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  1. The Esprits are much more reliable than many people give them credit for. I read a lot of trash talk on other forums from people who have no clue about the car; even a local "car talk" radio station made comments about the Esprit and, clearly, they've never driven one and were just repeating the mantra. I drive hundreds of miles per month in mine with no concerns whatsoever. The key is really how well the car has been maintained in the past. You want to find a history of regular maintenance - evidence that the owner cared for the car. If it's a carbureted car, one thing you'll want
  2. Looks good to me; I've always loved the JPS livery. With the wide stripe, it looks more at home on the track. regards, -Dave
  3. The biggest factor for reliability or initial cost of ownership will probably be how well the previous owner has taken care of the car. Mine is carbureted, so I'm unfamiliar with the fuel injected cars. One thing I would stay away from in buying an older exotic, are those with old computer chips that are becoming scarce. For a marque like Ferrari, I know there is at least one company that is reverse-engineering the ECU for the older cars. But for Lotus, that may be dependent on donor cars or whatever is still in stock somewhere. regards, -Dave
  4. Let them eat cake! Pretty cat, btw. This is my cat, Habiib. He is 15 and is more like a kitten and comes up with some creative cat games. Even though he has plenty of food, he will yowl just to make me go through the process of putting more food in his dish. His way of commanding attention. regards, -Dave
  5. There are numerous shift points you can easily calculate, either for casual or spirited driving. What you need to find is the chart that shows the speed for each 1000 rpm in each gear (some Esprit books have this and it may even be online). Anyway, using the casual approach, in this chart you'll notice that if you take 1st gear up to 3000 rpm, the resulting road speed is matched exactly by 2nd gear at 2000 rpm. Then, if you take 2nd up to 3000 rpm, the speed is matched again by 3rd at 2000 rpm. So, this is almost a natural process: go up to 3000 in 1st, shift, the revs will naturally fal
  6. Just about every week a fellow Lotus club member and I go to this neighborhood coffee shop; I bring my Esprit and he brings his Elise. This day he brought his Delorean. There are two Lamborghini Gallardos in the neighborhood and we were hoping one would show up, but all we got was this Porsche instead. Anyway, a lot of people get to see a Lotus who otherwise wouldn't get a chance. -Dave
  7. Truly a wonderful man who is greatly missed. My best wishes to the Chapman family and to all those at Lotus.
  8. Haven't been here in a while due to a busy work schedule, but I've been driving my Esprit regularly. About two months ago I noticed a knocking that I'm hoping is just a motor mount rather than a rod bearing. Typically, for the cool Spring weather we have here, I start the car with the choke pulled out and it starts easily and idles at about 1100 rpm. It sounds fine. A few minutes later, I push the choke in and the tach drops to about 700 rpm rather than 900, which is unusual. At that point there is a rhythmic knocking which is quite loud and the car actually shakes. I don't let this
  9. Aside from my Turbo Esprit, to drive a different car every day of the week I choose: 1. JPS Esprit 2. Exige 3. Ferrari 308 4. Ferrari F355 5. Lamborghini Miura 6. Citroen DS21, because it's cool
  10. There's one trick David Blaine did that truly seemed magical. In a cafe there were about six people seated around a table and he had one of them open a new deck of cards, shuffle it, and, with David's back turned to them, one person selected a card (it was a normal deck of 52 cards). That card was then mixed into the deck and all the cards were then scattered around the surface of the table, face down. Blaine then turns around to face the table, covers the table with a newspaper, then takes a knife and forcefully jams it into the table. The newspaper is removed and one, and only one, c
  11. The U.S. dollar is in the toilet these days and if the trend continues until the new Esprit's introduction, the car will be well over US$ 140,000. Still, to many people who buy exotics, that's not a lot of money. Even in this quaint section of the country I regularly see F430's and Gallardos. For the Europeans, the low value of the dollar is giving them an excellent opportunity to snatch up those well preserved classics in the western U.S. at bargain prices. regards, -Dave
  12. Too bad, I really like it. Since it is right-hand drive, yet being tested on the continent, I wonder whose it is? regards, -Dave
  13. That's hilarious. The photo is definitely a keeper. regards, -Dave
  14. Wow - just wonderful. Thank you for posting those; I would love to see any other photos you have. regards, -Dave
  15. A couple things here: 1) In the city, I just drive it like a normal car and definitely do not try to impress any one - that is, I don't, race people, or accelerate fast from stoplights, or zip around like the boy racers do in their Hondas with a fat exhaust. 2) On the highway, I drive at the posted speed limit and stay in the slow lane except when passing trucks or very slow cars. It's much nicer and more relaxing to let people pass me while they gaze at the Esprit. Also, these days, the earlier Esprits can be blown away easily by something like a Subaru WRX, which every 16 year old se
  16. Yes... all three models and the real Esprit. All of these positioned so that they appear nearly the same size. That would be fun. Unfortunately, with a typical camera you couldn't get enough depth of field to have them all in focus. In order to get the plane of focus correct, you'd need a view camera or technical field camera that would allow you to tilt the front standard relative to the image plane. regards, -Dave
  17. It has a nice black and silver badge, too. Is there a definitive account of which style of badge appears on the different Esprit models? Badges? We ain't go no badges. We don' need no badges! I don' have to show you any stinkin' badges!! regards, -Dave
  18. Coming to the young maiden's rescue, I believe she simply had a horrible case of "stage fright" or an anxiety attack. I feel very sorry for her. Once, I was a new member of a very geeky computer club and was introduced to all the members there and then asked to say a few words to everyone about what I was interested in. Well, to me, low level code such as assembly language or microcode for an ASIC, an FPGA, or disk controller, or whatever, is what I live and breathe for. Still, after about three words into my reply I got extremely self-conscious and basically babbled a total stream of n
  19. mr50bmg

    Esprit Parts

    About five years ago I heard that water pumps are difficult to get; I had mine rebuilt then. regards, -Dave
  20. Yes, that is an MG Magnette - the first time I've ever seen one. It is owned by a nice couple who drive all the way from San Diego, 1150 miles one-way, to the Bellevue ABFM. I never saw the owner of the S2 Europa, but I like the shrouded headlights - it looks like a Le Mans racer. The Portland ABFM is this coming weekend; I've got so many typical shots of cars at all these field meets, I need to try something creative this time. -Dave
  21. Dammit! Clearly I am in the wrong country. This looks like an outstanding event. Maybe I could emigrate and get a job somewhere in Norwich. regards, -Dave
  22. Below is a link to photos from last week's Bellevue (Seattle area) meet. There was a fairly good presentation of Lotuses (though a dearth of Esprits). The featured marque was Sunbeam. Prior to the meet on Saturday, there was a party at Park Place - a luxury/exotic car dealership. I got to sit in a new Aston Martin Vantage: very, very nice. After Saturday's meet, we went on a driving tour on Sunday - in typically wet Pacific Northwest weather. Our destination was Snoqualmie Falls, which, while only about 25 miles east of Seattle as the crow flies, we turned into a nice 90 minute driv
  23. A 1971-1973 Boattail model. Both the 1963-1965's, like the one above, and the Boattail models are just starting to catch a lot of collector interest in the U.S. now. In the next five years, I think prices on these will be going way up. It is one of the very few American cars I like. regards, -Dave
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