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  1. ChrisJ

    Euro question - 23rd June

    From page 20
  2. ChrisJ

    Euro question - 23rd June

    @oilmagnet477 All the "elites" are saying "but no-one voted for no deal", which is strange as that is exactly what I think was voted for. So if "no deal" was on the referendum, it would be very obvious that this is what was wanted if it got a majority. If Parliament "negotiate" another crap deal (and why wouldn't they on their current performance), what choice would your two options give to the population. Remain cannot and should not be on any future ballot until we have left the EU - as we have already decided to leave with the once in a generation "People's vote". Let's leave as per the instruction given. If in a few years time people want to campaign to re-join, I have no problem with that, but you must enact the first result otherwise what happens for any future election/referendum. The precedent would have been set that if you jump up and down and make enough noise, the vote would have to be taken again. @Barrykearley Because they like jumping up and down going waaaaahhhhhhhh!
  3. ChrisJ

    Euro question - 23rd June

    @LotusLeftLotusRight - Irrespective of whether you voted leave or remain, if this was what the expectation of what leave meant, then why is it being redefined ? My last point was re the free movement of people. I personally would prefer to give priority (or at least equal priority) to those countries that we have historic links to - i.e. Commonwealth, over those that have come together as completely disparate countries. In most cases the Commonwealth countries speak English, their rule of law is the same as ours and most of them have fought on our side in the past. Couple of points I missed out that did influence me, but I don't think formed part of the general expectaton: One I mentioned above is that our rule of law is "common law" whereas the majority of Europe is based upon the Napoleonic code. These two are fundamentally different. I have always understood this as (oversimplification) under common law everything is permitted unless it is restricted, whereas under Napoleonic code, everything is restricted unless permitted - hence why the reams of rules and regulations emanating from the EU to regulate everything from bananas (No. 2257/94) to the annoying Internet cookie regulation. Tariffs set by the EU are not necessarily in the UK's interests as they protect products that are produced in the rest of EU from world competition, so potentially forcing us to pay higher prices.
  4. ChrisJ

    Euro question - 23rd June

    When everyone voted in the referendum - i.e. before the result was known, what was your expectation of what would occur in the unlikely event that Leave won the vote. Mine was that we would: Leave the Single Market Leave the Customs Union Leave the jurisdiction of the ECJ Stop paying anything further to the EU Stop accepting any laws/regulations from the EU Take back control of those areas that had been ceded to the EEC/EU - i.e. farming, fisheries etc. Have the same visa regulations for every non UK (and Irish) citizen - allowing the UK to tweak these regulations depending upon our requirements. As far as I can remember, we were told that if leave won the vote all of the above would happen - by both sides of the debate. There was nothing about having to have a "deal" prior to leaving, It was vote to leave and we have all the above. It seems to me that it is the losing side of the referendum that is stating that we cannot leave without a deal. So @oilmagnet477, I think that your option number 2 should read "Leave without a deal" as that is what was voted for in the referendum
  5. ChrisJ

    S1 Esprit TAC 101R

    Sounds good David. Whereabouts are you in the UK? We all look forward to the pictures and the story.
  6. ChrisJ

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Write to your MP and tell them so. I have.
  7. ChrisJ

    Gillette new Advert "Anti Men".

    What's a "like" or "dislike" ?
  8. ChrisJ

    Euro question - 23rd June
  9. ChrisJ

    Cool idea or absolute insanity?

    I have to try to avoid this thread as it is very tempting
  10. No problem, will be good to meet up. I think I should be there around 8:45
  11. ChrisJ

    Sat AM - NE London / Essex Drive

  12. @esprit s2 - come along on Sunday
  13. not available at home, fine at work - maybe a hiccup when I clicked the link.