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  1. Has anyone used the webpage Used to have tons of pictures, owners and sales on most S1 and S2 Esprits, not sure if updated in last few years and domain has now run out. Shame as nice place for us early car owners to hang out. Have 465G UK pre prod S2, tuned by Blydenstein. Clive
  2. Chapman saw the new Vauxhall Engine at the Earls Court Show, and had a deal with Vauxhall to buy some engines to use for development. The first Lotus Engines were Vauxhall Block with a Lotus 904 head (Made by Cosworth and that design was carried over to the Ford BDA) Next Gen prototypes had Lotus Block and Head Then you had the full 907 Production Engine The Vauxhall link was erased by Chapman when the press got onto the LV engine code, which is Lotus Vauxhall Here's a picture of an original Lotus Vauxhall LV220 Engine, Vauxhall 2.0 block and Lotus 904 Head So no
  3. Only had a scan through, but how many mistakes can you spot...... I'll start S2 galvanized chassis, mmmm don't think so, S2.2 maybe...... and change of chassis number...... yep S2.2 not S2
  4. Sorry seem to have gone off topic Yes I would like to order an S2 model and yes 400G is the first "official" UK S2 :-)
  5. Here's an example of an unsold S1 car converted to S2, but had heard it elsewhere before, somewhere...... VIN 7705 0243H You can search for it on here Clive
  6. Hi Mine has August Chassis and Engine and came of the Line 5 Sept and sold and registered a week later. There is also the grey area of unsold S1's then converted to S2 spec....... who's going to buy the old car! Clive
  7. Your VIN is 7807/0445G UK car 46th S2 Made during the 3 month ramp up to September release for the T registered cars Good luck! Earlier than mine I have 7808/0465G !! Clive
  8. The S1 is easy to work out 100G to 381G UK 282 100H to 652H US 553 100J to 162J ROW 62 Total 897 But that includes S2 prototypes that were then sold as S2's and crash test cars. Now for the hard bit S2.... 400G to ??? UK 200J to ??? ROW and H & S & T for US... Lotus Habit for skipping VINs to make it look like they've built more cars....? I have 465G, 66th UK S2 built August. August they launched the S2 then had 2 week shutdown, ready for cars for reg 1st Sep with new T reg..... Clive
  9. 200J is the first ROW S2 13/6/78 400G is the first UK S2 June / July / August look like ramp up of S2 build, ready for September release. The S & T markets are USA and show the importer Rolls Royce.
  10. Has anyone been to the Haynes museum and seen the Black one there, owned and raced by Gerry Marshall
  11. Lotus (1973) Date Added: 05 February 2012 - 07:54 PM Owner: 666Viva Short Description: Lotus Viva View Vehicle
  12. Lotus Esprit S2 (1978) Date Added: 05 February 2012 - 07:52 PM Owner: 666Viva Short Description: Early S2 8 Owners, 4 called Clive White with JPS Trim (JPS Light) View Vehicle
  13. Colin Chapman used the Vauxhall engine as his base, first replacing the head, ie 904 engine used in the type 62 Europa. The main components were carried over, crank, rods, pistons, starter, alternator... so the new 907 engine had the same displacement. The press got onto it and were calling his engines Vauxhall/Lotus, so in a temper all the 904 engines were ousted to Bill Blydenstein and the 907 had it's capacity rounded down to look different. The 912 engine used the Vauxhall 2.3 crank but with 2.0 bore comes out at 2.2 Aswell as a Lotus Esprit S2 I have a Lotus Viva, one of 3 made. Clive
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