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    82 Turbo Esprit - Monaco white, full cloth interior. 89 Excel - also in Monaco white, half leather interior.
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  1. No record of the registration - but the car exists, so maybe on a private plate.... anyone here?
  2. @Colin P We are in a similar situation, my daughter is currently learning to drive and she is looking for a first car and a couple of classics as on her list of potentials.
  3. Is that on Amazon Prime Video or Netflix
  4. @Geoffkb1 Has it been in the garage behind it and rolled out for the picture?
  5. All week rather than just today. My wife and I were heavily involved in hockey when we lived in Africa, and currently, the Africa Cup of Nations is being played in Accra, Ghana - with "our" country involved in both the men's and women's competitions. This is being broadcast live over the internet, so we have been watching the matches. There has been a lot of shouting at the monitor
  6. Reading the original link, it's only the residents of the road that are consulted, yet they were quoting someone in favour, who owns a business and doesn't live on the road in question. Karma if someone objected to the name of his hotel
  7. Gray - mine is on the right (only image I could find of my wheel - I made it a while back to show the difference in gap between the wheel arch of MY85 and MY82) Again - painted not polished, as it was from the factory.
  8. I had my 82 Turbo Esprit wheels refurbed in Milton Keynes - but mine are painted not polished. It was sorted via GST so I'm not 100% sure which company (although I think it as Supreme wheels). I can find out if you want.
  9. Thought I'd put this here rather than start a new thread. Amazon U-turns on decision to scrap Visa credit cards in UK ( I did think that this might happen.
  10. I've been to Australia once for the Hockey World Cup in Perth in 2002. Was really looking forward to it, I enjoyed the world cup and enjoyed seeing a cousin for the first time in 20+ years, but have absolutely no interest in going there again as there seem to be so many petty rules. One example, we had official transport (a minibus) from the hotels to the venue. While waiting at one hotel for some other people to join us, it was rather hot, and I opened my window, rested my arm on it, so my elbow was poking out the window. I was shouted at by the driver to get my arm in as it was against the law to have an arm out of the window. WTF I thought and asked what is the point of having a window that opens then? Arms and hands out of car window illegal in Australia (
  11. It was a factory fitted option - probably from MY85 onwards (the ones with colour coding as standard). Did it ever become standard fit at some point on the G cars - maybe the HC? I don't have one on my MY82, but I think it should have a bag or such like to fit it into the boot/trunk and isn't there wind deflector as well?
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