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  1. Fine words follow that picture, all well deserved, including those of Matt Windle: "I would also like to convey enormous gratitude to all the customers of the Elise, Exige and Evora over the last 26 years for their passion, enthusiasm and support." However those words do not sit well with his ill-advised dismissive phrase a few months ago regarding the new Lotus range, notably the Emira, that "he does not care what traditionalists think". Regrettable and unnecessary from any CEO, always carrying responsibilities that of course include those for sales and PR. I do not expect any "likes" for this, but I felt very strongly about such carelessness. Right, I'll forget it now, as I'll credit Matt Windle with now much preferring the words quoted above to be the ones remembered.
  2. mdavies

    Formula One

    A F1 championship shambles is small beer compared with my 2 hours of time wasted.........
  3. mdavies

    Formula One

    F1 now a dirty tricks Derby. I look forward to Verstappen in future being subjected to "crowding off the track" by many others. Whenever he tries to pass outside on a corner.
  4. Useful recruit to get another award - for an Elmira perhaps?
  5. mdavies

    Lotus Emira

    Oh dear, EVO already gearing up to find yet another way to write "Porsche is better". Its current email includes a link to a rave review of the Cayman GT4 2021 - except for 2nd gear being too long, although it's barely said. The piece concludes with: "Looking ahead, though, the all-new Lotus Emira will stand to be the GT4's biggest threat.................Bring on the twin test." That threatened comparison is quite unreasonable: the initial version of the Emira is surely designed to have a different character and be aimed at a different market to the GT4. Hopefully though a future version will go hard for the GT4's jugular. Something to kick off with is that the kerb weight (unspecified) of the GT4 is 1495 kg. Gird your loins, Lotus!
  6. mdavies

    Lotus Emira

    Too many Emira threads to check if posted somewhere already, so I will. The current EVO Email is headed by a pretty decent article that seems to provide all known facts about the Emira. Unsurprisingly it includes spec/performance comparison tables: V6 with the Cayman GTS 4.0 and the AMG with the Alpine 110S and the Cayman S. Perhaps of interest just to the odd one or two here..............
  7. duncx, very briefly as TomE has just covered matters fully, just a "thank you". You illustrated and confirmed the theme of my entire earlier posting and, indeed, of the few words that you chose to extract. Your intention to purchase, and those of the "likes", are no more than conditional - "subject to contract", as an estate agent's board would have it. You imply that you want a decent look at the car - not merely a glimpse from amongst a crowd. Hence, whatever its quality, your viewing has the potential to result in you withdrawing your deposit. Else you would not require a viewing. A very sensible and commendable position to take, if I may say and one I would certainly endorse. Personally I would go further and sign nothing until after at least seeing several road tests and probably insisting on one myself. You and I are on the same spectrum of greys that I referred to.
  8. It’s understandable that some who have placed deposits may be feeling peeved that the roadshow booking process does not appear to distinguish between them and others who may be interested in seeing the Emira. (Yes, I’m one such.) From the perspective of Lotus marketing though, I see little reason for drawing any firm distinction on a “deposit made” basis. A viewing may cause a depositor to request a refund, or someone not having placed a deposit to decide to purchase – and, I suggest, having viewed, being rather more likely to follow through to actually buy than any pre-viewing depositor. There are only shades of grey between them, no black and white. Those who have placed a (non-committing) deposit have already received a considerable benefit: a place in the queue for receiving their car, should they actually buy. Why, prior to any real commitment, should they receive preferential treatment at this stage? It seems a valid observation that giving a viewing to a deposit holder has the potential to discourage an actual purchase whereas one for a non-deposit holder may get Lotus an additional sale! PS: Just received a B&C confirmed viewing slot.
  9. Having made my (lack of) interest point I'd no intention of commenting further but, from a strong field, my clear pick above!
  10. Useful future conversational phrases for owners of pre-Geely models: “Oh, you have one of those Lifestyle things” “No, I have to drive this all by myself” “Nice colour” Afraid I’ve dried up at that. Expect others can do better.
  11. Agreeing that is a likely shortlist for many, I suspect the final choice for those that go for an Emira will not be based so much on explicit, factual or numeric criteria as the “never mind the details, I’d really love to have one of those” factor. Those who pick the Cayman or the F-type will be “being sensible”: going for the well-established, well known, safer choice – albeit with wistful backward glances at the Emira in many cases, thinking “perhaps one day, but I just can’t risk it now”. “Criteria” may put that group fairly close in analysis, but when it comes to head vs heart, they seem pretty far apart to me. So I don’t think the PR that pitches the Emira as being straightforwardly in the same basket and to be compared with “The Others” as being that good a line. I’d have prefered something like “The One You Really Want”.
  12. Suppose many here will know it all, but Evo catching up.......... Current reference in the last para.
  13. mdavies

    Lotus Emira

    Late response as been out but glad to see no pitchforks re my Ferrari fun! Indeed, a HaHa - thanks whoever. Sure great majority here recognise light-hearted casual remarks - long wait until Emira-time!
  14. mdavies

    Lotus Emira

    Unarguable indeed! Thought I saw a certain resemblance................. so you think I won't get away with putting Ferrari badges on my Emira when it arrives?
  15. mdavies

    Lotus Emira

    Remind you of anything currently? Actually a Ferrari 488, from 2015. (Been in trouble about using "wrong thread" - at least I didn't risk putting this on Emira pictures thread!)
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