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  1. One small village (Press the sub-titles button.)
  2. Follow-up to this. I went into the branch and the assistant said, but this is a UK address. Yes, I replied, so what is the foreign address? Lots of confusion from a number of other assistants. Finally it came out that Barclaycard had a work address in Uganda for me - which is strange in that yes I did work in Uganda pre 2005, but I didn't bank with Barclays there. I did use my Barclaycard in the bank a few times, but I'd have come across as a tourist I guess. No idea why this has suddenly become an issue 17 years later. All sorted (I think), and there is a letter on it's way to me, so I'll see what it says in a few days time.
  3. There were TV rooms in Uganda well into the early 2000s. I watched the 1998 WC England vs Tunisia match at the National Sports Club in Kampala with 50+ Ugandans. They were having an argument as to who to support, Tunisia as they were African, or England as they had black players playing for them. I had to tell them to shut up after about 10 minutes of this as with my reason that I was the only one who was actually supporting a team.
  4. I'm not really a football follower. I was in 6th form at school, watched/supported the Team of the 80s, and still keep an eye on their results now, but it doesn't really grab me. I'm a hockey person. International Tournaments are different, the World Cup especially - Mexico 70 was my first, and I have 1 fully complete sticker album and 1 almost complete. I tend to watch a fair bit of the coverage for this event. However, this year - meh.... I really can't be bothered. Saw the BBC advert for it, not really like the Italia 90 promotions.
  5. Thanks to everyone for coming, especially those who came in their Lotus Nice to have a member from Cambridgeshire - welcome @Smuts Beyers Good breakfast venue - one for the goto places in future.
  6. Good question. I'd also add were the colours restricted for the different interior options? Cloth, 1/2 leather / full leather
  7. @andydclements - I'll do that on Friday in branch as I have a feeling the call centre I was connected to was not in the UK. There was no mention of GDPR, just nothing forthcoming when I asked what the foreign address was.
  8. Should be called the smug tax
  9. As a Conservative party member (since the Tory's stitched up the Cameron replacement with May), I refused to vote for either Sunak or Truss as both of them were members of the government over the previous 3 years and therefore were responsible for all the crap that went on, and the debt that is now coming home to roost. I think the MPs stitched up the members vote as they "thought/knew" that Truss was unsuitable for the office, so everyone will vote for Sunak - their preferred candidate. I wouldn't have voted for Sunak under any circumstances. A new face unconnected with the Boris era would have got my vote.
  10. Why can't the US put forward younger, more credible, candidates? I do have a question for our US members. Can Obama stand again? Is the limit 2 terms full stop or 2 consecutive terms?
  11. 2 things today Daughter failed her driving test Didn't drive in a bus lane when she could, and failed to look behind her properly when reverse parking. I think she did look but didn't make it obvious that she had. Seems very harsh. Got a letter from Barclays in the post when I got home "Please take action: we need to close your account" Reason - At least one of the addresses we currently have for you, or someone on your account, is outside the UK. WTF? All my personal accounts - chequing, savings, joint savings, 2 x children's savings accounts. Not the joint mortgage account though. Been with Barclays 41 years, although they did close my account with a balance in it while I was out of the country, so I had to open a brand new one in 2005. On the phone to them at the moment. On hold while they check it out. Have asked them what is this non UK address - this is what they have had to go and check. Well they wouldn't tell me, but said that I have a joint savings account and should check with the joint savings account - yes with my wife, who is in the other room, not in a foreign country. Who is also the joint account holder on the mortgage. Advised that everything is OK (but won't tell me the foreign address), and that I should check again in 48 hours. I will be going into a branch for this.
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