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  1. Has anybody replaced the door drop glass? (B082U5782F/B082U5795F) Has anybody done a guide? The only way I can see it is that you have to remove it complete with the door frame. (G082U5783F/G082U5784F) If I have to do this, what should I look out for. Ive got visions of the door not shutting/sealing correctly afterwards. Mick GT3 1999
  2. I did see that guide but I think Lotus have changed the door design (see attached PDF's) The only price Ive seen for these is from SJ sportcars at 1988_92.pdf 1996_04.pdf
  3. Yesterday I had my drivers door panel off to see if I could refurb/replace the window seal/carrier part number B082U7077J see pdf item 32. Has anybody done this? It looks a complete nightmare Mick 99 GT3 seal.pdf
  5. Email me your address etc and Ill send it to you. Mick
  6. Burning to the dvd recorder as we speak Mick
  7. Got my rad done earlier this year along with the charge cooler rad. Got the main rad from SJ sportcars =
  8. Sky - Discovery Turbo channel 523 - Top Marques - 2.30pm today - Lotus The Esprit was on Classic Car Club yesterday for about 30 seconds
  9. Hi all, As a member of ClubLEW I have access to the parts list for my GT3. I was particularly interested in the front suspension bits and went to the relevant pages. Unfortunately items 46 to 61 (page 255) are missing from the manual. I've downloaded the s4/s4s manual and the bits are there but a are they the same as the GT3? Can someone confirm please Mick
  10. Update I took the front wheels off and spun the disks - no binding. (noticed a screw sticking in one of the tyres ) I took the pads out and cleaned the crap in the calipers. I then checked to see if the pistons moved - no problem. I put the pads back in (making sure they slide) and then applied the brakes then retried spinning the disks no problem. I done the same with the rears - the calipers also moved no problem. I then took the car for a spin around the block and ...... the noise is still there - bugger. Mick PS - I got the tyre fixed asap
  11. Hi all, Ive got a strange intermittent noise on my GT3 and its driving (no pun intended) nuts. Its coming from the near side and I cant distinguish if its coming from the front or rear. It seems to happen after heavy braking then going below 30 mph or going down hill. I can also feel it through the pedals. If I brake the noise goes away. Ive had the wheels off and everything seems in order. Any ideas? Apologies for the sound recording - Ill get a better one later. Mick noise.mp3
  12. Ive just got it back - 2 rads were knackered I got the main rad from SJ Sportscars - ordered at 2.00pm arrived next day - great service. I got the charge cooler one from Lotus
  13. Thanks all, What I meant by "apart from Lotus" is direct from Lotus. I was quoted about
  14. Hi all, Ive just had to drop off my GT3 at my nearest dealer in Newcastle. The bad news is that it might need a new radiator part No A082K4237F (I think). Does anyone know if they can be refurbished? Does anyone know where I can get a new one? (apart from Lotus) etc Any help would be appreciated Mick
  15. Try:- Mick
  16. Happy New Year all - god my head hurts. Hi Andy Great car. Nice to see another Esprit in the north east. I just live a couple of miles from Sunderland. I agree with the last comment - you should use it more often :^) Cheers Mick 99 GT3
  17. Welcome to the forum Bob, Yes, there are a few of us in the NE. Mick
  18. Yeh looks great in black. Talking of just getting a GT3, here's mine which I got this week. Funny thing is, Ive got the same wobble on the drivers mirror.
  19. Hi all I picked up my GT3 this week and Ive noticed it aint got any locking wheel nuts. Are there any recommended ones and are there any I should steer clear of. Apologies if its been covered before. Mick
  20. Is anybody taking their Esprit that they are selling??
  21. I found this link on the interweb This gearbox is used on gt40 replicas etc - looks similar to the UN1 gearbox
  22. Your age: 45 Car: Lotus Esprit GT3 1998 Location: Chester-le-Street, Durham Parked: Garage Insurer: Privilege Points: None Mods declared: totally standard Milage allowance: 6000 Previous claims: Full protected with claim in May 2005 NCB: Full Job: CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) Manager Price:
  23. formatc


    The colour is described as metallic BRG. If it been there a while does that mean theres something wrong with it ?? did they just reduce the price Ive heard that PSS are a set of Tw*ts
  24. formatc

    Hi All

    thanks for the info Simon. Which dealers are recommended and which ones to steer clear of? Mick
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