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    Evora S SR. Previously: Exige 350, Zenos S, Elise S CR; Exige V6/Race; Evora NA(CR, Radium); Elises, favourite Series 1 Sport 135)
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  1. Indeed a shame, March, but looking to the future rather than the past, I am more worried by the prospect of trying to live with those platoons on our major roads. "Live with" in both senses of course.
  2. No comment, other than I expect they will be seeking Elise and Caterham owners to take part in the “platooning for merging and de-merging scenarios”, just to check they will be able to cut into the platoons in order to get to their exit slip road. ... construction of a 1.2 million square foot test track for driverless cars ..... .....Horiba Mira also rejected calls to locate the facility elsewhere, saying that if it was built further south of the field it would be shortened in length which would prevent many of the tests being carried out, including autonomous truck platooning for merging and de-merging scenarios with fully laden vehicles.
  3. ..........and as for the need to work at undoing various fastenings and removing coverings before gaining access to the engine, would an analogy to think of undr................. crumbs, stop! That thought would probably get me banned!
  4. Rather a rave review - can feel the excitement! His point about the time to 62mph of 4.5 seconds including two, not the usual one, gear changes deserves to be widely noted, IMO. The particular speed of 62mph - any other number- is entirely arbitrary, and has no significance in actual driving other than being a normalised convention for comparisons. Of far more meaning and interest to me is the time of 10 seconds to 100 mph. That does convey a sense of the general performance relevant to the large majority of real life driving in the UK. Hmmmmm...........
  5. As posted yesterday by Scotty. IMO, drivetribe's selection of the Elise as the top Sports Car is invalid. Invalid in the context they establish with the Audi, Porsche, BMW, and Alpine. Those four clear fit the category. Whilst of course the Elise meets the logical essentials of the category's words, it - the Cup version, note - is of a different nature. The Elise has a heavy emphasis on the word "Sports" and, in the generalities that commonly apply, far less on the word "Car". My test? A direct drive from Hampshire to Scotland in less than perfect weather and in typical - i.e. heavy much of the way - traffic. Unexceptional for four of the cars - a clear drawing of breath for one. (I've done it many times, to both Skye and Aberdeen, sometimes to a 5pm deadline. A Fiesta ST, Mountune'd, is another highly capable........) Eliminating the Elise, leaves the Alpine as the top choice. I've not driven any of the particular versions of the other three - other versions of two - so I won't comment further. (Several versions of the Elise too, and loved them - for what they are.) Thinking of trying one of the four others quite soon though......... PS: Before others recount their heroic Elise trips, I'll kick off that I twice took my Elise S1 Sport 135 (close ratio box - not ideal for motorways!) from Hampshire to Shetland. Doesn't change my opinion above!
  6. mdavies

    Future of Lotus

    I don't doubt it , Tim! Or as Google gives: "especially when involving great expense". And therein lies the issue, for me anyway! I expect the words, McClaren, Ferrari, Lotus (with similar others) to form a group - "those of some academic interest, but not for the likes of me". Of course there is a market, and some able to play in it, but judging by the last Lotus sales figures, not as many of the previous buyers - even at current prices! Not much movement in the Pistons Heads adverts for the top of the range either - an indicator?
  7. mdavies

    Future of Lotus

    Is it only my lack of careful reading of the recent Geely/Lotus/Appointments announcements that leaves the word "luxury" lingering prominently and uncomfortably? "Sporting", "High Performance", "Driver Focused": such words would have attracted my interest if no more - but if "luxury" is to be the destination ................. wonder if Alpine say "luxury"? From Google: luxury ˈlʌkʃ(ə)ri noun: luxury 1. a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense. "he lived a life of luxury" synonyms: opulence, luxuriousness, sumptuousness, richness, costliness, grandeur, grandness, splendour, magnificence, lavishness, lap of luxury, bed of roses, milk and honey;
  8. Fortunately no injuries from this one (several similar mentioned in the report) but it deserves a place on this thread for illustrating one of the fundamental issues addressed by initial posts: incompatibility between automated and human drivers. I believe that issue will be a major one when, and if, automated cars are introduced in significant numbers and could lead to far more serious collisions. (I will not use the term "accident" for such circumstances.) Part of report below: see for the full version. _________________ An Apple test vehicle in autonomous mode was rear-ended while preparing to merge onto Lawrence Expressway South from Kifer Road,” the incident description reads. “The Apple test vehicle was travelling less than 1 mph waiting for a safe gap to complete the merge when a 2016 Nissan Leaf contacted the Apple test vehicle at approximately 15mph. "Both vehicles sustained damage and no injuries were reported by either party.” The DMV does not attribute blame in its reports. Self-driving cars being rear-ended, however, might be considered a trend. A recent report by investigative technology news site The Information revealed teething problems at Waymo, the self-driving car company spun out of Google, where there have been headaches caused by what humans might consider over-cautious driving. The self-driving cars would stop abruptly in scenarios where humans might zip through, such as turning across a line of traffic. "As a result, human drivers from time to time have rear-ended the Waymo vans,” the report noted.
  9. mdavies

