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  1. My nozzles are one at the rear One at the side Thinking about it, I would probably go with an auto system if I had to install from scratch now. Back in the 1980s that wasn't an option. Let us know how it goes with this, as I might swap - and get rid of the bloody cable in the cabin
  2. Ah... I was hoping you weren't going to ask that, as it is in the stupidest place to put it, as it goes through the map pocket. I can only think it was the to keep the cable run short, and relatively straight, and for the release to be at hand for the driver, at least that is the excuse I'm running with now. Again @Lotusfab has his in a couple of places, S1 in the door (I think) Not sure for the Turbo Esprit My kit was 2 extinguishers, and the hand held in the cabin is a foam one. I "think" the plumbed in one is AFFF - but I bought a second kit 3 years later (which I thought was the same) for my Excel, but not plumbed in, and the one I have in the Excel's boot is dry powder, yet the one in my Esprit cabin is foam. The bigger bottles look like they come with a large number of nozzles. I've only got two in mine.
  3. Different engine cover in my Esprit, so it wouldn't fit there. @Lotusfab has his under the nearside rear window in his Turbo Esprit. Not sure where in his S1. I bought my kit from JJC Race and Rally - mine is a much thinner bottle than they are now including in their current kits, and only cost around £130. Prices seem to have increased somewhat.
  4. I'd keep original as you can always repaint it later if you want.
  5. Now if it was a rare yellow badged Esprit, that would be a different matter.
  6. This is an interesting read - clicky
  7. First time I took my Excel to work, someone said - oh look there's a Capri in the car park. Turned out I bought my Esprit 3 months before he was born.
  8. @910Esprit to say the least. My 82 Turbo Esprit with 60,000 miles on it must then be worth a shed load more as it is also a rare "black badge" version. I think the how many left may have been read incorrectly as there are also 48 Esprits from 1981, 66 from 1982 etc. So not 1 in 4 remaining.
  9. This is what you need @Sparky Free collection in person.
  10. The airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.
  11. Went to the beach today, was a great day out. Fish & chips, ice cream and lots of swimming - not necessarily in that order.
  12. Followed it round to where it turned off at the traffic lights, Looked fantastic. Also a Lotus 7 (I think) between Cley and Sheringham.
  13. Surely that means that the "bold" Swedish approach has had the same effect as lockdown? Wasn't lockdown to "Flatten the curve" and "Save the NHS". To this end Nightingale hospitals were constructed - and then not really needed as the peak had already been reached by then. the curve looks remarkably similar to Sweden's - not flattened at all, so was the lockdown necessary? It seemed to have been called in the UK when the figures of 500,000 deaths was raised, which no government wants to have laid at their desk, and really had no alternative but to call for a lockdown. I did notice that the media seemed to be revelling in the daily death rate - that seems to have switched now that the death figures have dropped, and they are now concentrating on the number of new cases a day - irrespective of how many people have been tested. There has been no questioning, by the media or opposition parties. How many in Hospital? How many in ICU, How many recovered? etc. I can't think of another time when the well have been quarantined, and if you are under 40, you stand more chance of being killed on the road than dying from this virus. I think that the government and it's advisors are so sold on the lockdown and the subsequent measures, that to backtrack now is next to impossible for them as so many reputations are on the line. The solution they seem to be desperate for is a vaccine, so they have to keep on bigging up the situation until this arrives. Once there is one, my guess it will be announced that everything is fine now and that you can all go back to normal - except that the economy has tanked - possibly for no reason. I wish that the government would be honest with us, but pigs might fly.
  15. Sorry to read that Michael. Am not a watch person* - having lost both my parents over the last few years, I can understand the link that is now lost. * although I wish I still had my Club Team Lotus watch I received on 17 Jan 1989 as a leaving gift from work
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