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  1. @Lex Templar Is the white one a dry sump as it looks like it has the later front indicators.
  2. signed
  3. Check out her last sentence - "We also acknowledge that the UK would like to have a certain amount of independence" I'm sorry, but if that is the correct translation, this is a complete lack of understanding of the UK.
  4. Isn't it the market in the VIN Number? Similar page for the engine numbers -
  5. Is this what you are after?
  6. @Barrykearley why even mention the name?
  7. Searching for "Peter Thurston" gives this - I reckon he would have restored it if he could have done, he had the facilities to do so - in fact there is a plus two in their workshop on their about us screen, so no stranger to Lotus. I thought you could post questions on Ebay ads.
  8. Well, the OP is trying to flip it now as It's on Ebay for £15k From one of his posts above "its not worth what he wants for it" - I'd have to say, It's not worth what he wants for it either. £5k maybe. He is a dealer and is stating: Quotes from the Ebay Ad. Originally owned by Lotus cars (Colin chapmans wife’s car) This car needs a repaint and retrim In places The car does not need full restoration, just paint and a split in drivers seat.
  9. Mine hasn't updated - just tried it again with this reply, and the little delete icon appeared over the uploaded images, so maybe a caching thing as I did hard refresh to try to get rid of the stored reply. Seems to be OK now.
  10. Trying to replicate the below in this message. I was pasting what I thought was some text into a reply, but it turned out it was an image that I'd previously pasted into a spreadsheet. It went into the uploaded images section and appeared in the reply. Oh bugger I thought, and deleted the image from the reply, and carried on typing. Finished typing and submitted reply. No image "in" the reply box, but image still in uploaded images. edit to add. And the damn image appeared in the reply in the space above. Tried editing and removing the image form
  11. The East & North Herts NHS trust has had 79 patients in total admitted with this virus since March. And this is a virus so deadly that you have to be tested to see if you have had it
  12. Weekly coronavirus cases double in Welwyn Hatfield to 41 - Population of Welwyn Hatfield, around 125,000, so 0.0% to 1 decimal place. - wow! Beds occupied for the NHS area - 4, catchment population 600,000 - double wow!! Article not open to comments unfortunately.
  13. This one I had understood that this was made specially for MK after the Elite production had stopped.
  14. ChrisJ


    @Kimbers Thought I'd check out the Halifax link - and on that linked page it states: So the £2 fee is only for your regular investment, anything else £12.50, which is very similar to the platform I currently use - Equinity (although their regular investment is only once a month and the fees are a %age min £1.75). Damn I thought I'd save a bob or two by switching. Do you have to have a Halifax Account before you can have one of these?
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