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  1. Recent. Surprise, surprise! (Sorry about long link, very tight for time.) "Automated vehicle drivers fail to keep their eyes on the road, study finds." EandT News - Automation FINAL - MEMBER&utm_medium=Newsletters - E%26T News&utm_content=E%26T News - Members&utm_term=706908
  2. All kinds of points made and angles mentioned on this subject in the posts here and elsewhere, but one potentially significant aspect was missing, I felt: the potential societal reaction to something that could have such major effects on the lives of many people - in the age of the internet and social media. I started drafting a paragraph on it twice tonight, and stalled both times. Should I, dare I, risk saying that? (I mean for rather more serious reasons than any flak here!) Now I don't have to worry - unless the Telegraph thinks I taken a little too much from the concluding paragra
  3. The really big news today: T50 production arrangements.
  4. PS to the above. Pleased to see that news the top item on one of the Business News summaries that I follow. (Sorry, can't adjust text size). "Hugely wrong"! From some others who actually understand! Made my day. Plans for cars to drive themselves on UK motorways as soon as 2021 are unlikely to go ahead after insurers warned government proposals were risking lives and "hugely wrong".
  5. Thank goodness for some sense from Thatcham. Link below under some extracts. "LONDON (Reuters) - British government plans that could allow self-driving cars on motorways as soon as 2021 would put lives at risk because the available automated technology falls well short of human driving capabilities, UK insurance group Thatcham Research said on Friday. ………………. “We don’t believe that this technology adequately addresses what consumers will do and how they’ll use it,” said Thatcham’s research director Matthew Avery. ……………. But Thatcham Research, which is funded by insurers but o
  6. First start-up of the actual drive train in a mule, soon for Millbrook, then test tracks. (Not lost interest in Lotus, but this development process may be a historic last of its kind. Would it really hurt if we were treated to the equivalent for our "last IC" car - or cars? Whatever. Whenever. But doubt it, somehow.)
  7. Seems the Evija can whine- sorry, breathe – a little easier. Good overview of the Battery Day show from the “visible battery tech” position but of course the leading edge (Skeleton, Gnanomat, Maxwell, others doubtless including Tesla) working with more advanced materials (notably graphene) and with some initial success. “Elon Musk made big promises at Tesla’s highly anticipated event. But a prototype never appeared, and it was unclear what the company had actually achieved.”
  8. A mode relatively briefly used, as I recall...........else "she canna take it"? But always that whining soundtrack? I'm expecting an option of a "real car noise"* system. And that it will be a popular option. * (Yes, that's what I meant!)
  9. For EV enthusiasts - Tesla focused anyway. Sneak preview or Tesla PR. Seems more incremental improvement than battery breakthrough, but article says that more to come on Tesla's "Battery Day". Unless future-proofed in the battery compartment, Evija may be last generation tech already.
  10. Now the rather seriously-track-only version - with racing intentions. "hundreds of changes and different components" Price gone up a bit but still have to be quick to get one - 15 of the 25 gone already. (The 100 "ordinary" ones sold out in 48 hours.)
  11. On here (as I am too) you may well be right, but I'd be very surprised if Lotus's marketing department is not paying keen attention.
  12. jerzybond, I go along with your summary of the pro/con balance in EVO's appraisal of the Evora GT410. It being the choice "for the drivers" certainly comes across. Glad you left the actual denouement of the EVO piece as being "for the readers", for now anyway. I shall do the same.
  13. Of course a personal decision for individuals but I didn't give much away in starting this thread, nor in it subsequently as those who've read the article will know. My personal reason is to avoid being unfair to those who have paid for it, or at least put some effort into getting hold of a copy. It seems that some others feel the same. Different when it's "yesterday's news" perhaps.
  14. Not familiar with either EV's or this thread so apologies if already posted,, but with backing from VW and Gates, this may be an important straw in the strengthening wind: Number of other projects on solid state batteries claiming better performance than current tech of course. E.g. Tesla's "Battery Day" launch 9.30 pm GMT on 22nd Sept has been widely trailed/hyped. Almos
  15. No, not that old story, it's a new one - but with a familar theme, twist in tale (yes, tale) included.
  16. OK, it's the GT410 vs a base 911 but neither actually wins.............
  17. Indeed so predictable that hardly worth posting, but Lotus enthusiasts who will admit to reading - didn't say buying - EVO won't have the cockles of any part of their bodies warmed by the latest (October) issue. At least the Lotus wins on the pickles and pastrami front.
  18. Having acted as expert witness in more than one multi-million case between big outfits - really big, much more so than Williams and Lotus (though perhaps not bigger than Geely in one case) - I can vouch for how juicy the details can be that each party unearths from the dirty laundry baskets of the other through the stages of the formal "disclosure" process. When purely commercial parties are involved, whether details "leak out" likely depends on whether it is in the interests of both parties to remain silent. One or the other may judge that there is no reason for silence on their part. F
  19. As above - not a good look, just a few % off surplus goods near exceeding their Buy Date. I suggest a substantial, say 30%, routine discount off the LIcence for those buying a new Lotus in the preceeding 12 months. And say 25% and 15% off for the two(?) lower lever parts of the Licence. With up to 18 months in which to take up the offer, so buyers could have 12 months to properly familiarise and settle in and realise they would love to be able to drive it better. Offered as part of the New Car Package. Apart from the direct benefit, it would reinforce the image of Lotus as being
  20. The link gives the basis of the article by the Telegraph's motoring man, Andrew English. Worth a look even if only the first few paragraphs are visible without a subscription.
  21. PPS: Held back from posting on this because such deep waters. Take care using Google. Key is anti-viral, not anti-bacterial. Then look into whether really tested. When science published I may say more, but not until.
  22. What really matters about masks is not the decoration on the outside but what it may or may not do to protect the wearer - as well as reduce the emissions of the mask wearer that those nearby have to absorb, of course. Medics have various types but masks that give some genuine anti-viral protection are now generally available. Graphene is a word to look out for. Claims re medical matters are strictly regulated, in the U.K. at least, but information is now emerging that graphene atoms actually cut into the virus and damage it. Research by an Italian university and hospital where the act
  23. There is some misunderstanding - I should have been clearer. My premise is "the government motorway lane following thing is in danger of happening" - what to do about it? Probably impossible to stop, hence the need to mitigate its effects for responsible human drivers. Absolutely not that I support it, or that my suggestions would "make it ok". I actually suggested a max duration in operation of 10(?) mins; I meant "or less". My additional random alerts would happen as well as that max duration - so pretty frequently. But most importantly, those alerts would NOT be in critical si
  24. Thanks and agree, guys. Pete, that video of the Tesla illustrates why I want clear external indication when "no human in control". We could have been in the car following the Tesla........(I'd have been a long way back until I could pass it.) And the extra time to get your feet on the pedals is why there should be frequent random alerts and need to reengage. Of course those who will want to pretend they have a chauffeur, and sit texting or watching a video - and there will be many amongst those keen on SD, particularly after novelty has warn off - will hate being reminded to pay attent
  25. Some thoughts: As SD car introduction looks inevitable, but will be gradual, apart from the obvious limits put on SD mode use, for the sake of other traffic “mixing in” I believe SD mode should display a high-level exterior light, front and rear, to inform the nearby traffic. It need not be bright but should be lensed to be visible from wide angles across all lanes. Brightness adjusting automatically to ambient of course. And as “instant readyness to re-take control” is, of course, nonsense, the non-drivers should be reminded of their responsibilities frequently by a 10(?) minute max
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