    I think I might want an Evora

    Absolutely been and done discussing comparisons - huge amount on here - but do look carefully into NA/S and the "short" (now standard) vs the "long" (some older cars only) gearbox. Your views are what matter for you, not mine. PS: The Radium intake on an NA transformed it for me (and others said so here), but hard to get hold of now I think.
  10. mdavies

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    Without getting into what to do now - well discussed above - I’m with Jon’s perspective on this. Buying a new car consists of “buying a car” and “buying NEW!” Many options for the first bit - including saving some/a lot of money in comparison with the new price+OTR. Demo cars, Almost New <1,000 miles, One Owner <4,000 miles, and the whole range of SH. Many options will include examples near indistinguishable from new - but they will not be NEW! The NEW bit is unique. A car is, or it isn’t. NEW is special, emotionally charged, probably a process of months, building from the first pang of wanting though battles between heart and head until the “not sensible but I only live once” commitment; something special for me, unsullied by others; “perfect”, that’s what I’m paying for. So asking whether it will be blemished is not a likely thought - it’s “NEW!” Then the waiting. When collection day comes “love is blind”. How can anyone see their love object through other than adoring eyes? Inspect it for flaws? That’s what you do for SH - but this is NEW! So when some sad reality strikes, it’s not a matter of “a car worth a bit less”, or that “some compromise must be made because the rest of it great”, or “the flaw can be hidden this way.” No, it’s totally ruined - the NEWness has not been fulfilled. It never was truly NEW. I could have bought an “almost new” one to the same spec. more cheaply.......I really don’t care any more. A few £K’s “compensation” is no compensation - I’ve lost my “NEW car”. PS: Happened to me: a gearbox fault on a brand new Quality Make (not Lotus). Crashed gears several times on the way home. “This can’t be happening; must be that I’m not used to the clutch action.” A couple of days before I admitted the fault to myself. In the end I accepted that the oil had been analysed for metal, the fix done and the warranty extended to four years. But the car was never the same for me. Sympathy Jon.
  11. mdavies

    TLF Evora 'Sports Racer' Club!

    A Sports Racer? I thought black wheels and a Union Flag badge were the standard. (JAWS - I think - spelt out the full spec earlier in the thread.) So a "forgery"/wannabe? PS: Sorry, can't discuss - business away for a few days.
  12. mdavies

    TLF Evora 'Sports Racer' Club!

    Maj. Eaton: We have top men working on it right now. Indiana: Who? Maj. Eaton: Top... men. Paul, I might have misunderstood your comment, but in case it means what I think, I've doubled the landmines, and a plain S is being sprayed up now to leave as a decoy outside......
  13. mdavies

    TLF Evora 'Sports Racer' Club!

    Scotty, saw your photo and dashed out to check mine was still in my garage -- relief! Marvellous photo and I'm thinking it may look so good because of the strict rectangularity of the Scottish architecture standing squarely behind it. (Yes, I'm sticking with rectangularity and squarely....) Re prices mentioned above, I was recently speaking to an expert very well placed to know and he believes that for desirable S SR's (e.g. carbon grey, hurrah!) prices have about bottomed and the demand is such they could be on the turn. (We were talking manuals, which seems historically to be the "Lotus norm" for the majority - I do notice a couple of ISPs on PH) Certainly mine never hit a forecourt as I had a standing order in place. A letter from the Lotus archivist tells me that a total of only 8 Evora S Sports Racer models in Carbon Grey were made. Perhaps some of the other 6 owners will put their hands up here.
  14. mdavies

    TLF Evora 'Sports Racer' Club!

    Andy, I agree that a mint S1 LE would be the version to stand up against an SR for future classic status. The two ends of the spectrum regarding technical development, but a "first edition" is always especially desirable. I stand by my marginal selection of an SR though, as things like fuel and other running costs fall away for a cherished classic. Though the S1's lower power could be down played, things like its "long" gearbox, the SR's gear change cable and mechanism improvements and the more balanced appearance given by the SR's larger wheels and sill/roof paint treatment and better exhaust sounds, with the general quality upgrade, do swing it for me. Mainly though, I want to say that a "classic" mint S1 LE had better be a well polished/sucked/sorted mint. Purely by chance, I was at B&C one evening when a large van arrived and out came the very first Evora to be delivered from Hethel. Turquoise. Something of a B&C reception committee crowded around; I made myself invisible in the background but with camera poised. (My photo and excited post is hopefully still here somewhere. (Though - almost dare not say it - I might have sent it to "the other place".) Relevant to say that that car and colour was intended for a customer. The thing is - at last - that, although I won't go into details as it's now only a historical note and irrelevant, when I asked for a test drive a few weeks (I think) later, I was told there would be a delay as "it has gone back to Hethel to have a few things sorted out". (Pretty much a quote.) I was told of a few of the issues, but it was a private conversation. So, for your mint S1 LE, better not go for a truly original original!
  15. Learn to walk properly before trying to run? Pah! Only for wimps............ EandT News - Automation FINAL - MEMBER&utm_medium=Newsletters - E%26T News&utm_content=E%26T News - Members&