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  2. thanks alot! i thought these services were even more expensive, the prices look realistic; thanks again!
  3. hello! i would be very happy, if i would find someone, who intends to visit LotusBits in near future and is willing to get me a pair of used post 85 front uprights + hubs for my Esprit and would be so kind to package it for me and send it to Hungary. alternatively: i look for somebody, who would sell and send me the above mentioned parts. LotusBits asks 100GBP for the parts (which is OK i think), what i try here to achieve is to save on shipping costs. thank You! regards, Richard
  4. i am into the conversion at the moment too. my car is a pre85 turbo. the main work is already done (welding stuff), we took the body off, it is much simpler (for me). i found a cheap solution for the LHD rack, it only cost me about 80GBP. i am also doing an engine swap, thatswhy it takes longer. the "new" engine+gearbox are already in with new mounts. after everything fits perfectly, i will take the chassis to regalvanize so it will last another 30 years or so.. i can upload some photos if You wish so. Richard
  5. so, do we know, from which car is the steering rack from? yesterday i looked at the MK1/2 Escorts steering rack, it looks the same, but the housing is much shorter, so the fitting positions wont fit the Esprit chassis (only one of them at the same time ) then i looked at the steering rack from an MK2 Capri, it looked very similar, with longer housing, but it is still shorter than the Esprits (by an inch or so) so it wont fit either... actually it will fit but you will have to do some mod to the chassis, or the rack... my question is: does such a steering rack exist, that i could install from another car? i have an RHD Esprit and would like to convert it to LHD, so i could only compare RHD rack from the Esprit to LHD racks form the Fords...
  6. i dont have a parts book, but it is not necessary to me anymore, as the car is fully taken apart to the last bolt... what remained looks pretty straightforward to me. writing to the factory wont make sense, what will they reply? they wont give me advice on a rollcage, maybe they will admit that the Esprit isnt designed for big safety and i shall buy another car. someone said, that by adding a rollcage i will only add weight and loose metal... the loose metal is already inside the car by factory: the first crossbeam, that holds the speedo and etc and the rear crossbeam, that holds the seatbelt housing. i will study the body further and consult local rallye car builders regarding the rollcage. maybe i will add some kevlar reinforcement inside the roof, that could be done relative easily. or maybe i will end up doing nothing to it at all, just sit in it and hope for the best regarding the two crossbeams mentioned above, they are practiculary glued onto the fibreglass body, so the two heavy metal plates inside the doors does not seem to have much use to me either.
  7. we now pulled the body off the chassis on saturday... and guess what, i got surprised again i thought the metal bits inside the "A" pillar which the doors are bolted to are somehow bolted/welded to the chassis, but no and nor the metal piece at the back of the seat in the engine compartment which the seatbelts are bolted to. i know i cant turn the Esprit into an S-class Mercedes regarding crash security, but i will try my best to improve it as much as i can. i will open a topic in the restoration section for this car and keep you updated, as soon as i begin to put the car together. currently i will focus on my diesel-LPG project to get my quattro out of the garage, so i will have some space for the Esprit during the winter...
  8. we have done it yesterday. it's a '84 Turbo Esprit, i removed all the panels: doors, front bonnet, rear bonnet, rear headlamp panel, front/rear bumpers (they were with WOOD) headlamps, fuel tanks and took out the whole interior including the full wiring. i must say, according to the posts here, i thought the body is much heavier, but - fortunately - it is not so, we were 5 people, we easly lifted the WHOLE thing WITH THE CHASSIS (no engine, gearbox, and also, the front was stripped too, so no radiator, steering rack, oil cooler either) at the very first attempt, becouse i forgot the front suspension nuts (from the front upper link) at the secound attempt, it was even lighter (so the chassis finally was willing to stay on the ground ). i was very surprised, that it is so light. so, in the end, i tried to lift the body with my pal, it looked like so: i am (in the left) not extra strong type, i felt i had to lift about 50kg-s or so. so the body in that condition can be moved by only 2 easily.
