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    Elise 250 Cup. Previously: Evora S SR, Exige 350, Zenos S, Elise S CR; Exige V6/Race; Evora NA(CR, Radium); Elises, favourite Series 1 Sport 135)
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    Various minor interior so far. Quite a lot on previous.
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  1. Despite my "cars list" showing long term Lotus support, I feel no awkwardness in posting here what seems to be a new video out today. The Evija is so far outside both my interest and my finances that I stand detached from it. Being a member of the £2m car class would do nothing for my interest in the Evija; it would though take me well beyond merely viewing a video on the Czinger 21C. Modern engineering indeed, whatever the Evija does or does not offer in that respect.
  2. Apologies for intruding on a serious discussion between well-informed people, but informative re EV's. And, for me anyway, a bit of a laugh this morning.
  3. No comment yet from the heavyweights here? Re Popham's quote in the March EVO (271), p39 re the new range: "..........appeal to a much larger audience tomorrow. And electrification will be key to this. Lotus will offer a level of electrification on all future cars and it's our learnings from Evija that will allow us to do this." (No mis-typing: "Evija," not "the Evija". Better get on message everybody, it's a whole mind-set.) But, more significantly, I'm taking "all future cars" to include the forthcoming Evora chassis sports car. So saving for my 430 redoubled.
  4. Surprised at the lack of emphasis in most (not all) comments so far on what was for me a critical factor in choosing both my Evoras. Whether the initial "long" gearbox or the so-called CR box (but to many a "normal" box). Not as easy as LE versus the rest. Every press road test LE had the CR box and it was standardised a year or two after the 2010 LE. Pointers? I'm not getting into a pros/cons debate about this. Been and done several times here. Easy check (approximate figures from memory, but close): top gear, either 37mph/1000 or 27mph/1000. Also I would research fully the operational differences between the NA and the S.
  5. Thought I'd put up a topic title for any that wanted to post on the matter. Me, I can't be bothered.............
  6. Spotted the mag on a news shelf today. Checked the goods before buying - and didn't. Almost wholly speculative; certainly not meriting that front cover "Autocar Image". The car some years away. Positioned above the Elise. Few if any details. More about the Lotus design philosophy than the car. The only mention worthy of its space was about the new version Evora due at the end of next year. I wonder if some deal was done with the Lotus PR department. I suppose such a splash presentation of very little was worth some pounds or promises from that viewpoint. All IMHO, of course.
  7. Can't compete with some above but changed a Cortina GT head gasket on the then Oxford bypass. Had the tools. Dispatched the good lady on foot to seek a new gasket and lots of water. Many motor factors around in those days and people usually helpful to a lady in distress: "You're looking for a whaaat?!" But she succeeded. Good that she'd managed to get a big tub of Swarfega too ........ we just made it in time to a wedding, down in Cardiff.
  8. Apologies that I didn't appreciate that the Telegraph article is Premium - for subscribers. I believe the paper offers a freebie or two to non-subscribers though. For anythat don't get to read it, the title is "The five reasons driverless cars could cause havoc on Britain's roads". The fundamental point!
  9. Despite its slightly historic title I've reused this thread rather than creating a new one because, IMO, it would be a pity to lose track of the material on it. The topic has been quiescent here for near a year, but certainly not so the attempts by manufacturers to develop realities to approach the hype. This article from today's Telegraph Technology is worth a read in relation to the UK. Despite pointing out several (just five - Ha! Only 5?!) big issues, it completely overlooks for instance the importance of overtaking as a topic. A huge subject covering the nature/driving style of relevant vehicles, the likelyhood of doing/being, actions prior/post. Each a complex subject in its own right. Then again today, I see the following. Good luck with that. It's not "vision" itself, it's the interpretation that matters. A sign of worry and of seeking help, I suggest. Newsroom_Opt in_02.10.19&theSource=EONRM&Override=1
  10. mdavies

    Turbo Esprit

    Near Alton, today. On tour from Holland. It looked in lovely condition. Original paintwork. Done only 26,000 miles the owner said. He thought the only one in Holland. (By the way, the owner's teenage son was keenly taking pictures of my 250 Cup at the opposite pump - another Lotus enthusiast in the making!)
  11. “unnecessary”, “bit of a shame”, “looks awful”, “unfinished”, “don’t like it”, “considerably less stylish”, “ghastly”, “hate it”, “old one much better” I agree.
  12. Jonny, I used the words "huge detail" in relation what Lotus themselves have revealed so far. Interpreting some of what 'Jas' has said does depend on having some knowledge of the Valhalla. (Not that I have much.) And taking it (e.g. re the weight) together with comments from others on the thread. I'm not going to take material from another forum. Must press on now.
  13. In more than one post on the thread - have to read it I'm afraid.............
  14. Don't know quite how to put this, and amazed that one of the major contributors here has not already done so - some sort of extreme loyalty? - but huge detail by someone very well informed has appeared on where some go out to play. "........can buy it if I want to......" "....guy who saw it after me was an Arab Prince, who arrived in a helicopter, with entourage... " This by me! Not the "informer". Some how feeling rather guilty................. but someone would have soon.
  15. Tim, no technical feedback - not really surprised - so thanks for your interest. My plan now is to fix short lengths of string along the wiper arm and investigate. That needs time, a calm day and passenger with a camera. Getting those together won't be immediate - so a chance for someone else to take the glory! Be my guest, but please do post results here - I will, unless beaten to it. A range of speeds photo'ed please. And with the hard top on for my interest, though others may differ.
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