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  1. there should be a sight glass on the drier canister under the bonnet you should be able to see the fluid/gas moving if not then you could have a leak! Mine was leaking slowly from the pipe from the drier to the evaporator in the cabin. If you need it recharging you could take it to Merrow tyres in Farnham, i think there near you they can recharge it for you plus they add some dye so you can check for leaks under UV lamp. Martin is a mate of mine so hopefully he'll do you a deal! cheers Andy
  2. And i can walk there from my house!!! if it breaks down haha Andy
  3. hi, missed the owner they left as i arrived cheers Andy 96 V8
  4. Just saw a Maroon sport 300 in the pub then noticed they were advertising a lotus meet on May 22nd cheers Andy
  5. Steve, Didn't realise they did a 350 in black looks the dogs though!!! cheers Andy
  6. hmm wasn't fifth gears box rebuilt with the wrong bearings which caused it to fail Andy
  7. You can get a cd of the manual of ebay for
  8. bibs, Great for cleaning the wheels but i don't wash the rest of the car with it. Good for cleaning the patio though gets all the dirt off it!! cheers Andy
  9. Got some ac seals today and they are a special kind of rubber plus the're green they were leaking because the old ones were just plain o rings?! cheers Andy
  10. Karl, I was tryin to find out a while ago how many had blown there boxes see if it was really that bad to justify an upgrade and there was only one other that replied so maybe there not that bad after all!!!
  11. Karl, Slow down! I blew the gearbox in my V8. Yep a grand seems alot for a chip they should 've got one off Marcus. Mind you they did get 2 turbos, custom made twin Chargecoolers and a full set of AP brakes for
  12. i've given up with radar it just goes off all the time very annoying also i haven't seen a 'radar trap' for ages they all seem to use the lazer guns now, so i've got a lazer detector and Gps. cheers Andy
  13. Dave , do you know what size the stock disks were on your car? and are they the same as the V8? cheers Andy
  14. hi all, I must keep up with these meets i only live around the cornner from Warbrook house! Missed it again doh! Do they have this one every month? cheers Andy
  15. I've tried every way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll give it another go next week Cheers Andy
  16. Hi all, Just reading a post which mentioned having the removable roof panel in the boot. Which reminded me, how the f%^^^& do you get it in the boot? I've tried and tried but i just can't get mine in!!!! Never could do the rubic cube either! cheers Andy 96 V8
  17. While on the subject of ac are the rubber orings which seal the pipes just plain rubber or are they a special type of o ring cheers Andy
  18. i need to replace the rubber o rings on some parts of my ac does anyone know if they are just rubber or something special? Cheers Andy
  19. Hi all, I was wanting to upgrade my brakes and wondered what other people have done and what they thought? Also the possibility of changing the master cylinder to get more feel and power cheers Andy 96 V8
  20. Troy, Try Marcus at PUK racing Thats were i got mine from for a 96 V8 cheers Andy
  21. i had a coil pack replaced on my V8 due to a missfire, the dagnostic machine detected the coils were not firing hence the replacement. It turned out the problem was a short in the wiring loom it had chafed away were it passed by a bulkhead. Maybe a similar short might be causing your fuse to blow. Worth mentioning to you mecchanic. good luck Andy
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