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  1. Hi Chris I'd check out the usual suspects - SJs & Lotus Bits. For engine related items I'd also take a look at PNM. You also need to post some pictures Chris
  2. I think I'd take the advice on the Resound Website - clicky - I'd also request A free 30 day trial of the clip so that you can decide what's best.
  3. Hmm... sounds like the made for iPhone is a negative not a positive.
  4. Welcome to the forum That looks lovely. I'm sure someone else will be along to help you. Is there a story behind the car and your ownership? What have you had to do in the last two years? Chris
  5. Are you going to then?
  6. Different keys (look the same) for Boot & Ignition. Don't know where you'd get them copied though Misread - thought you had lost them all As Kevin says, any key cutter should be able to copy them. However when I copied my Excel keys, the shop had to order in 10 blanks minimum, so I now have quite a few spare sets as I bought them all.
  7. I have the same question. The SUV always seems to be 3-5 years away.
  8. Couple of Opinion Polls - astonishing Opinium Brexit Party 34% +6 Labour 21% -7 Liberal Democrats 12% +5 Conservatives 11% -3 Green 8% +2 UKIP 4% +1 Change UK 3% -4 You Gov Brexit Party 34% +4 Labour 16% +5 Liberal Democrats 15% +5 Green 11% +2 Conservatives 10% -3 Change UK 5% +4 May has said she will present her WA for yet another vote in June. I know that the source of this is a pro Brexit website, but I'd be interested to read any thoughts from those opposed to Brexit.
  9. 1/2 leather is a good interior - looks good from the pictures, your colour scheme is lot more muted than my red/grey interior. I find my steering wheel gets very sticky when warm - was quite unpleasant on a track day, got myself some driving gloves to fix that. Watch out for the carpet on the drivers side slipping forward and causing the accelerator to stick on Do you have air con? I don't, wish I had. Enjoy the car
  10. OEM spec is 215/50 R15, I have 205/55s on mine as 215s were next to impossible to find when I bought my car - with 4 different makes on it :( The close-ups definitely show that the black rims are making the tyres look over-wide. Also tread pattern looks very similar to the Vredstein Sportac 3s, which I had on my Esprit. On my Excel have the rims that on one side are going forwards and on the other, backwards - I find this really annoying. Much prefer the cheese grater rims in your first image of your previous post to mine. What's your interior like?
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