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  1. Thanks for the suggestion but happy that I don't need to. For anticipated future versions, perhaps.
  2. New Emira, Jaguar F Type performance figures vary quite widely across versions. From EVO, for some as low as 3.5 seconds for 0-62 mph. EVO gives for the current P300 version 5.7 secs and for the P450 4.6 secs. What version are you referring to as your current car? Presumably that's the baseline for your impression of the Emira's performance - despite, I suspect, your test drive not including an attempt at 0-60 timing!
  3. I expect that James Andrew is a very pleasant chap, but he doesn't seem to have a much of a friendly greeting smile in that photo. Surely no accident, in what is effectively his first PR release! I'm taking his frown to carry a message: perhaps "I'm hard, and you'd better believe it"! Reporting directly to the Group CEO he carries a big stick anyway! So, when he's sorted out any tiny blemishes in Lotus' current communication activities, how long I wonder before he turns his attention to TLF? Possibly to impose rules: all future postings to be "on brand", and to support a theme that "if it's Lotus, it's marvellous - or will be very soon anyway". Even perhaps a "cleansing" operation as, for instance on Twitter, whereby all historic posts now deemed "regrettable" disappear! Bibs, you may have to bring TLF into line - get rid of undesirables as a start! Oo-er.........! Only joking, James, honest....!
  4. Trevor, I don’t believe you should feel too badly, and certainly not feel singled out in not being treated as you might wish. I don’t believe that Lotus now want any individual as a customer. Or they should not, anyway. In forming “Lotus 2.0” – a nod to whoever originated the term – two changes made from the “old Lotus” were fundamental from the viewpoint of the “old owners/drivers”. Firstly, the nature of the cars that Lotus 2.0 produces. Secondly, the new “direct-to-purchaser sales model”, eliminating Lotus dealers. (The “agents” created simply carry out functions – part of Lotus 2.0. Don’t look to them for more, not in a formal sense anyway.) So, in managing the transitioning of the old to the new, the customer relationship management (CRM) process had to grasp two nettles. The first was clearly and firmly gripped. It was the cause of some pain and disappointment amongst “Lotus traditionalists”, of whom I’m one. But, as part of the building of Lotus 2.0, Matt Windle’s statement regarding the Emira, their first and, in an important sense, their last car, was entirely correct and appropriate: in effect, the views of Lotus traditionalists do not matter. Job done. The second nettle however has barely been brushed against. I cancelled my Emira order early in the year when various aspects became clear but, from general interest and it being the main game in town, I have broadly followed relevant postings on the forums. There is a range of views, some sympathetic to and supportive of Lotus as it now is, but many, as in the opening quotation, expressing disappointment and concern at the way they have not been communicated with effectively, in either general statements or personal exchanges. A key part of the production of any new car is its testing. Many and various, with considerable attention paid to the extremes that it might encounter in use and its conformance to many regulations. Insofar as a direct sales process requires it, Lotus must have a CRM process. The same degree of attention should have been paid to testing it as to a new car. I am suggesting that that was not done, and certainly not to communicating what it was - whether good or bad - to those placing orders for the Emira, either to those new to Lotus or, especially, to “the oldies” who, understandably, could be prone to making assumptions that are no longer the case. Considering how their CRM would function with externally caused delays in components, delays in the Lotus production process or quality or conformance questions, mistakes in or disagreements about orders, customers “disappearing” between any stage of ordering, delivery and acceptance. Plenty more, but some obvious possibilities there - essential to test the CRM against them and the many others. I am not going to propose a CRM model here, but its root is that of the second nettle - the fact that Lotus 2.0 aims to be a mass manufacturer of sports cars for the mass of potential buyers of such cars. In essence Lotus cannot be concerned with the needs or wishes of individual purchasers beyond the detailing of their order and its subsequent formal progression – or cancellation. Buy it or don't buy - it's up to you. That is the key principle that should have been communicated at the same time as MW’s more limited statement. (Perhaps one tough task enough at a time?) Beyond that fundamental, as much as possible CRM should be devolved (restored) to the agent. Further principles I suggest: Be simple as possible, single pathway, and limited in scope As formally structured as possible All orders placed through agents No communication with individual purchasers All Lotus communication by general announcements, with whatever progress reports Strictly formalised stages of ordering and specifying – no departure by the customer else the order will be cancelled No dates or timescales given until the car has production firmly scheduled (all parts etc.) Agents receive information relating to individual purchases made through them All cars to be delivered to an agent – specified in the order. (If an agent fails in any way the order fails.) Collection by arrangement with agent, time limited. It’s late, but better than never. I believe that Lotus management should use the time currently available to learn from experiences to date, refine the CRM process along the lines I suggest, importantly developing the roles of agents, and, of course, then communicate it.
  5. Excessive concern IMO about ISA things - a rude gesture to that name. Akin to the potential death-trap motorways now being created without hard shoulders being named "technology upgrades". For those prepared and able to take charge and the responsibility of managing the driving of their cars themselves, without "assistance" - something that I assume does apply, at least in principle, to the great majority of drivers of Lotus cars prior to the Emira (afraid I can't so readily assume that it applies to the same high majority of the "new buyers" of the Emira), then some sticky tape over visual sensor(s) and a portable GPS jammer should largely take care of ISA type things.
  6. Check its provenance. (Approved, so one of the benefits promised.) I suspect - but do not know - it to be a very well known and videoed car. If so, it has been well run in!
  7. Mickle, indeed that piece on Youtube was not the full thing. Now seen. Thanks to the posters of the other links. Very positive indeed with a meaningful extra road section and extra duration of track footage. Surely increases the importance of resolving any questions about whether it was close, or close enough, to the final production spec., perhaps most so re track use - wet and dry. I'd like to hear a discussion between Chris Harris and Jethro Bovingdon!
