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  1. No, it was actually another M100 enthusiast who saw the advert and volunteered the images. It had a really good portfolio of information by the time I sold it.
  2. I remember that stand so well. Three iconic Lotus models.
  3. Guy Munday

    Lotus 7 parts

    Hi, The components on an S3 are mainly Triumph Herald/Spitfire so are freely available still. The best place to get them from are Redline Components. They are on 01883 346515 and ask to speak to Chris. I hope this helps and good luck with the car! Guy
  4. Hi Stuart, It was an absolute pleasure. I hope everybody learned a little about Lotus' place in F1 and about the innovator that was Colin Chapman. My task was definitely made easier by having an audience with a genuine interest in the subject. Let's do it again soon! Guy
  5. The RGB has just gone down a bit Great value now considering the mileage and the 'as new' condition and a lot cheaper than the Scura..!
  6. Well done Ian - you'll have a great time. The Bird in Hand is spot on too.
  7. Hi Ian, I undertake the factory tours and the Classic Team Lotus tours for the Lotus Driving Academy (as part of the Exige Experience or the Bronze licence level, if you want to do CTL). The factory themselves offer factory tours and Heritage tours (Heritage including CTL) most weeks of the year. To book, if you just phone the main number - 01953 608000 - Karen Hill should answer and will be able to take the booking. You should really do the tour as part of the Driving Academy though because my tours are the best . Guy
  8. Hey Stuart! I'm glad you enjoyed the day - sorry about the weather. I shall be taking care of the factory tour and the Classic Team Lotus tour on Friday, Jairaj, so I hope to give you an enjoyable experience away from the track. We aim to make the LDA the best driving experience possible and I genuinely think we do! Guy
  9. I've just bought this.. It's the 1985 British Motor Show car and Caterham's press/demonstrator car that was extensively magazine/brochure featured. It's also the first Seven that I ever sat in (at the old Caterham showroom) and within three months I was working there! The start of a thirty year (so far) career with Lotus and Caterham.
  10. Hi Paul, That looks like a really good find and will be a rewarding restoration project. It's difficult to see too much from the images but the only things that appear to be wrong are the fibreglass and the headlamps which are later Caterham-style items. Just about everything for a Lotus Seven is still available if you are prepared to look for it. The only really tricky bits are the instruments - I can't tell from the images whether they are correct or not but it would be a real bonus if they are the original set. Getting them refurbished is not a problem. Please feel free to message me if you need some free advice; I am always happy to see another proper Lotus Seven restored to a good condition. As you have the original registration document, you should be able to recover the original registration number too. I really wouldn't contact John Watson unless you want everybody to know your business. I prefer to be a little more discreet in my ownership without other people forming opinions on my cars and what I do with them. I will be very happy to help. Good luck! Guy
  11. I had a chance meeting with Peter Riddle at the weekend. He was Project Manager on the "PP" and "IB" cars and quite a few of the documents on PP14's file are signed by Peter. He had a little trip down memory lane and pointed out quite a few bits that I didn't know about on the car. It sounded like a real nightmare to prepare the cars in time for the show! Peter returned the following day and very generously provided me with further documents relating to the car, on the understanding that they were passed to future owners and stayed with the car. Included was a pristine condition press release, embargoed until Earls Court press day, further press releases relating to the Design Council award in early 1990 and the speech notes relating to a presentation that Peter undertook at the Nurburgring in 1989. These are all really valuable pieces of memorabilia and they have duly been handed over with the car that was collected by its' new owner today. I have to say that, with all of the information that I have gathered, I was in two minds as to whether I should have sold the car or not! It has, however, gone to a Lotus collector (sadly overseas as nobody in the UK could see any value in it) who will now press on with taking the car to the next level, I'm sure.
  12. There's a bit of an embargo on them at the moment as the photo shoot was for something that happens in September but I would hope to be able to eventually. It took all day and 1000 images for what will ultimately only be one final picture.
  13. Sadly, it's not going to be for sale in the foreseeable future but I am front of the queue if ever it does! The wheels were sprayed gold by the factory, when the car was new - a real JPS thing going on! This was only an iPhone image, taken when the professional photographer wasn't looking .
  14. Photo shoot with a final edition Esprit yesterday. How difficult is it to position when surrounded by infinity walls?! Tyre marks left there on purpose by the way!
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