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  1. Does anyone know whether or not this can be done in 1st gear ? I'm low speed road limited for a while outside my garage --- gotta go 15 miles or so before I can get up above 35mph.
  2. I'm a little confused on this driving procedure as described that is used to get rid of the P1336 code. Isn't the car running like crap with misfires, etc. while you are doing this drive procedure until the code is cleared ? Isn't that a bit harsh on the engine to take it up to 4500 RPM under load while the timing is screwy ?
  3. I am looking for a set of used OE cats for the later V8 (US spec) in good, useable condition. Actually, I only need the LH side, but will make a deal for the pair if you do not want to separate. If anyone has a set of take-offs leftover from their upgrade, please let me know. Thanks.
  4. What is the functionality and operational mode of the 2 separate fuel pumps on the V8 ? I assume that the primary pump always runs continuously and that the secondary pump cuts in & out only under certain demand conditions ? Or, are they both supposed to run simultaneously (e.g., as a low pressure & high pressure paired system?)---- or, is the secondary pump just a "back-up"? Currently, when I look at the OBD data while my car is running, only the primary pump is "on" --- secondary pump is "off". Is that normal, or do I have a problem with my secondary pump / relay --- should it also be "on" ? Car seems to be running a bit rough & stumbling at idle, so I'm looking at possible fuel delivery issues as the cause.....although, strangely enough, I'm getting no error codes at this time. Fuel trim values do look a bit unbalanced though... Thanks
  5. Thanks guys ---- good tips! I'll have a go at 'er this weekend
  6. I need to raise and support the rear of my V8, and I'm not sure where the best (safe) points are to jack and support (can't use the factory points because the tangs are in the way of course for anything other than OEM screw jack). What methods / equipment are you guys using to jack-up and support the REAR end of your Esprits? It looks like there are all kinds of nifty tools and tricks (flat-top stands, helper bars, lifting / supporting kits) available for lifting the Elise / Exige ---- but, is there anything out there made for the Esprit?
  7. Congrats Steve Love the crests on the headrests ! Are those embossed / sewn in, or are they merely printed on / decals ?
  8. I've got (2) copies of the parts manual & service notes for the combined S4/V8 Esprit --- one I purchased and the other I downloaded for free. Both copies are missing the same page, however from the V8 parts list section ---- function code 46.01, page 5, which would be the parts list for items #78-98 (this is the "cooling system" layout section). Does anyone have a copy of this page --- or, know where I can find one, please?????? It's bugging me this week because, wouldn't you know it, it's the page covering the part of the car I'm working on!!!! Thanks
  9. Thanks for elaborating the details Peter Although I have been on this forum for a while, I'm not too active. The support folks at Gendan actually tipped me off about your software ---- so they are aware of you Very nice folks at Gendan. I had asked them if your software can be imbedded into their package as an "enhancement", and they said no. However, at the time, I did not realize all the functionality that your software actually has ---- I mistakenly thought it merely was a "code reader".....albeit a comprehensive one for the V8 Esprit. At this point, I am leaning toward purchasing the Gendan package, and then also taking advantage of your software to supplement the code database. I need an elm tool anyway, and Gendan's package (software + tool) is priced very reasonalbly. The ScanTool products look pretty good too, but they add on some junk ---- "dyno-mometer" and "dragstrip" functionalities ---- which really don't serve any meaningful purpose. And, their GUI / format is somewhat annoying compared to the clean, no-nonsense format from Gendan. Also, my queries to both companies thus far have been met with excellent customer service responses from Gendan as opposed to the generic, non-technical, "email-a-tron", simplistic responses from ScanTool ----- that counts for a lot in my book because I like to ask a lot of questions
  10. I did notice the software provided by Peter, and it is great for reading codes on the Esprit V8. However, the software I am referring to are full diagnostic packages which allow the user to view and analyze parameters in numerical format ---- they also allow display, storage, and playback of streaming data and sensor output values.
  11. Repost to clarify.... I'm trying to decide between these (2) products for a PC-based OBD/Engine diagnostics package ---- "ScanXL" --- by ScanTool (or) "EngineCheck" --- by Gendan Does anyone have any experience using either, or both, of these packages? Pros vs. Cons, etc.?
  12. I'm trying to decide between these (2) products for a PC-based OBD/Engine diagnostics package ----<BR itxtvisited="1"><BR itxtvisited="1">ScanXL --- by ScanTool<BR itxtvisited="1"><BR itxtvisited="1">(or)<BR itxtvisited="1"><BR itxtvisited="1">EngineCheck --- by Gendan<BR itxtvisited="1"><BR itxtvisited="1">Does anyone have any experience using either, or both, of these packages? Pros vs. Cons, etc.?
  13. Does anyone know all the factory colors ----- names & code #'s ----- that were available for the '02 Esprit ? Also, where is the color code stamped / badged on the car ?
  14. VINNI ---- If you find an '02 you like, and wish to sell your '01, let me know ---- yours is exactly the car I'm looking for ! HAMMERHEAD ---- Still looking......... If anyone has leads on any nice examples for sale in the US, I'd love to hear about them! The only qualifier I am strict about is color ----- Must be some shade of Blue or some shade of Silver / Grey.....although, "Inferno" Red is very tempting, also
  15. I actually once heard a Lotus service tech (who used to work an old Maser Biturbo I used to own) in the Northwest, USA refer to the (3) V8 Esprits he currently had in his shop for service as: 1) The "V8tt" --- both turbos were working 2) The "V8t" --- one turbo was not working 3) The "V8" --- both turbos were in the trash bin So, perhaps the "nickname" of "tt" has subliminally been stuck in my brain
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