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  1. Frank Williams. "Williams Lotus F1"... sounds good.
  2. It's a parts car at best.
  3. What!? The guy with the derelict told you that? Apparently they forgot to put coolant in as part of the C service. I'm curious if it even starts, let alone runs. If someone buys this based on the Ebay photos alone, they're in for a nasty surprise. "Needs nothing" Wow. -Dave
  4. Lotus need to have a special squad of agents who monitor the location of every car once it's left the factory. If they find a car that's unloved, the agents 'educate' the owner and take the car back for restoration. This is certainly a perfect example of a car that was bought because it was inexpensive and then the owner couldn't perform even basic repairs, so the car deteriorated further. This happens even with Ferraris sometimes, but certainly it's more common with cars that are initially more affordable. Even so, I can't understand how this particular car became so badly damaged. D
  5. What is going on? People are giving these things away. I just read that an SE in #1 condition sold for $13,000 at an auction in Arizona last month. That is crazy. -Dave
  6. Reading these replies, I would like to add a couple things about turbo mid-engine cars: First, and this is true of any car really, you never want to accelerate before the apex of a turn. You want to get all your braking and shifting done in a straight line and any acceleration would be done after the apex. That way, with a turbo car, there's no way the turbo can spool up in the turn and give you power oversteer to kick the back end out. Second, the Esprit has a low polar moment of inertia, which results in it being easier to swing the tail out, but also easier to catch. Contrast this
  7. Very sad to hear of your accident, but glad that you're ok. When I see something like that, especially with a mid or rear engined car, I typically think of power oversteer or trailing throttle oversteer causing the tail to come around. I would think that if you were rounding the corner at a constant speed and didn't get on the throttle, didn't let up, and didn't hit the brakes (thereby loading the front and making the rear go light), then either you lost traction from something like oil or gas on the street or you blew a tire. I once spun (not in the Esprit) in a very mild corner due to
  8. Thank you for the replies - this is very encouraging. If I can do this myself I'll feel a bit more competent working on my car and will save money as well! So, to answer a few questions: it does not feel like I'm running out of travel at all. The shift lever will move to the right as it's always done, but when I expected it to move forward into 5th, it wouldn't go. Only later did I discover the real position of 5th was very close to 3rd. Since this happened immediately after replacement of the seal, I suspect the misalignment happened at that time, as everything was fine before. If
  9. Haven't seen this one discussed in previous posts. Ever since the rear main seal was replaced on my '84 Esprit, 5th gear is extremely close to 3rd - like a knife-edge difference. I didn't discover this until on the highway, very far from the mechanic's shop. The way it is now, attempting to go from 4th to 5th is scary because it would be very easy to go into 3rd instead. My shop manual has a diagram of the linkage and a brief explanation on how it's all supposed to work, but with my meagre skills I need more information. The linkage diagram and explanation on LEW is great, but it's
  10. That's what had me puzzled when this first happened. What could they possibly gain from it? The only thing I can think of is the Iranian government is upset that some key people of theirs have either been kidnapped or defected to the West. Perhaps they intend to use the sailors to bargain with or to serve as a disincentive for future kidnappings (if, in fact, the West did that). I think it will be a very very long time before the true nature of incidents such as these is revealed. -Dave
  11. Oh, I am so tempted. Let's see what the distance is: 3055 miles one way, 6110 round trip! Yeah, baby... that "longest distance driven award" is calling me, having lost out by only 100 miles last year to someone in one of those newfangled Elise things. Well, I have driven all the way from the west coast (Oregon) to the east coast (Maine) and back, so I've had the experience. That journey was five days and nights since I was the only driver and had to stop every night. Having to do it in a lone Esprit with no other Lotuses would not be fun, though. Plus, I am really scared somone who l
  12. Scheisse! A reasonably nice '87 G-car and it gets no bids?!? What's weird is that, besides my car, there is another red G-Turbo-Esprit within a few miles of me and now there's this one. What are the odds of having three red G-Turbo-Esprits within a hundred miles of each other in this hinterland? I hope the owners of the other two cars aren't prats. -Dave
  13. I have been through so much with my car, from the darkest pit of despair to pure bliss, that selling it would be a shame. Yes, it's not as refined as the later cars (and my ideal would perhaps be an S4 or S4S) and it's got some weirdness in the engine bay, but I plan to sort all that out. If trends continue, within less than 10 years the '80s sports cars and exotic cars are going to climb in value and that includes the Esprit. Sure, Lotus made 10,000 of them over 28 years, but far fewer remain these days (and even fewer G-cars). Even though I won't sell mine, I'd like to see them reach
  14. I could do an equally good job less expensively because I won't have to import the "
  15. Thanks for the link. My friend in our Lotus club also has a DeLorean and he'll enjoy seeing the documentary. -Dave
  16. Very sad news. My sympathy and condolences to the Chapman family. Having lost my father, mother, and cousin to cancer, I always contribute to the American Cancer Society to help find a cure. -Dave
  17. Not knowing what actually happened, I'll withold comment. However, that is the UGLIEST paint I've ever seen. -Dave
  18. mr50bmg


    Hello Richard, welcome to the forum! Glad to hear you're bringing the car back to the life; I'm sure it will be rewarding in the end. Be sure to post photos of your car and its restoration. We'd love to see your car. -Dave
  19. I got to see only a few episodes before my cable channel stopped offering the show. My favorite was when Clarkson was trying to break 10 minutes on the Nurburgring - fantastic! I especially liked the German lady's comments ("10 minutes? Listen, I do that time in a van.").
  20. What did TG do in that show? Sadly, we (this metropolitan area) no longer get TG. -Dave
  21. I'd like to see that one. Inevitably, whenever I see something that I like, it seems that Giugiaro has designed it! -Dave
  22. A while back there was a thread where some interesting and presumably rare Esprit books were shown. Below is my automotive library. I'm particularly happy with book #5 in the series "Car Men"... Now all I need to do is meet Mr. G. in person. -Dave
  23. A very interesting question. Considering that a total of 10,675 Esprits were produced (from the S1 to the latest V8), we can categorize their fate as follows: A: completely intact and still being driven B: completely intact, but not being driven (i.e. kept in a garage, in storage, on display, or in a museum) C: those undergoing repair, refurbishment, or restoration (e.g. it could be in pieces) D: those not intact and not being repaired (e.g. severely damaged cars or cars with major parts missing) E: those totally destroyed I would consider those in categories A, B, and C as defini
  24. Crikey! That looks dangerous! -Dave
  25. Hm. How shall I phrase this? OK: can it be entirely ruled out that Giugiaro was involved in the new design? -Dave
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