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  1. The green V8 was mine, one of the Esprit's had an accident on the way to Stow so I parked up and jumped into my dad's TT to go and help. Did the 3 of you enjoy the breakfast? It's a great location to have a meet. Hopefully we can do it again soon.
  2. I removed the exhaust then split the gearbox from the engine and dropped the gearbox out from the bottom at the back of the car - plenty of room. Then craned the engine out separately. I also had to replace the ims bearings too, I think the belts were over tightened in the past and the rear bearing failed completely - I was extremely lucky to catch it in time! Good luck with the project, I did most of the work on my own too, at least you'll know it's all done correctly.
  3. Good effort, hopefully see you guys at next weeks breakfast run.
  4. palmergeddon

    just pic's

  5. What he said ^^^ Great day, great roads and it didn't rain the whole time. Thanks Dave and Darren for organising the trip and thank you Bibs for the tea and cake :-)
  6. What time and where are we meeting tomorrow Darren?
  7. I'm happy to grab a quick coffee on the M40 services with you Trev if you want to meet up a bit earlier?
  8. The 15th is the only date I have available in September and I am away in early October.
  9. I'm going, but I'll be parked up with the PistonHeads lot. Anyone meeting up on the A34?
  10. Banbury sounds very good to me :-)
  11. 28th July is a good day for me, I'll put it in my diary before the wife decides to something wifey on that day like shopping or visiting the in-laws.
  12. On it like a car bonnet! Here's a link to a video I made of our trip guys, enjoy:
  13. No can do I'm afraid, I need to work on Sunday.
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