc... Clutch is original, no problems with tranny etc... I mean it doesn't look like he knows much about the car or something is kind of fishy... How can you not know if you did the timiing belt change etc. Also on the whole turbo bolt thing... this is his reply: The bolt needs to be moved to a tigheter position every few months to get the best performance. I don't understand why would it get loose in the first place, but hey... what do I know.
  6. You guys consider 50k high miles? The thing is 2k is not that big a difference... it's just that I prefer silver over yellow... 20k miles or 50k shouldn't really be high miles... but maybe it is with these types of cars... Also, what is the whole thing i hear about rebuilding engines when they are 50k etc? Is that normal? I've owned Porche 911 turbo, m3 and Rx7 in my past... Never had any issues with engine or turbos... and these cars were/are modded. Thanks one more question... where do you guys buy parts for these cars in the states? Like Brakes, hoses, alternator etc... or any other maintenance things? I've checked autozone, advance auto parts etc... they got nothing for them. Thanks
  7. I'll check the normal stuff when i see it... So you're saying i should try to get it cheaper then 28k? The guy was asking 35 for it at the begining... The turbo bolts do worry me and as much as i know about turbocharged engines and cars in general... that was never the case nor have i ever heard that this needs to be done. There is also a 99 yellow one with 20k miles for 30k. I mean the mileage difference is huge... but is it worth extra 2k? I kind of like the silver one better then yellow... I feel I will be attracting cops in every town.
  8. I'm about to purchase a 99 Lotus esprit with 52k miles on it... The car looks like it's in good condition however i haven't yet seen it up close as i'm 1100 miles away. Couple of questions... is the price ok of 28k for it with that mileage? The owner said that since he didn't drive it often, if he lets it sit the battery dies... that's kind of strange unless it's sitting for months?? And another thing that is weird.. he said every 2-3 months he has to take it to a authorized dealer to tighten some bolts on the turbochargers as he feels like it looses torque? What's up with that? Why would the bolts on the turbo get loose... makes no sense? OTher then checking and making sure everything works... any other tips guys? Also will it be ok for me to drive it back home that far? Thanks a lot.
  9. Has anyone upgraded the interior console, dashboard, etc. on the 97 or earlier models to the 98+ ones? I really love the way the 98+ ones look... the ones before just look... kind of odd to me... Any pictures, links or DIY's on the subject? Thanks a lot
  10. What would some of you prefer a 93 or a 97 model? I mean the Engine is the major difference i could tell... anything else that really stands out... other then spoiler? I think i like the 97 because of the v8 and TT but the 93 one with 4cyl turbo isn't all that bad... Comments? Nevermind on the above question... I decided to get a 97 model... Hopefully i'll be purchasing it this week... anything i should look for? I may have to drive it 2k miles back home though... Shipping costs a lot. Should be a fun ride.
  11. I'm in the market for a Lotus Esprit, so i joined the forum hopeing to learn more about the car. I've owned Porche 911, Mazda Rx7, Rx8, Saleen S281-E and currently have M3. I know enough about cars and i work on them myself, maintenance, upgrades etc. Are there some links for newbies to learn about the Esprit? I've read the wiki and know the year differences etc... However I would also like to hear from some members... I know that the major difference between 94-95 model and 97-98 is the V8 TT... Would you actually prefer the 97 over 95? Also, other then ebay, autotrader, where else would one be able to get Esprit in the States, for the decent price? Thanks much.
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