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  1. Just fixed the order ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit or Excel SE. Trevsked top-plumber - Turbo Esprit shelly Schumacher Elan M100 se turbo Vipers - 3-Eleven 430 PainterDave - Excel Composite guru - Elise 220 Cup (work dependant) JNW - Esprit S1 or Essex Esprit Bibs - Evora NA Dave Eds - Evora NA or M100 Sizona - GT430 or JPS Esprit
  2. HI Jonathan - I don't know the exact timings yet - however last years event was 6pm-10pm, so I'd guess that any show cars need to be there a little earlier, Here's last years info page - @Bibs would we need insurance for this if we are doing it under the TLF banner?
  3. ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit or Excel SE. Trevsked top-plumber - Turbo Esprit shelly Schumacher Elan M100 se turbo Vipers - 3-Eleven 430 PainterDave - Excel Composite guru - Elise 220 Cup (work dependant) @top-plumber - Wayne, be prepared for an either/or as it may well depend upon how many places we are allowed Again, depending upon spaces, we may also have to limit the number of each model to display. The event is open to the public, so there must be other parking apart from the "show" cars, so any members who doesn't get in as a show car, should still come along. I understand there is food & drink (BBQ?) and last year there were 2000+ visitors.
  4. I drive past the country club every day on my way home form work, and last year I noticed that they held an supercar evening during the summer. Unfortunately last year I didn't see this until the week before, so missed out as we had organised our monthly meet on the same day. This year I've approached them early to get some information and they have got back to me with the date - Thursday 18th June. I've let them know that I'd post up to get an idea of how many people with cars would like to attend - we may well be limited, to how many I don't know, but it certainly won't be the size of the past Duxford shows. Can you add your name to the list below if you are interested in coming. More details closer to the date. Thanks ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit or Excel SE.
  5. ChrisJ

    Esprit questions

    I have the tyre pressures on my G car as in the manual 21/25, irrespective of the fact that the tyres are modern, so I'd try the manual pressures - although LEW shows your SE should be 26/26. The tyres were designed to be part of the suspension so I'd have thought higher pressures could throw the ride out.
  6. Congratulations Tony. Now then, we need some photos. Chris
  7. I've had two engines rebuilt by Gerald at GST - one Esprit, one Excel. He took a couple of months each of them - both run fine. I would do the same again if I had a third 9xx engine.
  8. I've driven on average 2000 miles a year since putting the car back on the road in Dec 2012. Last year it was only 800 miles though - it didn't help that next door had a skip in front of our garage for 2-3 months - it was meant to be weeks rather than months. Got to drive it more this year. My Excel I drive around 5000 miles a year. When I bought the car in 2015, it had driven only 3000 miles in the previous 16 years. Interesting to compare, I had thought that the Esprit's mileage dropped when I bought the Excel, but this is only true of the last year.
  9. until
  10. 1st breakfast meeting of 2020 - this Sunday at Essendon Country Club. 8:30 for 9am. Bedwell Park, Hatfield AL9 6HN
  11. Update: Final series of The Man in the High Castle Season 5 of Bosch Season 4 of The Expanse - you need to watch the previous seasons before this.
  12. @Mattmahope - I've added you to the monthly PM.
  13. I can't remember, but I'm sure they are on here somewhere as I replied with an image of my (white) spare wheel.. Edit to add: might be the earlier cars (S1) with non-white spares, as a white spare in an S1 was questioned in this thread
  14. I've seen some photos where they weren't painted white.
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