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  1. *whew* It looks like my search for "boobies" is under the radar then. -Dave
  2. Whoa. I must respectfully disagree on the Elan +2 and the 308 GT/4. At the right angle, oblique and low, the GT/4 is tr
  3. mr50bmg

    MS Vista

    Most of the reviews of Vista focus on the superficial aspects of the OS, such as transparent window edges; if there are any fundamental architectural improvements, I haven't heard anything other than the promise of better security. However, I'm not looking all that hard to find the differences. I grew up on System V and BSD Unix, so to me Windows is a morbidly obese hack job. On my laptop with XP, I am tired of all its popup distractions, nagging, and constant updates. If I can get Linux running on it instead, that will be the end of XP for me. Regardless, I won't be buying Vista. Fo
  4. I'm confused about which of the two silver cars shown in this thread is the one which appeared at the 1972 Turin show. I thought it was this one:
  5. Well, you've certainly piqued my curiosity on what this new dream car might be! If you do get it, certainly the new owner of your red S1 will be getting a very sweet car. Also, just out of curiosity, where did Giorgetto sign your car? I know John DeLorean would sign the glovebox covers of his cars. -Dave
  6. Eeek!!! I know that car! One of the former members of our club, about 10 years ago, had the lightweight black G-car body that you can see in one of those photos and raced it here at PIR. The car weighed barely over 1200 lbs and it was very fast. He also had a Ferrari 308 and a very nice X180R -- in fact, I got a ride in it through the corkscrew at Laguna Seca. I don't know who the new owner is of this car, but it may be a cheap way of getting a spare engine and gearbox. -Dave
  7. One thing that has constantly suprised me is the contrast in achievement between immigrants to the U.S. and some of the people born here. I realize this is a broad generalization, but I have observed people come here from a truly foreign country, such as Vietnam, where the culture and the language is so different from our own, and within a generation they own their own businesses, their children excel in school, and they have a very comfortable lifestyle. Perhaps it is part of the Asian culture or work ethic to recognize the opportunities presented to them and their desire to excel that dr
  8. Ok, I do have a few comments after all. In the U.S., regarding gun ownership, I see several cultures. For example, in one culture, nearly everyone has guns and crime is low. In another, relatively few have guns and crime is high. To elaborate, one culture consists of the people who have grown up around guns either for hunting, for sport and, very remotely, for self defense. In this culture, the men, women, and children are comfortable and educated in the use and responsibility of firearms. They do not live their lives in paranoia or some vague fear of being attacked. In fact, in thi
  9. I would say a gun's primary purpose is to deter a criminal act without it ever having to be fired, with a secondary purpose of being able to stop the attacker. You'll never hear it on the nightly news, but far more crimes are prevented when the supposed victim shows the attacker that he's armed, as opposed to crimes being committed with a firearm. There has been much independent study of this. That said, in the 20 years I've owned guns (having initially being a gun hater), I've never been in any need of doing the above. All of my experience with firearms has been in the many shooting spo
  10. It is already illegal to kill people, so any gun control laws beyond that not only punishes the law abiding, but disarms those law abiding people and makes them prey to criminals who by definition ignore all laws including gun laws. Of course, by my username you probably already knew my opinion. I own over 20 firearms (as in any hobby, once you exceed 20 items, you stop counting ); these range from a simple .22 pistol to a .50 BMG rifle that I use in 1000-yard and 1-mile competition. By the way, the world record for five shots at 1000 yards with this caliber rifle is a group size of a
  11. mr50bmg


    "Aerodynamics are for people who don't know how to build engines" -- Enzo Ferrari actually, the opposite is true -Dave
  12. Is that a ham radio tower I see? I would love to be able to put up a decent antenna in my neighborhood (the Homeowners Association Nazis won't allow (visible) antennas). -Dave
  13. Many magazines today have lost my interest because either they put too much emphasis on comparing supercars that most enthusiasts will never own, or they ignore any cars except those for the current year. I used to read Top Gear, but have now come to the conclusion that Clarkson, at least, is disingenuous if not a total wanker. More on that below. Having said that, I've discovered two wonderful magazines in the last year! They are Hemmings Sports and Exotic Car and Sports Car Market. Hemmings Sports and Exotic Car is different because it has a balanced mixed of classic sports cars
  14. Artie, that is not Kansas City! Anyway, I love the houses and streets in England and Europe. Here is my Esprit after being washed: -Dave
  15. I've had my Esprit for 16 years, so I'd be upset. However, G-Esprits are still relatively easy to find, so I could replace it with the insurance money. Now, if that'd happened to a Lamborghini Miura... -Dave
  16. 1) View of Mt. Hood as it appears behind a local hill. 2) View from one of the lawns at work, boys practicing football. -Dave
  17. Impressive amount of work you've done. -Dave
  18. Ah, I'm also a connoisseur of Sako and agree that their craftsmanship is excellent. I've thrown many thousands of dollars their way: my small contribution to our trade debt and to the Finnish economy. -Dave
  19. Very nice S1. It's up to $17,500 with 12 hours still to go! Eventually the 80's sports cars are going to be worth a lot more; I think this is just the beginning. -Dave
  20. Very nice watches here! When (if) you take it off at night, try placing it in a different position for a series of nights (e.g. crown up, crown down, face down, face up); that may affect the rate it gains or loses. Even so, a couple minutes a week is nothing to worry about. A watch that is consistent in its gain or loss is easier to regulate than one which is erratic. -Dave
  21. I would try to find an Essex Esprit - good looks, good performance, and you don't see them every day! -Dave
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