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  1. Thanks guys. I’ll get on it Andy
  2. Thanks guys. who do people go to for a valuation?? cheers Andy
  3. I'm just renewing my insurance and I was made aware of an upper limit to the "market Value"..... Anyway I can either increase this limit if required or get an agreed valuation. Currently limit is £30k. I was wondering what I should increase this to. seems to me prices are between £30k and 65K Any thoughts Cheers Andy
  4. Steve , Is the mounting for the slave bracket the same as the cast Iron one? Do the bolt holes line up etc. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth trying to adapt the later housing. I haven’t purchased one…yet. Cheers Andy
  5. Just changed my alternator with standard tools, easy job car on axle stands. Just awkward to get the thing out needs to be orientated just right. went back in straight away. Interestingly the car now runs better at idle and no overrun popping when decelerating. Im wondering if the output has been low from the alternator and causing slight rough running at idle?? Also hot start is better
  6. I’m thinking it may be more straightforward to fit the old pivot to the new housing?? I’m sure it could be done. So I wonder if the difference between the two bell housings is the pivot mounting hole/slot.
  7. Also when you change the shims the camber changes and vice versa so it takes a bit of faffing to get right. How were the camber readings?
  8. Just been out and looked at a spare cast iron Bell housing I have. I see what you mean about the pivot and because of that the new fork and potentially slave bracket etc. Starts getting expensive.
  9. Did you have a twin plate clutch originally?? Dave above said his was a simple swap?? I'm beginning to wonder if the part number is only different because the later one came with a clutch fork???
  10. Does anyone know the difference between the pre and post MY alloy bell houses? I know the later cars had a different slave arrangement. I can get a post MY 98 Alloy bell-housing but I have the earlier car. 🤔 Thanks Andy.
  11. Cheers Tim. I think I'll go with them, gotta be better than the 20 year old tyres that are on there!!! I also notice that the Yokohama Advan neova AD08R is available in some countries in the rear size so you could get a matching set of those but there not cheap!!
  12. Falken FK510 Azenis are available in both sizes, don't know if they are any good
  13. I Have just done the above. No play in the gear shift. 😃. interestingly, I also had a PNM rear linkage kit. I thought I’d fit this too but the ball ends for the rod that attaches to the gearbox and translater, are to short?? Steve What is the black plastic part for. The first bit in your photo next to the wave washers.??
  14. Bingo! thanks Steve, I had a vague memory of this but couldn't fine the thread. Thanks for the reply will get som from SJ Cheers
  15. Ah maybe that's my problem? I'll take a look when I find some time Cheers
  16. Are there any replacement bushings or parts at the gearstick end to solve play ??? Thanks
  17. Thanks Dave. Sorry to hear about the poor maintenance!!!!!
  18. This is what I thought I wonder why Geoff thinks differently. ?? Joe from JAE seems to think I need a different slave cylinder mounting bracket. I notice that this changes at MY98.?? he has them in stock but the bracket is twice the price of the bell housing!! Also there are two types of alloy bell housing for pre and post MY98. Im thinking that maybe the bracket is not required. Dave did you have to swap the slave bracket as well??
  19. I just got this reply from Geoff at Esprit Engineering. I’m now confused. Hi Andy The cars came out with a single plate clutch and a alloy bell housing. The early cars and i mean the first couple of hundred were upgraded to the twin plate AP with the addiction of the cast bell housing to damp out a harmonic vibration at idle. many people think the bell housings went from cast to aluminium in fact it's the other way. we may well have one in stock
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