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  1. From directly behind, they look like they are twice as think as mine, and the right side ones look thicker than those on the left. However, it is a MY85, so colour coded bumpers/mirrors is correct, maybe the later louvres have thicker supports, but normally being black, they aren't as obvious as when colour coded. Here's the car: Latest News from Cotswold Classic Car Restorations @Bling - you can check some on Sunday
  2. They look too thick (and coloured) - here's mine
  3. Should start a new topic - stupid cycle lanes Not WGC (I think)
  4. The pavement outside my house is one of the rare ones that isn't a shared cycle/footpath, but that doesn't seem to stop them - mostly children who will have been taught to ride on the pavement. We have a 7/8 ft high hedge and are on a the inside of a bend - so impossible to see what is coming. I am always very wary of coming out of my drive as they cyclists do come at quite a pace across the entrance. Luckily, I am able to use part of the the next door neighbours drive to reverse into before sticking my nose out, so the cyclists "should" be able to see the car before I pull out.
  5. It is very common in WGC for the cycle lanes to be on the pavement.
  6. Shame It isn't one of those rare black badge models ! As Barry says, great colour
  7. This is what our wonderful lot decided to do last year - add a cycle lane to both sides of one of the roads into the town centre, just appeared during lockdown 1. Never seen any cyclist in it, and if you follow the road over the railway, you get this shot You can no longer enter the car park from this entrance, and yes, that is a cyclist - on the pavement.
  8. There are when you look on How Many Left for "Lotus Esprit Series 3" LOTUS ESPRIT SERIES 3 - How Many Left? So I guess all those registered as a Lotus Esprit in the 1980s were all S1s LOTUS ESPRIT - How Many Left?
  9. I had a quote for £2k for the whole interior (except carpets) for my Excel 3-4 years ago - Car Trimming - Upholstery Service ( I replaced the carpets at that point in time for £1k, and haven't yet got round to the interior.
  10. ChrisJ pete Senior Eren Bazza Kevin and Clare thebartman and Caroline Spyros and son Neilread Dave Eds wayne schumacher Sparky Spadger 27 Phil Steve44 Hornsey Boy - Dragan (+1)
  11. I'm not sure any Lotus can be described as a slow car. If the car, whatever age, is for occasional use, it will probably rack up the bills. If used regularly, maintenance costs are very reasonable. My Esprit's annual service is under £500. Mechanicals on both the Esprit and Elan are much simpler than on new cars - not electronics for one thing, so should be easier to fix. I wouldn't have thought that there are many current owners of both cars who can provide a comparison, although there will be people that have owned both at separate times in their car history. I own an Esprit
  12. That doesn't matter - some will be coming in a Porsche
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