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  1. Yes, it did happen. We've nearly finished shooting now and we've shot everything with the Lotus (which looks great). We'll keep you informed when it's finished, or you can keep checking
  2. Thanks for all your offers, everyone! We had a message sent out on another Lotus owner car club and between you and them we were pretty much overwhelmed. In fact we've been telling our filmmaker friends to write car chases into their films specifically so they can take advantage of you lot! In the end we went for a dark blue 1970s (I think - I'm clearly not an expert) Esprit (the guy who brought it said it was his wife's car for doing the school run!) and it looked the part. Thanks again for all your help - we really appreciated it. When the film is finished, we'll keep you informed so you can check it out (and tell us how much better your cars would have been in it!) Adam
  3. I'm so pleased that my posting had so many replies already! I've been passing on your messages to the director. I think seeing as we've got so little money to spend on expenses, we'll probably plump for the Lotus that's nearest to York (that rules out anyone based in Italy, I'm afraid)! To give you some more information, we would need you to drive the car in a couple of (slow) chase scenes through the North York Moors (although this will be filmed over several takes and not at any real speed, for legal and safety reasons!). We'll also see it parked outside the evil super villain's hideout at the end of the film. We won't ask you to drive off a pier and the car won't end up as Toast, don't worry!
  4. Hi I've only just joined this group, specifically to post this message. I'm part of a small film company based in York, who are shooting a short film later this month and we're sorting out some final parts of our preproduction. The film is called 'Toast' and it's loosely based around the idea of a Yorkshire James Bond, and we need something suitable for him to drive. If anyone has a Lotus they think is something a flash secret agent might drive, please get in touch! We would need it for no more than a couple of days (maybe even just the one) and you could drive it yourself in the film if you don't trust us! We don't have any budget to pay you, although we can probably cover your expenses. Plus you'd get a credit in the film and a copy of it on DVD. The film should be finished and ready to enter into festivals in early 2010. You can see the official website at (our contact details are on there) I hope someone can help! Adam
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