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  1. Excellent news. This may well be the start of a new golden era for Lotus. The only other news that would make me positively giddy would be if Lotus were to get back into serious racing. Perhaps that day will come, but it's great to see their engineering being used worldwide.
  2. Sheena Easton's Devil in a fast car
  3. Is this type of information part of a permanent record associated with your car? If so, that's an alien concept on this side of the pond. I can see good and bad aspects of it, however.
  4. It's great to see the S1 and S2 Esprits. Welcome!
  5. Maybe 1000gbp for a cambelt change and a valve adjustment at least, perhaps?
  6. Wikipedia is a double-edged sword. It contains information which you'd never find in a regular encycopedia (e.g. look up 'jewel case'), but sometimes what it does have is crap. Ok, so I believe Colin Chapman's birthday is the 19th of May based on multiple sources. Someone else believes it's the 9th. I don't want to get into a stupid cycle of correcting this over and over on Wikipedia. So, could someone tell me whether the 19th is correct? Is there some way of making the change in the Wiki and leaving a note saying to leave the correction alone?
  7. That is such an ugly word for such a ...nice... organ. Mods will probably biff the whole thread. By the way, despite #16, I am an above average driver. Most of us here are, though, right?
  8. I thought the pricing would be more in the territory of a Porsche GT3 or older Ferrari 360. However, having it priced against an RS4 would be very good news indeed. Supposedly there's to be a car priced between the Exige and the Esprit (in that case, assuming the Esprit would be over $100,000). It's probably way too early to tell right now. However, with Mike Kimberley as CEO, I am confident the new Esprit is going to happen.
  9. Nice car! What does the instrument cluster look like?
  10. Think of the poor bastards on the Murcielago forum.
  11. It's planned for 2009, I believe. The rumor I heard was that the styling of the one planned for 2008 was not to their liking and thus the delay, but I don't know that as fact. You've got an Essex Esprit?! Lucky man; it's my favorite. Got a photo of it for us?
  12. mr50bmg

    It's Back!

    Wow, Mark, great news - I can imagine how you feel! I'm one of those people that can't bear to sell anything. The few things I've sold, no matter how minor, I've deeply regretted. To this day, the sight of a Triumph TR-6 makes me wince because I had a really nice one and practically gave it away.
  13. Tim, I feel really bad for you now. At our club meetings I was so happy to hear of the progress you were making and was looking forward to having you along on our trips. This is just so sad. You must feel awful, I'm sure, but if there's a bright spot it is in knowing that you two are safe and that the car can be replaced. At least I hope you will continue to be a part of our community (both here online and at our actual club meetings). Also, if ever there were a time to be shopping for another Esprit, this is that time.
  14. I'm not convinced this is real. The 0-60 time seems right, but it's weird the way the speedometer needle jumps from 55 to 65 and it's also weird the way it just stops and moves ahead at each shift - as if there were no momentum. Additionally, I think the speed falls off way too fast after 190 -- did he release a drogue chute? :-) I wonder whether someone just hooked up an instrument cluster to some electronic controls and then just added sound later in the video. Maybe I'm just cynical; I've seen a lot of faked stuff on the web and my coworkers are especially gullible.
  15. This last Sunday was a beautiful sunny spring day, so it was perfect for taking the Esprit out on a long drive. After two hours and 133 miles, the only other mildly interesting cars I saw were a 911 Carrera and a Jaguar S-Type. An in-car photo from the ride:
  16. Ah, Tony, you taunt me with those cars. The Jags are very nice; I think I could be happy with either style, actually. There was a beautiful 1996 XJ6 (blue with white interior) which I passed up because it was so nice I'd feel guilty leaving it in the rain all the time. I've thought about the 944's also; they're a bargain ...for now.
  17. mr50bmg

    New Toy

    My cat isn't too fond of the saxophone...
  18. Wow... that Buick looks threatening. Wayne, interesting that you have a Trans Am, as it seems to be the polar opposite of a Lotus. So, at least you get to experience both worlds. As for the Harleys, though I'm not a biker, my guess is that it's more about image than mechanical sophistication. I just sold one of my other cars, a VW Rabbit (Golf) Diesel (designed by Giugiaro!). It was fun and certainly economical, but it was time to move on to another automotive chapter in my life. For my next car I've thought about getting an XJ6, but would feel guilty having to leave it out in the r
  19. Yes, it's scary, so for now I'm letting the clutch up very slowly. If I had my hydraulic jack with me and could lift the rear end of the car, I could experiment. For the moment however, I can't reach anything. If only I'd bought 30" wheels it would be so easy to work under the car
  20. I'm not an autograph collector, but Giugiaro's signature is the one I would like to have.
  21. Are you sure it's heat related and not time related? Perhaps the linkage adjustment is changing over time as you drive and shift gears. Before you readjust it to get it working again, do you find the linkage exactly as you'd left it or did it change? Is the 1.5cm amount of freeplay on the rod normal? -Dave
  22. Attached are some photos of what I've observed so far. My car and my hydraulic jack are in separate locations, so I wasn't able to raise the rear end for investigating further what I need to do. From the photos, the shop manual, and the descriptions above, I now understand how the back and forth (1-2 and 3-4) movement works and also how the transverse (1-3-5) movement works. However, my shop manual shows the yoke mechanism near the gear lever; not near the transaxle as I expected. Is that correct? I am puzzled how my 3-5 selection got so close, as I'm sure the mechanic only had to disco
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