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  1. Cheers Mike as I thought I’ll get some of the correct size.
  2. After a bit of advice, The hole in the rod end of my forge actuators has a slightly larger hole than the stock ones. 8.5mm as opposed to 7.5 mm. This means that there will be a bit of 'play' where it fits over the wastegate shaft. Does this matter or should I try to get some replacements with a smaller hole. Many thanks Andy
  3. Hi Mike, I feel you pain! Mines not Esprit related though. I really liked you rebuild threads, just have to wait another 10 years I guess......... Take care , hope to see you still posting. Cheers
  4. PUK. Chip S360. I sent it to Marcus. It was many years ago before flashing was available outside of Lotus If Mike is willing to do it for you I would take that option.
  5. Bugger, wish I new that 20 years ago! Mind you its still working....
  6. Chris , If we get to nine just order 10. If my math is right is it not cheaper to buy 10 than 9? £23950 for 10 and £24741 for 9 (+vat) So for 9 £2661 each and we have another one to sell on.
  7. Thanks Mike and Chris. I understand how this works now. Just been messing around with one on a spare turbo. I see it’s just a spring pre load .
  8. So I got the secondhand forge wastewater actuators. One was in working order the other had a broken spring. I’ve stripped and cleaned them and ordered some new springs. The weakest spring is the green one which is 0.7 bar. I assume this means that my base setting is now 0.7 instead of 0.35 bar. If this is the case I wonder how the ecu will control boost if at all? When I’ve assembled them I can test them to see what the actual pressure is to start opening. Also a fair bit of corrosion on the backside where they bolt to the turbo housing. I guess it’s because of the dis
  9. Finally made it out of the garage. I actually went out for a drive in it! Sorry about the van....
  10. I doubt that the anti roll bar bushes would affect the geometry.
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