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  1. Fantastic Spyros - really happy for you Was it from someone on here? Look forward to seeing it at Dave & Megan's BBQ. (Everyone welcome)
  2. Personally, due to the customisation, I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. (I have a 4 cylinder G car) This one is would be more interesting to me: 1988 Lotus Esprit SE | eBay - mainly because it has the grey valances If you want a V8, same price for this one 1997 Lotus Esprit | eBay
  3. The Taliban seem to be having fun I wonder what is going to happen as regards the Afghanistan Cricket team as they have achieved Test status.
  4. Dave and Megan Dave Eds Sparky & The Ayatollah Spadger and Denise ChrisJ Painterdave Me me me and Schumacher Pete and Sue Dan E Spyros and one of the family Jan & Ade Phil thebartman + Caroline (OVERNIGHT) faye2000 neilread + 1
  5. Not sure of any of you will have seen this It's a great event, plenty of parking, all welcome - would be great to have some "northern" east of Englanders Add your name to the thread above if you are coming.
  6. I've had my Esprit since 1987 - used regularly, no real issues, and when I wanted to get a 4-seater Lotus for the family, I looked an Evora as I didn't want to buy another 30 year old car. The family couldn't fit into the Evora, so I bought a 24 year old Excel. Used 2-3 times a week, again no real issues. I'd go with your "I've always wanted an Esprit"
  7. Is now super quick posing to the monthly PM. Only time to crack open a bottle
  8. ChrisJ


    I had a De'Longhi Caffe Corso. Was great while it lasted, but just gave up the ghost one day (after about 9 months). Complained to Amazon, replaced FOC. 9 months later, failed with exactly the same issue... Grrrrrrr As with @Bibs I switched to Nespresso - coming up to 2 years ago. I got a Vertuo, which means there aren't any 3rd party options (that I've found). While it makes a nice cup of coffee, and there are a fairly wide range of varieties, each cup is quite expensive. Over the last couple of weeks, I've been thinking about going back to a ground or bean to cup machine, I'm probably favouring the ground version as, a) less moving parts (which is where I think the De'Longhi failed), and b) with an external grinder, more flexibility. Liking the look of the Sage Duo Temp machine (although not interested in the steam section as I hate hot milk). Was in Scotland last week, and my brother has an Amazon Basics Expresso Machine - what a load of crap that is, might as well use instant.
  9. Tom, you should create a calendar event as well, so that everyone can see it on their TLF home screen - including those that aren't subscribed to the Regional Forum (like me). I can't come tomorrow as I have to go shopping with my daughter for her entering the 6th form, but I'd be interested in future meetings, and will try not to clash the HEC Breakfast meetings
  10. Only 6 videos on this channel, but all are really well put together and interesting.
  11. Vehicles must be 25+ years - so this would limit the entries - otherwise newer cars would have to park in the car park. Although there is an extra display of modern supercars in the grounds of the Redbourn Village Museum - 15 spaces, 1st come 1st served.
  12. Thanks for that Michael - really interesting. The photo was taken on a charity track day in 2014. As was this
  13. look at 225/60 15s. This is the active thread for tyres for our cars
  14. It'll be interesting to see how much faster posting on the area monthly PM is with 98 active recipients (I have removed 30 members from the list). I normally go and make a cup of coffee while it is sending
  15. Problem is that they are talking about modern cars, all of my moderns have had a towing eye. Classics don't, and I don't think you can retro fit one - or would even want to. Try Bell & Colvill - they have a track day in September at Castle Combe - I've been with them before - never had this requirement with them. But being open to non-Lotus cars is a bit of a negative for me - however, if you go, I'll go as well.
  16. Been on plenty of trackdays in my Esprit, never had that as a requirement. I guess it will be down to whoever the organisers are. Have you tried Lotus-On-Track? I think that this one would be good one to go on: Hethel - Lotus Test Track | Saturday 18 September 2021 - Lotus on Track (
  17. Hi jacob - welcome to Lotus ownership. You do need to be aware that once you have one, a second one beckons Whereabouts are you? It would be great to have two black N/A HCs together at one of our monthly meetings (Paul's phot is from last Sunday's breakfast meet). Chris PS - more photos please.
  18. Oh bum.... I completely forgot about this, and I worked late today, just got in.
  19. Loose carpet? It's a known potential problem in Excels with the throttle pedal being caught by the carpet. I find the HC engine in my Excel is way better at hot starting that the LC one in my Esprit, so I never worry about it, whereas in the Esprit it can be a bit of a turning over the engine for while.
  20. I've got a YUASA 075 SILVER in my 82 Esprit. From Halfords £110, Amazon < £70. Mine came from Halfords, but as a replacement for a YUASA BLACK with a lifetime guarantee that didn't last a lifetime I had to buy one of these for the "modern" post connector
  21. To reiterate to people signing up who haven't been to one of these events before, we will send out the address by PM to all those who have registered a couple of days before the BBQ, so it important that you sign up. In addition Dave and Megan need to know numbers to as to be able to plan accordingly. Can I ask all those who have already registered to indicate if they are going to stay overnight. To this end I am working on my family to come and camp - not 100% sure yet, but it is a distinct possibility
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