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  1. I've found an advert for it - I had to as the pictures in the thread are too small for my eyes. As Gareth says, apart from the headlining, looks great. Carpets look fine. 1982 is a great year for Lotus cars - says he with an 82 Esprit The cloth interior is great - not too many left in cloth I'd imagine as most will have been retrimmed in leather. In case you didn't notice Clive's comment above, I'll repeat it here: Don't even try to start engine till a new cambelt installed
  2. Depends on the date - Andorra was one long traffic jam when I went there at the height of summer.
  3. Am in Derby for my daughter's basketball match, so hope I can get back in time this year. Bibs Rachel Cliff Sparky Madame Sparky ChrisJ
  4. Ideal for 3d Printing? Have you tried LotusBits & SJ Sportscars?
  5. There's a form you need to get from the lease company before you go abroad as you don't have the V5. There might be a small cost for this
  6. 100% with @Techyd, as far as I can see value for money is all when it comes to leasing, and you have to keep on top of the deals that are out there. The total cost with one company should be the same for whatever no of months you pay up front - well to within a few pounds anyway. And as I understand it, to work out the total cost you need to do: A + (B x C) + (D x C) + O = Total Cost Where: A - the arrangement fee (can range from zero at a dealer to £360 or more) B - the number of up front payments (1, 3, 6 or 9) C - the monthly amount to be paid D - the term (in months) minus the first month, so 23, 35 or 47 for 2, 3 & 4 years respectively. O - Cost of any options The true monthly cost is the Total Cost / No of months (24, 36 or 48) If you then find the retail value of the vehicle, you can work out the percentage of this that you will be paying. For a 2 year, the minimum I've seen is 19% and for a 3 year it's around 30% - the lower percentage the better. 2 x 2 year leases can work out cheaper than 1 x 4 year - but this will depend upon the leases available in 2 years time. 5k miles will cost less than 15k. In stock vehicles tend to be more expensive than ones with s delivery delay - not always the case though, but the cheaper ones will go very quickly. Hence the need for a spreadsheet to compare the different companies and different vehicles
  7. Looks great. I've added you to the monthly PM list for the Herts/Essex/Cambridge area group so that you get notified about our events. We have a monthly Sunday breakfast meet which moves around the area. Hope to see you at one soon.
  8. Welcome to the forum. We are going to need some pictures
  9. The difference can be a lot more than that. Cheapest for a 2 year 10k annual mileage lease is currently: Macan: £21,518 Audi Q5: £11,317 Skoda Kodiak £6.904 Nissan Qashaqi: £4,926
  10. I've just leased my first car - Mazda 6 Saloon through Zen Auto, via the Parkers website - was a bit nervous at first, but kept checking the prices from a wide variety of sources. Had a spreadsheet to keep track of all the values and deals. It's the start of a new quarter, so there aren't too many good deals out yet. The same spec Mazda 6 I have coming in the next couple of weeks has gone up from and amortized £252/mth to £388/mth - 2 years 8k miles. Don't necessarily get fixated on a make/model, look for the deal. Also look at the equivalent vehicle from other manufacturer's within the same vehicle group - i.e. for Porsche check Skoda and Seat (you might be surprised at how little you can lease one of these for)- remember you aren't buying the vehicle, but renting it. Don't get (m)any options as you pay them off over the course of the deal. Some places have free metallic paint, others you pay for it. Websites I have used: Parkers - linked to ZenAuto WhatCar: - dealers only - no fees. - best of both, changes daily. Car Magazine - - mixture of Brokers & dealers The last two sites will lead you only a whole load more brokers (I've got 31 bookmarked). Some places (broker or dealer) will have crap rates for a car, others will have really good ones for the same vehicle. For some deals there are only very few cars available and you need to go for it immediately. It will probably be specified what type of servicing is required as part of the lease - you need to comply with this. You can normally but a maintenance package with the lease. But you may also be able to buy one direct with a dealer if you go through a broker. For a dealer lease you may have to pick the car up. Just been reading elsewhere about people turning down a good lease through a dealer in Bristol because they are in Scotland and to collect/return is 750 miles out of their lease allowance. as I understand it most (all?) brokers will deliver the car to you and your mileage allowance starts when you sign for it.
  11. I remember visiting a Lotus Dealer in Cape Town back in the early 1990s. Somewhere on a main street - I would guess near the railway station. I was surprised to see it. Lovely looking car and model.
  12. Seemingly no takers for this, so we are going to postpone the meet by a week to Sunday 13th October and go to Chiquito in Harlow Unit 2Queensgate Centre Edinburgh Way Harlow CM20 2DA Meet at 8:30am
  13. It does look high. What year is the car? The later cars (Turbo Esprits definitely, so I assume N/As as well) did sit a lot higher than the earlier ones. Check out the gallery in my profile for comparison between an 82 car (mine) and an 87 HC.
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