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    82 Turbo Esprit - Monaco white, full cloth interior. 89 Excel - also in Monaco white, half leather interior.
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  1. You can feel the tension before and the relief afterwards.
  2. Looks lovely. Is it a cloth interior?
  3. Wife sat up with s shotgun last night ...... ...... before putting salt down, but not before they had chomped through our peas. ..... bastards
  4. I've added you to the monthly PM for the group as well.
  5. @Dave Eds I've just created a new monthly PM, but so you ain't on the list. Maybe inbox full? I can't see any setting on my account where I can stop PMs
  6. Turnout was a little disappointing compared to last November. We were somewhat lacking on the ground, great to catch up with Martyn after the break for the last couple of years. Other car makes for the show were distinctly lacking, and those that did turn up didn't stay around for long. May well have been a combination of crappy weather, long bank holiday, hangovers and the change of weekend to normal. I think we should give it another go (maybe September/October). Next Month I think that we should be over to the west of the area, maybe even into Buckinghamshire @thebartman on the 10th or 17th. Does anyone fancy a Thursday evening meet as well as Sunday breakfast for the next few months? (say Jun, Jul, Aug)
  7. Can do - not too many going tomorrow. That's the one before the A120 roundabout, not Pearces Farm? I was aiming to be at Little Easton around 9:30, leave my house about 8:45, layby approx 9am. Chris
  8. ChrisJ

    Cheap G-Turbo

    Good spot - yes suprisingly cheap, I'd have thought 10k more would still be a great price. Good looking retrim (bit red for me), good MOT history. Not sure what is going on with the gear stick.
  9. We are off to Mexico this year, as you say going abroad for the first time in 3 years, so are splashing out a bit. Going for a road trip from the Pacific to the Caribbean (my kind of holiday), with a load of things to do on the way (the rest of the family's kind of trip). Initially looked at Costa Rica with TUI, but although I could book one week, and the following week, I couldn't book the two weeks in a row - which they didn't seem to be able to solve. Here is somewhere different: Mozambique An example This one looks interesting I've suggested this before for you, but you poo-poo'd it because it had the word "safari" in it, and I assume that you think that means roughing it looking at anaimals etc. Safari is a Swahili word, and all it means is "journey", so if you went to Newcastle, you are going "on safari" to Newcastle - but people associate it with Africa, hence it's use in a company promoting Mozambique (where Swahili is not spoken). I've no idea of the cost, might be more than your budget. I am going to go on one of these in the next few years - once the kids have left home, as I missed out on going to Mozambique 30 years ago, which I've regretted ever since.
  10. Yesterday, went to my daughter's school speech day before 1/2 term, and got slightly distracted by the car show at the front of the school. What a fantastic engine - everyhing on the outside (and this is only 1/2 of it) Here's the beast in question - from 1907
  11. Looks a really great day, and a good range of cars.
  12. You need to have an S1 meet up and invite @grayp77. The neighbours would be really please with this
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