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  1. So I've finally got my car back together and running. Guess what? Misfires! The engine runs very smoothly most of the time and idles perfectly, no hot start issues. Only under high load it misses. ie 3rd gear up hill 3500rpm wide open throttle. Only occasionally. all other times its perfect. 3/4 throttle to the redline perfect. Its not got wet for over 10 years garaged etc. After reading this thread again, I'm thinking it maybe the secondary fuel pump or similar?? Any thoughts before I start work? Cheers Andy ps no fault codes or CEL
  2. Be careful of the plenum bolts they strip easily. Well mine did, unless they were damaged by the previous owner. I know the engine had been rebuilt. I ended up fitting helicoils in most of the threads. Not a difficult job.
  3. Just cut off the leaky fitting and put a replacement on. This is the thread I did this at the oil cooler end.
  4. I had a leaky fitting to one of the oil coolers. I replaced it with a new one. £10 from Merlin motorsport. Its designed just as a push on fitting. I put a couple of jubilee clips on, its very secure and doesn't leak. there is a thread about doing this. They do a different one which is less barbed for only £5 I then discovered the other end is leaking at the oil filter plate. Hmm should've just replace both hoses when it was all apart. Anyway the crimp section was leaking and I heard you can get these re-crimped. Not possible on the car, I wondered how much force you would need to crimp it enough to stop the leak. Which is pretty small. So Bodge of the week, I put a good quality jubilee clip around the crimp and tightened it as much as I could. Its stopped leaking! for how long I don't know. if it last till the next oil change i'll change the hose or fitting then.
  5. Oh yes. I see all 4 now. Shame neither of the engines I have have them. mind you never been out in the rain 😂😂
  6. Thanks Choppa. I didn’t know you could get than done. I’ll have a look into it. 👍
  7. Can I see the 2 small drain holes just below the ridge in the cover?? in that photo??
  8. Nice, I noticed that my lights area bit rusty on the insides may go the same way
  9. Looks good. Great utilisation of the shroud. Yes the radiator sits in the shroud and 2 bolts each side hold it in place. The stays sit inside /ontop of the shroud and bolt through from underneath. The shroud bolts to the body with two nuts and bolts each side. The pic below is the right hand side of the shroud.
  10. I was thinking of venting my crankcase into a catch tank. I noticed on the V8 that there is a breather to each airbox and also a breather to the EGR manifold. I was wondering why have 3 breathers? The EGR one also goes through a non return valve. Any thoughts on this?? Cheers Andy
  11. I wonder how the crown wheel broke.......
  12. I see from that diagram that you have 10 amp fuses for the fans as standard. The V8 has slightly thicker wiring fused at 15 amps so I think this is ok for the spal fans that I've fitted.
  13. Hi, Has anyone done an LED bulb conversion to the stock headlights?? Cheers
  14. I like the look of that oil hose fitting. 👍 I have a leaky one and this could save me having to replace the whole pipe. Anyone know the bore of the oils hose and the cooler thread size ?? andy
  15. Thanks for all the replies. I think Derek might be onto something. Anyway I effectively connected the extra earths together by bolting them to the new Spal fan securing bolts, which go through the radiator frame. So it’s basically the same as before. lets hope they work......🤔
  16. Cheers Mike. I’ll keep an eye out for one. For the next time I take the gearbox out .........
  17. I have an old cast iron bell housing and was wondering if it was worth upgrading to an alloy one?? I have a twin plate clutch installed. certainly looks better!
  18. No they are alloy. Its the weird alloy pipe arrangement that 'joins' the two condensers .
  19. Makis, What kind of Gearbox bell housing is that? did you upgrade the gearbox looks nice and clean. Andy
  20. Derek yes thats whats confusing me. I don't understand why the -ve wire goes from the fan motor to the fan housing. Maybe a requirement of the old fans?? Or maybe thats the way all of the earths are joined, the splice is the fan shroud? V8 fan wiring diagram. From the workshop manual.
  21. Thanks, Honestly was not that hard, I didn’t use a jig or anything just cut off the outer layer of grp. Placed the metal part and put a few layers of glass fibre over the top.
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