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  1. The S1 and S2 Esprits have the cleanest and sexiest lines. The broadside view of S1 and S2 Esprits is very nice. Conversely, the broadside view of the Turbo Esprit is awful; it looks chopped at the rear. I can't stand to look at my car broadside. However, all the Esprits look great at an oblique angle, especially from the rear with that wide rear end. Even when I'm going somewhat slow, I've had other cars pace me in the the adjacent lane, about two car lengths back, so it must be that they are entranced by the view. -Dave
  2. On the road about once or twice a week. I live only 3 blocks from work, so when I'm driving the Esprit I take the scenic route which is a 7-mile circuit. I'm anxious to take it on longer evening drives, especially as the sun doesn't set until 8:30 in the evening this time of year. However, there is too much road construction at the moment and too much congestion, so perhaps I'll have to wait until September. TSD Beautiful car. Sometimes they put lamp posts in the silliest of places. -Dave
  3. Ok... finally confirmed it is a Crossland from JAE and has the anti-drainback tube. As for the remote filter idea - that sounds attractive. Yes, I would think you would want to mount it with the threads up. -Dave
  4. One of my other cars is an Audi S4. A few years ago Audi had this wonderful advertisement and slogan:
  5. Driving the Esprit around town in traffic is very different than out on the open road and twisties. In traffic, the Esprit is a bit of a chore due to the vague engagement of the clutch and to the slowness and heaviness of shifter (I am making this comparison against my other cars). Actually, when on a course that requires a lot of shifting and speed variation (i.e. other than just driving through the countryside), I consider the Esprit a difficult car to drive well; it is something that needs to be learned and mastered. If there is a Lotus club in your area, I would suggest attending a fe
  6. A bit miffed tonight to discover that after my very expensive servicing ($3000), the oil filter is not a Lotus one. Odd, because my mechanic has used Lotus filters on my car during previous servicing. My concern is whether this filter has the anti-drainback valve. Anyway, this filter is dark blue with orange lettering - I can't read the lettering too well using my inspection mirror. Basically, I can make out what appears to be a lower case "cloa--" or "clos--" or maybe "cios--" or even possibly "cros--". Don't know how many letters there are and if the last visible one is an "a" or an
  7. When cold, mine's just under 5 at 1500 rpm; around 4 at 1000 rpm. -Dave
  8. I always thought "both feet in" referred to clutch and brake. Anyway, good job keeping the car under control! The only times I've spun my Esprit have been on the track (Portland International Raceway). Once going into turn 1 where I shifted too late and let the back end go light*, and another during an autocross event, giving it way too much throttle going around a cone. On the roads, I'm very conservative. I took a 3-day "high performance driving course" many years ago; it was very valuable and I'd recommend such a course to anyone, regardless of what they drive. When the tail start
  9. Hello Gordonie and welcome. I met you at the Lotus Convention in Portland in 2003 and we talked about your road trips; your yellow Lotus Esprit is just beautiful. It is great that you drive your car so much on these long trips; it is like being an ambassador for Lotus. -Dave
  10. That reminds me of a "conversation" I had with two young gentlemen (hah!) in the motel parking lot of our Lotus Convention a few years ago. As I was getting into the car, they remarked in very descriptive fashion where they would go if they owned such a car, who they would meet, and how their evening would end. My comments to them about whether they would want a woman who was interested in them only because of a car obviously showed them I didn't know how to score in this game. But, still, it's been my experience that not one single woman has ever remarked about my car or looked at it twi
  11. I voted for yellow because it seems to emphasize the subtle curves of the car, no matter what model year. A friend's Turbo Esprit HC in yellow with red trim is one of the most stunning G cars I've seen and V8 Esprits look great in yellow. However, G cars in JPS colors and in "British Racing Green" just look right and proper. My favorite is the Essex, but I've never seen one - not even at the Monterey Historics in 1995 when Lotus was the featured marque and the place was filled with Lotuses. -Dave
  12. In our club there were two women who owned an Esprit because their husbands also owned a Lotus; there was also one woman who owned a Europa. However, other than wives of men who own a Lotus, I've not known of any woman who has been interested in these cars to even the slightest degree. In 14 years I've not known of any woman who's given my car a second glance, either on the road or parked. Certainly none have ever asked me about it or made any comment. Rather, it is the men or teenage males who are curious and ask questions. For example, a few years ago, as I pulled into a gas station
  13. Greetings all. I'm a proud owner of just one of the 418 Lotus Turbo Esprits made in 1984. A few details about my car and a photo appear in the Garage section. Now that I've had my car recently serviced and it's passed emissions, I'm back to a weekly driving schedule. Being that we're in the midst of summer, I'm hoping I'll get to do some nice long drives, preferably with our local club or even a non-Lotus car club -- any excuse to take it out on the road and be with fellow car enthusiasts. I've always thought it was a good thing for others to see the car on the road - not to be a show-o
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