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  1. A subject I know near nothing about – be warned! I’ve read some good-sounding marketing ideas in previous posts, of course including really attractive finance packages, but a key aspect surely is for the Emira to make a news-worthy splash. An impact beyond excellent performance in magazine-tests. Hopefully even something to get mentions beyond the motoring columns of the mainstream press. The Emira’s optioned initial price range of say £60K to £90K is not one where, for most people, “overheads” and running costs, on top of finance payments, do not matter much. (E.g. buyers of new McLarens and Ferraris.) Beyond attractive finance, the largest item will likely be the insurance cost, even for “good risks”. Porsche, Jaguar, and probably others such, offer insurance packages, branded ”their own”, backed by the usual big outfits. Suppose Lotus did the same, but with a deal with the insurer that, after a claim-free first year, the second year’s premium would be discounted by 50% of that of the first year’s; and so on for subsequent years. Claim-free drivers would thus get half-price insurance and the insurer 50% of premiums without any claim costs. It would cost Lotus something to the insurer, as does cheap financing, but news-worthy? Obviously have to be limits on amounts and duration. Lotus to the market: “Are you a good driver? We’ll be paying you to prove it!” Buyer to himself: “Of course I’ll be claim-free – a skilled careful driver like me!” Buyer to Significant Other: “And do you know, sweetheart, that we’ll only be paying XX on the financing, and the insurance will be only half what the Porsche was!” We save money!
  2. mdavies

    Lotus Emira

    I've no idea if B&C currently have the status among dealers that applied back in the days of the Evora launch, but I know that they received the first Evora to reach a dealer. I happened to be there late one evening and saw and photographed it being rollout out of the transporter van. (No, afraid I didn't post pics here.) Possibly Silverstone may be a contender now but, whatever customer deposits may have been placed with dealers, I'd be very surprised if advance orders had not been placed by dealers themselves and my money is on B&C again to be the first recipient. (Regrettably not a deposit, if the £55K version was to have a proper gear change.........!) PS: All bets off if Geely has now funded a second transporter.
  3. Obvious but didn't see it said: two sides to the coin. Yes, new logo to mark the entry to a new phase - but also to mark the leaving ............. Don't think I need finish the phrase. Oldie, waving .......😢
  4. I support the Glucosamine and Chondroitin suggestions. No pains but I play the fiddle and prevention better than cure so a half-dose daily. (Mine from Boots - so H&B have penny sales? I'll look out, thanks.)
  5. Evotion: "deposits"? Hope not too rude: a typo? Or one of each version?
  6. Bruss, you made a lot more progress than me - great figures! TDI were excellent indeed, but pity they didn't put us in touch: 2012-13 also. I'd have benefitted - my limit was from not being able to fix the AFR with the HKS - not brave enough to play with the electronics! The HKS venturi was better than mine. Made from plastic tube, bell-shaped out over a funnel under boiling water, then cold to harden. Sliced it to squash overlap smaller to get into filter then held back in normal shape fixed to end of Radium tube. Bigger filter, plus venturi (also straightened flow into the Radium), plus mixture weakened by better flow (never tripped a fault) together gave just 300. Hope not boring readers!
  7. Photo 3 - HKS fitted without baffle Photo 4 - Baffle for HKS, two sections velcro'ed together Have to take my word that it fitted tightly around the upside-down Radium tube!
  8. Photo 1 - Adjusted Radium Screen behind foil. Photo 2 - HKS on Radium tube Not sure how many allowed. two more to follow.
  9. Collected my photos - masses of them! Many of my developed Radium intake, with a larger, longer filter - offset as the original had to be. TDI had measured that the basic Radium specc'ed filter was restricting flow. It was too small as easier for "everybody" to fit. I fettled the Radium mounting and the Radium baffle and just managed. (Allowing for some engine movement.) New filter allowed me to fit a venturi inside it which screened out the 90 deg part close to the tube but allowed (I think) 14% greater effective filter area. For that I covered the Radium baffle with cooking foil - reflected a little heat (!?) - Photo 1 but the foil hides where I had to cut the baffle slightly. The two part baffle was to try a HKS filter - tricky. Radium tube inverted and various changes - TDI thought couldn't be done! - Photo 2, and 3 installed but without baffle as couldn't then see HKS. (Allowed engine movement.) The two part baffle is in photo 4. Don't seem to have a photo in place. Strong plastic - much lighter than Radium that catered for an oil capture tank. The separate sections fitted right around the repositioned Radium tube, then pressed Velcro together. It was a pretty good fit everywhere. Better than Radium. Had to remove HKS though TDI tested clearly most power, but AFR was dodgy - over 17:1 or whatever, at all but top revs on the dynos. As Bruss has warned! Bruss, interested you were doing similar at TDI. We should have met to discuss it all! Written all this and now not sure how to attach photos - not done for ages and can't risk losing this. Photos to follow!
  10. Tom, many apologies, but only just seen your post. I'll try to find some photos tomorrow, but then was using a previous computer, now a stand by. Might have them. Also on Photobucket, but that went subscription only. Afraid can't promise anything though. Don't know why messaging didn't work - I've not knowingly changed anything. M
  11. Only very marginally relevant, but any interested in the 4 cylinder Emira, and believing the rumours of A35 or A45 power from somewhere or other, and able to tolerate over-excited juveniles standing in for presenters – and the adverts – may like fill a little time as below. (Only one has two AMG versions though.)
  12. Yes, speaking relatively myself! Anyway once into £1m territory, like La Ferrari etc. and with a very limited production run doled out only to a favoured few, I'm not sure the word "price" really applies. More investments, appreciating from day one. I don't think fuel restrictions will hurt them either. If necessary the owners club will bore a well in one's back garden and another will sort out a miniature refinery in a remote part of their ranch.
  13. Sadly, I do acknowledge the scenario you describe (from better knowledge than mine). But I hold to my key question of what is the hook to capture those customers? Going fast and being easy to drive are provided by many. Yes, it's possible, even likely, that the Emira will take "looking good" into a new era in its price range. But merely matching the competition otherwise? Enough? Absolutely share your hopes, gear stick or no, but ....................? Delighted if EVO has spilt one important bean though!
  14. Has EVO ever been known to be wrong?? I do hope not. All my words earlier might just have been a waste of time: EVO 286, June: page 034, article on Lotus' future, re the Emira: "both power units will be offered with a choice of manual and automatic transmissions." Wow! After the several sources that have informed me otherwise, it's all too much to hope! But no, EVO surely has never been wrong!
  15. "a more affordable price point" (despite the manual gear change!) Now he's talking!
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