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  1. The styling seems very heavy on the front grille and wheels. I suppose the car is meant to evoke the majesty of Chrysler in the 1930's or something. How about a nice black 1963 Buick Riviera instead? regards, -Dave
  2. Very cool video and music, Tim. I especially loved the interior views of your S2! regards, -Dave
  3. Right. I've never understood that. It seems Frank consistently dumps his best drivers at their peak. Obviously, there's more to it than we can see, but I never heard a satisfactory explanation. regards, -Dave
  4. Can you prove what I say in the quote below is wrong?
  5. The stoplight drag contests and 0-60mph specifications touted by U.S. magazines symbolize everything that is wrong with the average American's concept of performance. Besides being dangerous (if done in the city), it proves almost nothing - just how well you can launch the car, what its power-to-weight ratio is, and, basically, who had the most money or car-knowledge to purchase the performance. Even on twisty roads, modern cars have so many technological features to save the average driver from his lack of skill, it leads to a false sense of ability and accomplishment. This is one reason
  6. Also, I haven't verified this, but I've been told the gear at the transaxle end is plastic and eventually wears out, resulting in the speedometer needle oscillating up and down before it finally quits altogether. regards, -Dave
  7. Long ago I realized this is a no-win situation and it's best not to play the game. See, if they've got something seriously quick, either stock or with mods, you'll lose the "race" and give them plenty to brag about (and, today, maybe they'll have a video). However, if you win the "race", well, then they lost to an exotic car and that's nothing to be embarrassed about. More importantly, street racing is often dangerous, proves nothing about driving ability, and risks getting the attention of the police. More than my Esprit, however, my Audi S4 always gets the attention of boy racers. T
  8. Wonderful collection, Tony. You could play mind games with your co-workers who don't know you've got three Esprits... "I thought you had a red Lotus..." "Well, I thought he had a white one..." regards, -Dave
  9. If Lotus were to simply use the Esprit S2 body, put in a modern, lively, four-cam engine, and make it available in JPS or Essex colors, at a price slightly higher than the Elise, I imagine it would sell very well. regards, -Dave
  10. Actually, I wonder if that would be part of the regular service a mechanical watch gets! A couple things. First, quartz-controlled watches (some even with microprocessors) are only about keeping track of time or some related measurement. They are perfect for this and are probably accurate to half a second per month, possibly better. Mechanical watches, although they also keep track of time (much less accurately than the cheapest quartz watch), are mostly about craftsmanship. For example, it is relatively easy for an electronic watch to be programmed to keep track of the number of d
  11. Choose the one that feels right for you; only you can decide that. Like many, however, I love all-mechanical watches and have a small collection, with a manual wind Omega Speedmaster being my favorite. However, the one I'm waiting to see is the belt-driven V4 by TAG Heuer: (the video is a bit much, but it does present the watch well)
  12. I like the rear haunches, but not the front. It looks like a Gallardo had sex with an Elise. My bet is that the real Esprit Replacement will not look like this at all.
  13. An additional 1066 miles.
  14. That's a nice calendar (thanks for posting it, Graham). I would get an A3 size and a desktop; they're definitely special. With so much variety in Esprit models, maybe different photos for the two types of calendars would be nice (if it's not a lot of trouble).
  15. The instrumentation and interior on the P1800S (S = Sweden) model is wonderful. Very sexy.
  16. Definitely worth saving. How does this happen? Would it've been so difficult for someone just to put a cover over it?
  17. Hear, hear! I thought of that, but instead I just turn the A/C on, which also turns on the fans.
  18. An additional inexpensive deterrent would be one of those motion sensors hooked up to a bright light or alarm - it could be arranged to come on only if a person moved in close to where you've got the Esprit parked. There've been times in the past where I've had to have the Esprit parked outside for a month or two at a time. No one bothered it. I assume that's because it was so conspicuous. In contrast, a friend of mine had an old Toyota stolen three times.
  19. My longest single day's trip in the Esprit was from Portland, Oregon, to Lodi, California (south of Sacramento), which is about 625 miles. This was part of a trip by our club heading south to the West Coast Lotus Meet, a four-day event south of the bay area in California, so I drove my Esprit slightly over 2000 miles in about a week.
  20. I used to have a faulty voltage regulator, which had the effect of causing both the fuel and temperature gauges to read high (the needle would swing to the extreme right on both gauges). That caused some excitement, until I realized the engine was not overheating and that coolant in the expansion tank was not boiling. The only time I've seen coolant leaking from the tank was when the old cap failed to hold pressure and coolant exited the overflow hose. An easy fix. Still, I scan the instruments fairly often - checking oil pressure and temperature mostly. It's a good habit. Esprits ar
  21. Just before buying my Esprit, I worried about that. However, in my 16 years of ownership I've had nothing but positive responses to the car. People here seem to save their animosity for Hummers and huge SUVs like Cadillac Escalades.
  22. Nice. I got 20320 easily enough.
  23. mr50bmg

    New Thread

    Maybe it's time for a fantasy. You're driving your Esprit and encounter a stranded motorist. 1. Who is it? 2. What are they driving? 3. Do you give them a ride (and where)?
  24. Initially, I was in favor of frequent periodic testing such as for private pilots. However, as I watch people drive, it's obvious to me that people are going to be on their best behaviour when being tested. So, I've changed my opinion and now believe in what I call "continuous testing". It doesn't depend on age or when your last formal test was. What continuous testing implies is that there are more "agents" out on the road observing how people really drive. Being distracted with kids, cellphones, failing to indicate a turn or lane change, following too closely, whatever, all of this wo
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