  9. Paul, i am sorry for the Porsche, it looks like it was hit by a train... we had an Audi80 ('84 1.6D) earlier, that ended up similar, my father came off the road at about 80-90km/h, then the car sled sideways and hit a really big tree (about 1m in diameter) with the cars right side and stopped in the ditch. it was probably upside-down at some point too, becouse the whole roof was full with scratches, but he cant remember anything. he and his pal had not scratch from the collusion, my father only cut his hand lightly when crawled out of the wreck. the car looked like a banana, the tree hit the car exactly at the "B" pillar, the underside of that pillar went about 40cm-s inward. the root did not collide. maybe they had luck, but the car was in really good shape, despite it was 13 years old then. he then started the engine and drove it 200kms home (was very windy, bacouse the front and rear windscreen were gone)
  10. i dunno... i am still worried. i read somewhere, that You should not push the Esprit hard in bigger bends if the glass roof is not fitted, becouse the body twists... and i read here, that roof should support the car that falls upside down from 3meters... i am currently only 4 bolts away from pulling the body off the chassis, on saturday 5 pals will come to help to do this, i hope we will be enough to achieve this, then i will see where a rollcage could be mounted if it is possible at all... the idea to copy a factory rollcage is good, if i will get to see one...
  11. that was good! unfortunately i haven't driven RWD cars, nor 4WD (my coupe quattro isn't finished yet) only FWD ones with massive understeer, like the Audi80, but i don't mind the heavy understeer i am used to it i just want to prepare for the worst... sooner or later i will hit something, it is only matter of time...
  12. normally the Esprit wont flip over, it just slides sideways, possibly it turns around while sliding, becouse it has more weight at the rear. it does the same only backwards as my Audi80 (it is nose-heavy) but it would not flip over (nor the Audi, although it is built much higher, and also the weight point is much higher too). the only danger is the ditch, which is very common in Hungary, You have about 95% chance that You have ditches on both sides of a normal road, that are about 0.5-1m in depth, and we have extra few highways so You have to drive very much on normal roads. i will have to pull the bodywork off the chassis anyway, becouse of the full overhaul/respray/engine swap/RHD->LHD project, i will see, what i can figure out. for me it is hard to believe that the fibreglass roof can hold the relatively heavy Turbo Esprit upside down without braking/collapsing.
  13. thanks for the answers. i was only thinking of adding a rollbar like rallye cars use to have to protect against a flip over to protect the cabin. also i saw some pictures where the Esprit being so low slides under the other car, in that case such a rollbar would became handy. involved in front or rear crashes the Esprit should give a very good protection, becouse of the flexibility of the fibreglass that absorbs the impact. also, the spare wheel in the front is very useful in such a situation. if someone builds a tank of his/her car, he/she might end up dead in a car that looks only lightly damaged, becouse massive steel removes the impact-absorbation zone. i dont want to do this. i read, that fibreglass has 2./3rd the strength of steel, i measured about 4mm in thickness of the "A" pillar (the windscreen frame) but metal cars do have multiple layers of steel (about 1-1.2mm thick) folded into each other inside that pillar. i only can speak for Audi which i used to own until now.
  14. i know that fibreglass is strong and flexible to some point, when it simply brakes apart. also, fibreglass is good at taking statical stress, but less good at taking impacts. i am thinking of making a pillar (such as cabrios use to have) behind the firewall in the engine compartment, an then let a pipe run along the top of the doorwindows down to the "A" pillar, where the door are bolted to on each side, and then connect the 2 pipes beyond the windscreen. so what You think? i noticed that the esprit has extremly heavy doors. there is a masive steel plate inside them which act as a slide for the electric windows and as a side protection too - i think.
  15. i decided to start a new topic for improving the security in case of a crash. i begun to strip down the fibergalss body of my '84 turbo esprit, and i got really surpriced as i removed the inner covers from the roof section, as i expected some metal things behind them, it turned out, that there is none there, and looks like there was never metal there before, becouse it simply wont fit in there. i thought i wont have much chance if i will end up with this car upside down in a ditch... does anybody made some thought about this? also i wont rate my chances in case of a side impact. i know its a sportscar and it is about a 30years old construction and the standards where not the same back then, but i would like to use it now on the road, an be as safe as possible.
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