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  1. I've had no response other than the "thank you for registering" email, so I guess everyone should just try to register.
  2. I am planning on making this this year
  3. Hmmm.. not sure. I've had a generic reply (thank you for registering etc.), give it a few days to allow them to reply to my questions. I'll let you know.
  4. Have changed the title Not sure if we can get there before 9am, so I guess just pitch up anytime from 9am onwards. I have emailed the organisers to ask what time we can arrive and if they can ensure that we can all park together So no need for w new thread @Dave Eds
  5. Steve - Wrong way around - black bumpers & mirrors were the norm for the Turbo Esprit & S3 N/A up to the 85 MY after which they were colour coded. Although if you requested colour coded from new, Lotus would do this - for example the 82MY had 2 Esprits colour coded (mine isn't one of them). I think the Esprit only (officially?) came to North America in 1985 with the HPCI - which I guess would have all been colour coded - so that would be the norm for your neck of the woods. @thebartman Julian, check Lotus Esprit World - loads of interesting data there
  6. I've always driven to destinations in Europe, every time (so far) through France Found the best option to be mid afternoon Eurotunnel from UK Stop around 7pm - 200km or so into France - For Spain, I'd be aiming for Rouen. Leisurely breakfast next day Leave about 10:30 Aim to arrive at the next stop at around 5pm - Cahors area. Portaventura 6 hours from there Get a Toll Tag so you can get through the tolls quickly Novotel is my normal choice for overnight stops. Sign up, you get a bit of a discount. Similar on the way back - but normally only one over night stop around Bourges/Tours/Le Mans/Orleans distance. Last couple of trips I've booked a FlexiPlus ticket on Eurotunnel (expensive option) as it allows you just to turn up and go and not spend hours in a queue. Paid dividends when my car broke down in Slovenia the day before we were coming back. The RAC flew the whole family home, and then me back the next weekend to collect the car and drive it back. Flexiplus ticket still valid. Make sure you have euro cover for the car - recovery as well - I can recommend the RAC.
  7. "L" & "R" do not really stand for Lower and Raise - it's the same switch as the door mirror, so left & right.
  8. It should only work when the radio is on. You will soon leave it turned off, because if you leave the radio on when you turn the car off, next time you get in and turn the ignition on, up goes the aerial, go to start the car, down goes the aerial, car now started, up goes the aerial again
  9. Another Lotus arrived at work today. Anyone know which white this is, the owner wasn't sure - it isn't Monaco white
  10. Bugger, I can't make it. Son's hockey match switched from the afternoon to the morning (in South London).
  11. Isn't this the ultimate pensioner transport
  12. Pete ChrisJ Wayne and Shelly Schumacher NeilRead Faye200 Kevin and Clare Jan and Ade thebartman elise 147 + Kim @thebartman is Caroline with you?
  13. I extended the lease on my Mazda 6 as there was nothing to replace it at the moment.
  14. Sorry - forgot the time on this thread - it is on the calendar event. 8:30 meet for a chat, tables booked for 9am. It is not a buffet.
  15. until
  16. We are going to one of our favourite breakfast spots this month - Axe & Compasses, Roding, CM6 1PP This is normally a buffet breakfast, waiting for confirmation on this. Please add your name to the list if you are coming as they need to know how many to cater for. One month we confirmed 6, and had 15 turn up. pete ChrisJ
  17. Article title now "Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway pranks Jeremy Clarkson by using eco-mob actors to dump three tonnes of compost over his gleaming Range Rover at his Diddly Squat farm"
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