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  1. ChrisJ

    Was it Chris J

    G??? ?E? is correct for me L could have been a J - just rushed outside, car still there - so it wasn't mine (unless one of those bloody travellers nicked it, drove to the Dunstable area, and then returned it - without me knowing).
  2. Yes, that's the one @exeterjeep I was just reading the same on the local paper - thanks for posting that, I don't read the BBC website much anymore.
  3. ChrisJ

    Was it Chris J

    Not me I'm afraid. I haven't been up Dunstable way for a while.
  4. Here's the local paper's take on the funeral Police attend Woodhall Lane funeral in Welwyn Garden City | Welwyn Hatfield Times ( No mention of the community involved. From personal observation, I'm not sure that they did.
  5. It was and they didn't - apparently the were 250 yesterday visiting the body in the church - did wonder why there were a load of police cars cruising about last night. All gone now, Police have been round apologising for the inconvenience.
  6. Got a funeral going on at the catholic church across the road - hundred or so people. Police standing around directing traffic.
  7. Our daughter is going to private school for 6th form from this September. She is both academic and sporting (has gained a sports scholarship to the school in question), and she should be able to thrive there. It was the complete lack of teaching during lockdown 1 that has brought this about, plus the crap sporting ambition (despite fantastic facilities) from her current school. We have looked around locally for another state school, but the feedback we have received from parents from other schools is that they have not had any better experience. Son (Y8) is staying at the state schoo
  8. Only three owners from new and It has an MOT dated 1983 - clicky
  9. They aren't Toyota - probably all British Leyland. These look correct for the ignition/boot AA3 LAND ROVER 1984-91 Ignition Key Blank; MASERATI 1976-94 LOTUS ESPRIT 1976-90 | eBay and door 62FT British 1970's Door Trunk "FT" KEY BLANK: Jaguar Triumph MGB Rover Austin | eBay not sure about the fuel filler. I'd go to a key cutter and ask.
  10. Easiest way for screenshots is Search for "snip" Choose Snip & Sketch (or Snipping tool if not present as this is the old version) Press New and then draw round the thing on the screen you want to screenshot. It will get copied into the Snip & Sketch program Press CTRL + C to copy the image from the S&S, and in the reply box on this thread, press CTRL + V - the image should appear (I hope)
  11. Check that your PC meets all the specs for the game - clicky What's the actual message you are getting - screenshot?
  12. Interesting about your fuel filler cap, mine has been plain metal ever since I bought the car. When I bought my Excel I had to get another set of keys cut, and they are Toyota Keys. The place I went to had to order the blanks specially, as the car/key was so old. He couldn't order just one though, he had to order 10, so I ended up getting 3 sets made (I had a different boot, door and ignition locks) as he wasn't going to sell the other blanks any time soon. I had a car in Africa where there was a door security lock that was opened by a key that looked like your computer security k
  13. Those two are the same as mine - but where's your fuel filler key as that's different key on mine - without a black plastic bit.
  14. No, same length and look exactly the same. I had to stick a blob of tipex on the black plastic bit to know which to use in the ignition.
  15. Think @pete was meaning Lion Air Flight 610 - which was from Indonesia, and which was a MAX crash, but I don't think the two are related apart from the country.
  16. So long as you don't have a coffee with you
  17. EX seems to be one of the registrations that Lotus used - my Excel JEX is also a Lotus registered car, a number of adverts feature EX cars as well.
  18. If you want to take a drive and meet me somewhere, you could compare your dip stick to mine
  19. Looking good "JEX" - originally owned by Lotus?
  20. Private group - can't see it
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