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  1. mdavies


    Responses so far have been relatively kindly - what would the Playground have said - but as the poster has just joined and made a first post, gentle treatment is the most friendly course. An MP's maiden speech is traditionally listened to with respect after all. Encouragement to make more detailed assessments, perhaps, although Tingrin does have some basis for his comment. Look at the four wheels, similarly positioned, the two doors, the air intakes at the front and over the rear wheels, an exhaust out the back, I shouldn't wonder. I, for one, would welcome another post from you, Tingrin. Many of us are trying to while away the minutes until next month when we should learn of Lotus's plans for the future. Anything original - your point was that, in spades - would be welcome. In fact I'm beginning to wonder if you may be ahead of most posters here - have you had sight of the new Evora? Now that would be something ! Having said that, I can't quite dismiss the thought that you may be a joker with a sophisticated sense of humour - throw a stone in the pond and see what the crowd here are made of.......hmmm......Tin-grin.........hmm. Anyway, welcome!
  2. mdavies

    new car soon?

    No mention here of the words "New Evora GT" reported from the US on the Future of Lotus thread? Just a marketing name for the US market? Supposedly to be attractively priced anyway, so perhaps some recognition that the JMG prices for the current range just don't cut it with enough potential buyers.
  3. Without commenting on hydrogen powered cars in general or on sourcing the stuff, am I right in believing on-board hydrogen tanks are 5,000 or 10,000 psi? If so, hmmm..... And Charlie Brown, re your "hmm." above, are you intimating that a 2019/2020 Evora will actually be a "400"? As opposed to some other number?
  4. IMO that light grey is quite a decent colour in itself, particularly with the black parts in contrast. Unfortunate that primers are often a similar shade. Wonder if it was the only one painted in that shade to try it out - then pursed lips at Hethel and no more. I suspect the plain 410 will always be regarded as the lesser of the two - not quite the full shilling. Doesn't look as good either iMO. Consequently be reflected in eventual SH values.
  5. An ever-fascinating topic of course. What I had in mind was not so much the situation for "real insiders" - black/white for them - but those on the outermost fringes on "insiderdom" who, actually knowing nothing, have a better focus for speculation than others. If anyone in such a position voiced their thoughts publicly, and the speculation was later proved near the mark, it could have serious consequences for those "in the chain" to an actual insider. Me, I don't rule out surprises. (A meaningless statement - please note that!)
  6. Bee, may I respectfully observe that anyone with insider knowledge who posted it here would likely soon not be one. And it may be that some are well aware of that.
  7. Late in here, but don't think that what for me is the quick and easy check on which gearbox has been mentioned. No need for high speeds, so ok on accompanied test drives. Top gear, 1,000 rpm: 37.5mph > long box. 27.5 mph > short box. Main points about preference already mentioned and I've been round that loop quite enough times previously. I will just say there is only one right for me and I wouldn't touch the other. (Driven both - of course.)
  8. Nathan, thanks for the thread and for your and your responder's observations. Mostly they reflect my thoughts. However what no one has mentioned re the Elise is the "respect", or lack of, from drivers of other (non-mundane) cars. I don't mean, in the main, outright aggression or boy-racer "baiting", but the casual assumptions of some other drivers - typically in BMWs, Audis or large (and moderately quick) anythings. Driving quick Elises in typical road traffic I used to find, though keeping fully up with or ahead of the typical traffic speed, that such cars would expect to be allowed past. Perhaps they assumed that an Elise would be at maximum to match their cruising. They would close up when I was just maintaining my place, overtaking as appropriate; that usually demonstrated acceleration better than those following could manage, but still they would "push", sometimes degenerating into hassling. It was always tempting "to show them" but of course I didn't succumb............. well there was just one occasion, on a clear dual carriage way when .......... I'll just say he gave up completely at quite a high speed. And I gave myself a severe talking to. No such issues in an Exige (V6) or an Evora, all driven in the same area and only a few years apart in time. It seems their greater "physical presence" conveys their performance in a way that the Elise does not. Why then am I contributing to an Elise discussion thread? A good question - premature to answer it now, but perhaps in the future. I'd be glad to hear of the experiences of others on the "respect" aspect. Might my Elise driving somehow invite hassle? Perhaps not "knowing my place"?!
  9. Mark, I hope your sentiment was derived from his behaviour rather than from his vehicle perhaps being surprisingly quick! Given even the basic Ford approved Mountune package, as my DD has - all badges removed, of course - and driven entirely responsibly, the aggressive behaviour I occasionally experience from others ("ordinary" BMWs spring to mind) seems to stem from their presumption that a mere Fiesta shouldn't be able to live in the same motoring envelope as they do.
  10. Mostly been said, but my twopence worth. For a top end model to function as a halo, surely it has to have some traceability, however diffuse, to the range they actually expect people to buy. Even if this Omega actually gets built of sale, surely it fails, an irrelevance in that respect? I will not be surprised if it emerges only as a technology demonstrator, a "proof of engineering capability", in tiny numbers for a few museums; potentially "held awaiting the next generation of batteries” to extend its 130 mile range - driven carefully, else 65 miles - before being released. Even if in its own terms it is “successful” - how judged? - it could bring scorn from competitors: What’s the problem, Lotus, afraid to do something real world to compete with the high end models of McLaren/Ferrari/specialists. Hiding behind barely/not there tech, and £2.5 million a throw? Unimpressed.
  11. "8 Evora S Sport Racer models in Carbon Grey were made." (letter from the Lotus Archivist). Well 7 then, apart from mine, #4. As said above, it's not realistic to be too particular about the spec. Bob, given your previous BM, I would have thought you would want an S, but of course trying both S and NA is the only way. Rather depends how many rpm you expect to use as "routine", rather than just having a blast,
  12. Remarkable IMO! Two extracts from the link below. Note the second. I trust Waymo will be sued to blazes for every injury and collision they cause. Published by Business Insider. “Waymo received a permit from California's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on Tuesday to test autonomous vehicles without human backup drivers on public roads, the DMV said in a statement.” “But an August report from The Information suggested Waymo's self-driving technology struggles with more driving tasks than the company has indicated. The publication said Waymo vehicles have difficulty making unprotected left turns, distinguishing between individuals in a large group, and merging into turn lanes and highway traffic, among other trouble areas.”
  13. Having let this hare out of the trap, thought I'd invest some time in listening to Dennis' phone lines being "unusually busy" to try for more info. Very helpful person eventually, in the dark about the reason but did clarify re the dates. In their world, (Feb 19) refers to the February 2019 Cover Date issue. (Not Feb 19th) Also, very specifically I was told the next issue, 256, will "be published" on 16th November and we subscribers "should receive it" before the end of November. So I now see some conflict between that info and the phrase in their delay warning of "embargoed until the afore mentioned date" - perhaps just some hurried loose phrasing. But pleased at speculation here being over before Christmas..............
  14. Michael, indeed, to your comments. Equally surprised my only excuse for "nil on Lotus"! That was ignoring their 6-page feature on Lotus at 70, of course! Apologies. Anyway, herewith the evidence.
  15. What, two of them? One for the dentist's waiting room I guess.
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