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  1. I guess you could cut a piece of the correct size stainless bar. (the shank of a bolt or something.) Or when the drill bit snaps off just tighten the whole thing up
  2. Watch this video, he shows how to make a key for the intermediate shaft pulleys.I think its the same guy that made the tool that Mike has.
  3. Mike, Just spoke to Turbodynamics. The guy there confirmed your thoughts. Way cheaper than I thought for the refurb and upgrade. He also said it would be ok to run the car. As long as it wasn’t using oil or smoking. But obviously would need some attention in the future.
  4. I had a look at the turbo today. It has some play in the shaft. It’s not noticeably different to the other turbo. It has some marks/discolouration on one blade. I also have another complete engine on a stand. The turbos on that have the same / similar play. It looks like a bugger to get off. The bolts are completely corroded away. Looks like it may be easier to take off the manifold and then remove the turbo from the manifold on the bench. I’m assuming that it’s possible to remove the manifold without engine removal. Cheers.
  5. Hi mike. That’s what I thought. I couldn’t find any play in the turbo. I just tried to give the shaft a wiggle and couldn’t feel anything. I haven’t had a chance to give them a good inspection. They are still on the car. It has been sat for sometime. Is this a good excuse for an upgrade? cheers
  6. Hi all, While taking my car apart to sort other issues I noticed some oil in the rubber elbow that attaches to the turbo inlet from the air box. There was also a small amount oil further up past the outlet, in the short rubber hose join between the alloy pipe and the throttle body. (Where I have a dump valve installed). I notice this a few months ago. Now I’ve seen the oil in the inlet elbow I’m somewhat concerned. Should I be? The other side is dry. The car was running fine
  7. Also condoms are inexpensive as opposed to having a baby! Put new belts on. Please. Would you ever consider reusing engine oil?
  8. David, A year ago but, Exactly what I was thinking!! The only problem would be how to attach the flexible hose. There is no flare at the end of the tube to stop the pipe just popping off. Maybe the end could be heated and pushed together a bit to make a ridge?? Cheers Andy
  9. I recently removed my compressor too. All I did was remove the oil filter and remove the turbo air inlet pipe work, (the elbow that comes from the airbox.) Remove the belt. I did have to make a tool to get the A/c pipes off the back of the compressor. I just cut the end off an old 8mm Allen bit, leaving enough to get a spanner on when inserted in the bolt. this way I could loosen the bolt with the compressor in place. Then I was able to get to all 3 bolts using normal tools. Once compressor was free I could easily finish removing the pipe work and securing Allen bolt. Getting the new one back on might be interesting!
  10. I have the new heat shields made up of 1.5mm stainless, twice as thick as the old ones! I don't think they'll split, and if they do they won't rattle and zing in the same way. Hopefully. I'll get some glue from NASA!!
  11. Merlin got back to me and said the adhesive gives way at about 200 degrees C. They said that if the heat shield material is stuck on the inside , ie facing the manifold then the heat should not get through to the adhesive and would probably be ok. Anyway its fireproof so worth a try. I'm getting some new heatshields made up of thicker stainless so when I refit them I'll put some on and see how it goes.
  12. I want to know where my remaining 5 litres is? I only got 9 out and about a litre on the floor Wow so 24 litres in the S4!
  13. is the chargecooler a separate system??
  14. On the subject of cooling. Does the V8 really hold 15 litres of coolant. I've never managed to drain even close to that amount out?? Andy
  15. Great Ian, Interestingly there is a uk site? anyway same price and they should be here tomorrow! Third time lucky Andy
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