  8. Had to miss the TG programme yesterday but just found CH's brief track drive of the Emira on Youtube. May be of interest to others. No comments as very far from comprehensive and very brief, but key reason that I'm wholly unclear about that white car's relevance to the final Production version. Hmm...... well, not for me to comment about that either. Certainly good to slide about on a wet track - not sure about how many apexes he hit though! Semi-spins at the last corner, coming to a stop as the edit has left a side-on almost stationary view visible for just a moment - I think.
  9. No specific help, sorry, but adding background, my 2019 250 Cup behaves just as Dunc described above on the 5th. (A post update car, with the better exhaust sounds.) After a cold start, there is occasionally a very brief hesitation on giving it some throttle in 1st or 2nd as pulling away. Not looked at rpm as of no concern but around 2,000 rpm, certainly under 2,500. Always within about the first 30 seconds. Never at any other time. Probably not relevant, but I always and only use Shell Vpower (99 octane). If you don't use that, or maybe the BP one, can't remember the name but only 97 octane, I'd try a tankful - from a different location than your usual. I hope B&C square up to the problem - I'd say they have no option if they have experienced the issue. They have a good reputation generally. It seems like exchanging components has to be the next steps, coils, TPS, fuel pressure regulation, whatever. Assume you've had the fuel injection line replaced under the recall? (Fire risk.) Highly unsatisfactory situation. Suggest you express yourself very clearly to B&C
  10. Jimi, I generally share your view. Hope you don't interpret my comments as "making excuses" for "the Emira that we hoped it would be" - a car for us. No, I stood back from it a while ago, as details emerged, and I'm commenting on it as it clearly seems to be, and seeing it in relation to the people that it is pointed at. Not me - nor you, I think. Pity, but ...............
  11. Not being one of the potential buyers at which the forthcoming version of the Emira is aimed, generally I’ve been keeping thoughts about it to myself. But having shared KennyN’s “6,800 experience” above in my previous Exige Sport 350, I will add that: - A deficiency for the Exige does not necessarily make it one for the Emira, a very different car. - The above quote by Bib’s of EVO’s words: “….. performance surge tails off quicker than you might expect, the 6800rpm redline feeling a long way off” emphasises that the torque curve peaks in the upper-mid rpm range and that the 6,800 top figure is of little relevance. - For the Emira to give its drivers a decent sense of being in a “performance car”, the torque curve has to “support the weight”. Lotus had little option, I imagine. - Overall, as has generally emerged from the reviews (I sense), the Emira is happiest operating up to the 8/10ths level – suiting it’s target buyers. - Hence, overall, Lotus has done a decent job of creating a well-rounded package for its intended buying audience – and, necessarily, for itself as a business capable of being ongoing. So, IMO, it’s not reasonable to be negative about comparisons with the previous Lotus cars, loved by the traditionalists. Equally, I, and many I believe, look forward to considerably sharper-edged versions of the Emira. (To be assessed very differently!)
  12. Right, quiet down everybody, let’s get started - I want to hear your fixes – three days and I report to the Board. And low cost, remember, very low, forget your carbon, titanium, all that, Evora's history now, forget it ............. yes, yes, love mine too. Ok, Gavan, what you got? No, No, NO, Gavan, electric seats are settled, you heard marketing last week, and the week before, yes, and before and before, boy, do we hear from marketing. The seats are in, never mind the height, they're right in, yes the 12 way. Live with them – yes, both of them. You lot think it’s tough now, better get used it, it’s only going to get worse, those batteries really weigh............. Ok, I’ll give you a start, I’ve done the hard bit. We’ll call it a Lightweight Solution to a Heavyweight Problem. Good, eh?!! Tracy in media’s started on the cover graphics. VItal, looking good is the name of the game now, you all know that, half the battle, covers all sorts of stuff. Right, ideas. Get going. You at the end there, waving your specs, don’t often see you – what do you do, exactly? Software? Ha, lightweight all right, what, what!! Sets the rest of us an example, doesn’t he, eh?! ……Come on then, let’s hear you. What..... a distraction? Like the politicos? The military? ...... fungible? Fungible? What do you mean? Mushrooms? .......................
  13. Tom, I'm not a lawer (though worked closely with litigation ones at times, on big cases) but IMO that is inadequate as a "warning" to those potentially liable to misinterpret whatever CH says about the car and its performance. In isolation, the phrase is entirely open to interpretation. It could equally well be interpreted as implying that a production version might be an improvement on that prototype as that a version you could actually buy could be degraded from what CH has experienced and commented on. Hence it fails as a warning. Now I'll await the programme!
  14. So it seems that car is one of the prototypes sent out for the first set of reviews. Received pretty well in general. But if so, and if the car is anything other than a production version as to be supplied to those paying up for one, whatever Chris Harris says or does not say is, at best, irrelevant. I assume that adequately emphasised warnings and caveats will be given about the car. Anything other, and Lotus's marketing and PR will be exposed to serious criticism. Given the widespread viewing of Top Gear, including by some not necessarily familar with the full "Emira picture", there could then be accusations of being mislead, with regrettable consequences.
  15. Entirely agree with your comments, but those of us grieving for the passing of the "old Lotus" that we have loved, for decades, some of us, perhaps should have some sympathy with those now expressing very strong feelings about any negative comments made about the Emira. They too are in various stages of the grieving process; grieving for the end of their dreams about the Emira. The realities obvious for some time as the facts and figures emerged, well prior to reviewer's comments, have come to pass. We have to co-exist. Different people, different cars. The Emira FE version is not for me either.
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