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  1. Thanks for that Michael - really interesting. The photo was taken on a charity track day in 2014. As was this
  2. look at 225/60 15s. This is the active thread for tyres for our cars
  3. It'll be interesting to see how much faster posting on the area monthly PM is with 98 active recipients (I have removed 30 members from the list). I normally go and make a cup of coffee while it is sending
  4. Problem is that they are talking about modern cars, all of my moderns have had a towing eye. Classics don't, and I don't think you can retro fit one - or would even want to. Try Bell & Colvill - they have a track day in September at Castle Combe - I've been with them before - never had this requirement with them. But being open to non-Lotus cars is a bit of a negative for me - however, if you go, I'll go as well.
  5. Been on plenty of trackdays in my Esprit, never had that as a requirement. I guess it will be down to whoever the organisers are. Have you tried Lotus-On-Track? I think that this one would be good one to go on: Hethel - Lotus Test Track | Saturday 18 September 2021 - Lotus on Track (
  6. Hi jacob - welcome to Lotus ownership. You do need to be aware that once you have one, a second one beckons Whereabouts are you? It would be great to have two black N/A HCs together at one of our monthly meetings (Paul's phot is from last Sunday's breakfast meet). Chris PS - more photos please.
  7. Oh bum.... I completely forgot about this, and I worked late today, just got in.
  8. Loose carpet? It's a known potential problem in Excels with the throttle pedal being caught by the carpet. I find the HC engine in my Excel is way better at hot starting that the LC one in my Esprit, so I never worry about it, whereas in the Esprit it can be a bit of a turning over the engine for while.
  9. I've got a YUASA 075 SILVER in my 82 Esprit. From Halfords £110, Amazon < £70. Mine came from Halfords, but as a replacement for a YUASA BLACK with a lifetime guarantee that didn't last a lifetime I had to buy one of these for the "modern" post connector
  10. To reiterate to people signing up who haven't been to one of these events before, we will send out the address by PM to all those who have registered a couple of days before the BBQ, so it important that you sign up. In addition Dave and Megan need to know numbers to as to be able to plan accordingly. Can I ask all those who have already registered to indicate if they are going to stay overnight. To this end I am working on my family to come and camp - not 100% sure yet, but it is a distinct possibility
  11. Great photos Glad that yours started - It's normally the turbos that give problems hot starting. It's good to see that M100s are regularly coming to the meetings. I think that this is the 3rd one running where we've had at least 3 turn up.
  12. Good turnout, and nice to be eating inside at Essendon again. I did take a couple of photos this month. Good news is that I found my keys, as someone suggested they had slipped inside the liner of my pocket - but had worked their way around the side, so when I checked the pocket area, they weren't there, and I couldn't feel them when sitting down.. The reason I found them is that when I got home the spare key for my wife's car had also "gone missing". Next month were are at Dave & Megan's for a BBQ - I'll send an update via the PM later - as I'm just off out again.
  13. We need to park in the red area. If you are not in a Lotus, I'd suggest you park in the blue area (and pretend you are here for golf). The entrance to the club is where yellow mark is. For those new to the venue: the location website is here and the address is: Bedwell Park, Essendon, Hatfield, Hertfordshire AL9 6HN Watch out for the speed hump at the entrance - it is worse going out than it is going in. Drive up the hill and turn left before you get to the big house. Follow the road round the house and then down the hill. When you leave, you usually need a code to get out of the gate.
  14. If I don't have hockey on Wednesday I'll try to get down.
  15. @Bibs - I found £5 on the street in Cambridge when I was about the same age, my Dad insisted that we hand it in to the Police station. Funnily enough, it was not returned to me as unclaimed.
  16. No problem Brian - still come, even if not in a Lotus.
  17. until
  18. Back to Essendon next weekend - inside the restaurant this time. We are booked for 9am, so meet anytime from 8:30 onwards - I think in the lower car park. Sorry for the late notice - a combination of me forgetting to email, and then the person I was dealing with before having left the company. Please add yourself to the list as I need to inform them how many are expected. ChrisJ
  19. Thanks for that That is one of the most interesting videos I've watched.
  20. Should be back inside at Essendon - if they answer that is.
  21. No - not enough interest at the moment Just waiting to hear back from the golf club re breakfast on 25/7
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