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  1. When I send out the monthly PM for the next meeting - and any other things that might be happening. All people subscribed to the PM should receive an email notifying them of the PM. If you don't check that you haven't turned the notifications off - at the top of the page under options. If these are on, please let me know. Please do not reply to the PM as it sends an email to everyone on the list, and this can get annoying. I always include a link to the thread the PM is about, so please click into it and reply there. If you want to be removed from the PM, let me know and I'll remove you. If you delete the conversation from your inbox you can never be added back in (as we have just discovered), whereas if I remove you, I can invite you back in if you change your mind at a later stage. If you want to be added to the PM, add a message into below thread. If I notice that you are in the area (or close by), I'll add you into the PM.
  2. I have a PM set up for the regional group. I go through and remove those who have't read the PM for a fair old while and I noticed the below - which I didn't think was right, Contacted Dave and he said that he hadn't as far as he knew. I cannot add him back, and he doesn't seem to be able to rejoin - Any suggestions? After testing with Pete and Dave, it looks like Dave has deleted the conversation as this is what happens. I might have to recreate the PM group I've tried to add him back in, but I get this I think that the "owner" of the PM should be able to add someone back in, or at least send the person an invite to rejoin - bug fix or feature request?
  3. Very interesting website - thanks for the link
  4. @andydclements - he predicted the situation Russia finds iteself in now prior to the way (around Feb 8th.) Maybe preparing the population for some bad news?
  5. Welcome to the forum. That's bloody annoying. Lotusbits & Sjs in the UK look to have both bumpers & lights. You have to phone Lotusbits as their email reponse can be non existant. Keep us informed of progress - plus pictures
  6. Next month we are going to meet earlier in the month on the 5th June at Jubilee Special Classic Car Meet | Little Easton Manor You need to register your car - click the link and RSVP - also add your name to the list here Hopefuly we will have an area reseved for us. ChrisJ
  7. PM has just been sent to everyone who has confirmed. You should receive an email notifying you of this - if you don't get one, please let me know. See you tomorrow morning. @pete - you still meeting at Hatfield Heath and still at 8am (bit early). I might meet up, depends when I can drag my son out of bed,
  8. Bit of a cock-up. Andrewsfield asked us to call a couple of days before to confirm numbers, when I called, they told me that they are full, so we aren;t going there this Sunday. Dave & Megan have come to the rescue, and have offered to host us for breakfast. It's in the same area - about 10 miles away. The address will be PM'd seperately. You must add your name to the list before tomorrow lunchtime to confirm so that numbers can be catered for. ChrisJ + 1
  9. ChrisJ (maybe +1) pete Woodie neilreid faye2000 Dave & Megan Paul B Jan, Ade & daughter phil flash (maybe) ZegaForest + 1 Moonus Wayne & Michelle I make that 18
  10. B351MPE untaxed 2003 C631NMW Tax & MOT D109VVW untaxed 2006 XPW969X untaxed 2012 J40AEB SORN - MOT 2008 FIL8706 untaxed 2010 C555LEW Tax & MOT B403XWX untaxed 2012 C410ULD Tax & MOT
  11. And today in contrast to mad vlad
  12. LHD - here RHD - here
  13. There seem to be facilities burning down almost on a daily basis in Russia Possibly another naval ship hit by missiles
  14. If anyone is wondering if Paul's Esprit is loud - here it is last time he brought it along
  15. Looks good, but not been driven very much - 101684 in 2006, 105042 in 2021.
  16. At last, I'm no longer in Israel, but where is @Sparky To get to the Member's Map it's on the Forum Extras menu
  17. Girling's website has this - linky - no "service kits", but it does have part numbers for each one. Bit slow, but I guess it's got to delve back into the mists of time. Covers a wide range of models.
  18. No problem at all - look forward to seeing you there.
  19. Love them all - the first image is great
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