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  1. Hello, where would be the best place to purchase a 94 s4 reverse switch from? Thanks for the help. Rodney M. S4
  2. Noticed reverse light is inop, should i check around the trans linkage in engine bay to see if there is a bad position indicator switch, or where else my i look? thanks Rodney M.
  3. hello all, I just ran into a snag with nationwide insurance, whom I have all my policys with. They just informed me they don't underwrite lotus esprit as it's considered exotic! I had this happen to me back in 03 with my old 84 esprit, i was with geico and they did the same thing, so i had to insure the esprit with state farm by itself. Any ideas on a company that I may keep all my vehicles with and or insure the lotus with a company on a very limited use full coverage policy? thanks again for the help. Rodney
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