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  1. Find another mechanic mate. Steve, pos those dates and see what happens? Also need to email to the others as I know like myself we don't use this forum much. I only know about your drive days when Danny emails me now and then. Cheers
  2. Good on ya 007! I have had my V8 for just over 3 years now and ownership cost is not as bad - just drive it as much as you can and regular servicing as you would with any car. Last week I replaced both rear wheel bearings and only cost just under $350 which included labour as well. And it's not a hard job and took my mechanic just over 2 hours. I have no issue with the accuracy of my fuel gauge although as with others who mentioned how quickly the fuel gauge heads's due to the pressure from the right foot! Pure driving pleasure most of us would say I'm sure. There is nothing l
  3. I have had Mich Pilots 3 and recently changed to Falkens 452s all round. Not only were they cheaper than the Mich Plots, they actually handled well. In fact I would even go as far as better!! I have the Falkens on my daily drive and proven quiet on the road and great in the wet. And the Falkens 452s are no exception and the front rear sizes are available so same thread pattern.
  4. Thanks mate. Appreciate it. Cheers
  5. Hi All, Am about to buy a 1997 V8 and have the vin number. Is there someone I can call at Lotus Hethel factory(preferably speak to an engineer as opposed to speaking with some marketing person = no offence)about the car as far as when it actually roll off the line and what was originally installed/spec? From what I can gather from the VIN it is production number 99 as in the first 100 V8s! Liners have been done but seems to have a high idle every now and then. Anyone know why the high idle?? It reverts back to normal idle when you turn it off and start the engine again! The fuel tanks may
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