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  1. Pretty decent video review from EVO, especially if quickly on the pause button at key views of some internals. Lovely colour too, close to Lotus's Vivid Green IMO. At least contents of my garage a match there! Video at bottom of link.
  2. Optimistically wondering if the following could be relevant to this thread, I'm posting it here - conceivably it might apply to any or all models. Extract from an Evo email: issue of evo will arrive a few days later than usual. I hope you'll forgive us for the one-off delay, which is due to a number of manufacturer enforced embargos that lift on the day of publication.
  3. Apple phones, made wherever, maintain their Apple flavour and - as the OS - even the pips. Presenting manufacturing as “merely knocking together the bits” – however intensely technical we know it is in practice, with machinery costing multimillions – whilst preserving “what really matters”, the brand, the image, the decisions, the magic – the core – as resident in Cupertino, is conjuring readily performed to an audience more than willing to accept it. Ditto for Lotus? I don’t see why not: many aspects translate from Apple fairly readily. “Brand” - of course, rooted in our “precious spor
  4. Re Matt Windle's background, for a while from 2015 he was Operations Director at Zenos. Being one of their beta-test customers, as I was at the time, was a memorable experience. Sad end. Wish better luck now.
  5. Nothing actually new, but decent Telegraph article - PR anyway. Gives the statement as from Bibs above and ties in with a "last chance" email from B&C. "The existing Elise, Exige and Evora enter their final year of production in 2021."
  6. Following the above, I find it now widely reported by many good sources, incl Pennstate News site. Suspect emergency reviews of giga-factory plans and EV designs on-going. Although getting into mass production can't be very rapid, presumably the factories can be revised and after $multi-multi millions have changed hands, the car designs also. " According to the Penn State engineers, the self-heating technology also prevents uneven deposition of lithium on the anode, which can cause the dendrites that often lead to lithium-ion battery failure. It is claimed that the EV battery has a pote
  7. Surely this known, but surprised not here, so my edited note version for elsewhere. No time to write another version, but link to article below. From good source (Nature Energy) but no guarantee. If this stands up, a spoke in many wheels. Nature Energy: Penn State University: EV batteries: charge in 10 minutes - travel for 250 miles. Lithium ion phosphate batteries can quickly heat and cool - key to rapid charging and long life. Professor Chao-Yang Wang: “a pretty clever battery for mass-market EVs with cost parity with IC engine vehicles; affordable." To recharge, batteries need to hea
  8. Recent. Surprise, surprise! (Sorry about long link, very tight for time.) "Automated vehicle drivers fail to keep their eyes on the road, study finds." EandT News - Automation FINAL - MEMBER&utm_medium=Newsletters - E%26T News&utm_content=E%26T News - Members&utm_term=706908
  9. All kinds of points made and angles mentioned on this subject in the posts here and elsewhere, but one potentially significant aspect was missing, I felt: the potential societal reaction to something that could have such major effects on the lives of many people - in the age of the internet and social media. I started drafting a paragraph on it twice tonight, and stalled both times. Should I, dare I, risk saying that? (I mean for rather more serious reasons than any flak here!) Now I don't have to worry - unless the Telegraph thinks I taken a little too much from the concluding paragra
  10. The really big news today: T50 production arrangements.
  11. PS to the above. Pleased to see that news the top item on one of the Business News summaries that I follow. (Sorry, can't adjust text size). "Hugely wrong"! From some others who actually understand! Made my day. Plans for cars to drive themselves on UK motorways as soon as 2021 are unlikely to go ahead after insurers warned government proposals were risking lives and "hugely wrong".
  12. Thank goodness for some sense from Thatcham. Link below under some extracts. "LONDON (Reuters) - British government plans that could allow self-driving cars on motorways as soon as 2021 would put lives at risk because the available automated technology falls well short of human driving capabilities, UK insurance group Thatcham Research said on Friday. ………………. “We don’t believe that this technology adequately addresses what consumers will do and how they’ll use it,” said Thatcham’s research director Matthew Avery. ……………. But Thatcham Research, which is funded by insurers but o
  13. First start-up of the actual drive train in a mule, soon for Millbrook, then test tracks. (Not lost interest in Lotus, but this development process may be a historic last of its kind. Would it really hurt if we were treated to the equivalent for our "last IC" car - or cars? Whatever. Whenever. But doubt it, somehow.)
  14. Seems the Evija can whine- sorry, breathe – a little easier. Good overview of the Battery Day show from the “visible battery tech” position but of course the leading edge (Skeleton, Gnanomat, Maxwell, others doubtless including Tesla) working with more advanced materials (notably graphene) and with some initial success. “Elon Musk made big promises at Tesla’s highly anticipated event. But a prototype never appeared, and it was unclear what the company had actually achieved.”
  15. A mode relatively briefly used, as I recall...........else "she canna take it"? But always that whining soundtrack? I'm expecting an option of a "real car noise"* system. And that it will be a popular option. * (Yes, that's what I meant!)
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