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  1. After a bit of advice, The hole in the rod end of my forge actuators has a slightly larger hole than the stock ones. 8.5mm as opposed to 7.5 mm. This means that there will be a bit of 'play' where it fits over the wastegate shaft. Does this matter or should I try to get some replacements with a smaller hole. Many thanks Andy
  2. Hi Mike, I feel you pain! Mines not Esprit related though. I really liked you rebuild threads, just have to wait another 10 years I guess......... Take care , hope to see you still posting. Cheers
  3. PUK. Chip S360. I sent it to Marcus. It was many years ago before flashing was available outside of Lotus If Mike is willing to do it for you I would take that option.
  4. Bugger, wish I new that 20 years ago! Mind you its still working....
  5. Chris , If we get to nine just order 10. If my math is right is it not cheaper to buy 10 than 9? £23950 for 10 and £24741 for 9 (+vat) So for 9 £2661 each and we have another one to sell on.
  6. Thanks Mike and Chris. I understand how this works now. Just been messing around with one on a spare turbo. I see it’s just a spring pre load . 👍
  7. So I got the secondhand forge wastewater actuators. One was in working order the other had a broken spring. I’ve stripped and cleaned them and ordered some new springs. The weakest spring is the green one which is 0.7 bar. I assume this means that my base setting is now 0.7 instead of 0.35 bar. If this is the case I wonder how the ecu will control boost if at all? When I’ve assembled them I can test them to see what the actual pressure is to start opening. Also a fair bit of corrosion on the backside where they bolt to the turbo housing. I guess it’s because of the dissimilar metals reacting.
  8. Finally made it out of the garage. I actually went out for a drive in it! Sorry about the van....
  9. I doubt that the anti roll bar bushes would affect the geometry.
  10. Chris. Great spot. The forge ones would be the ones I’d get. Lets see if I get lucky! Cheers Andy
  11. So I think it’s probably ok to leave them for now. I might see if I can adjust the higher one if the nuts loosen.. Then replace them over the winter. Thanks guys.
  12. Hi all just after a bit of advice. I tested my actuators with a pump and dial gauge as per the manual. The actuator rod is supposed to move 0.4 mm with 0.35 bar pressure. Mine move 0.4 mm at 0.4 bar and 0.5 bar. The car runs fine and the boost pressure seems ok. I’m curious as to what this test means? I assume that 0.35 bar is the pressure at which the valve opens. Manually controlling the boost pressure. I think the boost is electronically controlled (increased)by the solenoid valve? So does it matter that mine open at a slightly higher pressure? I’m sure if I try and adjust the rusted nuts on the valve they will break. Cheers Andy
  13. Turbo oil and water lines, fuel tanks. Water pipes through the chassis. Ims pulley scotch key. To name a few. 👍
  14. Is 0.6 bar about right for a stock set up. I thought the boost was limited somewhat in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear to protect the gearbox.
  15. So after getting some flack about still having this red hose on my car (another thread). I ordered a new braided one. After inspection today it appears that I have a hard line running the length of the car underneath alongside the power steering pipes. It runs up the chassis tube to just level with the slave cylinder where there is a section of braided line to join the two. From the master cylinder there is a red plastic hose, which I guess joins the hard line somewhere below. Does anyone know if this is normal on some cars? One less job😀 ps I have never had any couch issues.
  16. Spark plugs! Mine was exactly like that and one spark plug had failed! There is a thread about it. The threads authors misfire was a faulty alternator.
  17. Steve , Sorry but I’m going to keep all the parts. hope you source another head to fix your engine cheers Andy
  18. David On mine there is a rivet between the two bolts so the metal part won’t slide. when I can I’ll remove it and see what happens.
  19. Wow! Lovely car. It looks in very good condition underneath. 👍 I always loved the ‘JPS’ car. I hope you get to drive it soon. Cheers Andy
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