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  1. Hi Gary - you'd better post some pics of the panel plus your car. We love Pictures here Chris PS - have I mentioned some pictures?
  2. I think you might have to be a member of the relevant group as they are the ones I listed (except for the EspritGroup) all marked "private".
  3. ChrisJ


    Welcome Yiannis Your Clio looks huge alongside the Lotus cars. Well done for taking the plunge. However, I do have to warn you that once you have one, you have to get another Once things get back to normal, your should try to get out to one of our meets in Herts/Essex/Cambs - although gawd knows when the next one will be. Chris PS More pictures please
  4. Which Esprit Group? - I guess not I don't "do" Facebook, although I do have an account )with no friends, no groups etc). Interesting to see who it thinks I might "know". At the moment, they all seem to be from India/Pakistan - no idea why . One them (a Sikh) does work at somewhere called "Booze" though I did join one of the above groups (no idea which - not the first listed though) for about a day, but didn't see the point of the them compared with this forum, so left.
  5. Looks like different interiors, one cloth , one leather
  6. First One - clicky (no longer available) And it has my favourite interior x 100 Second one (been up before) WTF are is going on with the tyres
  7. Here are some projects for the lock down - although I'm not sure that travelling to pick one up could be counted as essential travel. Citroen Van (I quite like these) Rover 10 I like the Golf 16v labelling (Great year for cars)
  8. @Neal H - my wife works in Waitrose and has watched with amazement at the morons buying up everything to hoard. She has said that stock is almost back to normal, and that John Lewis staff are helping out. She has taken some abuse when shoppers are told that they have too many items in their basket. I went down to our local Tescos yesterday afternoon. No queues at all, but inside the store people were not really being considerate of the distancing rule. And yes I went in a Lotus - car park is normally rammed. Looks like it needs a wash.
  9. There is this in the Daily Telegraph. The rest It's behind the paywall.
  10. Wasn't sure whether to post this in this or the Wuhan Virus thread:
  11. You've done this one before
  12. @mch - congratulations, you need to pop over to the intro thread and post some pictures - lots of pictures
  13. @Dan E - I understand it the same as Pete
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