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  1. I wonder if your cats are gutted. Although all V8 Esprits I've heard are loud, not as loud as mine, but loud nonetheless.
  2. That's the dimmer for the instrument lights. Also on my 03, the small button on the fob is the panic button.
  3. Here's cut away of a 4cyl but the location/shape of the cat is almost the same in the V8s
  4. It will sound almost the same with the sport exhaust as it does with straight pipes. If you don't have cats, you can quiet it down by installing some hi-flow cats.
  5. gmendoza

    OBD 2 Reader

    Also some readers have a problem connecting to/reading the ECU if the battery volts are low.
  6. Is there a rush? It depends. What does the vehicle code in your state say about cracked windshieds? How do YOU feel about driving around in your Esprit with a cracked windshield? I would repair it ASAP.
  7. Actually Novas are painted. I think they have a clear-coated silver top coat over a black base coat.
  8. I was getting into mine when he told me that. According to him he has a bigger turbo pushing twenty something pounds. I dunno.
  9. Sure. This weekend is not though. Next weekend is better.
  10. I really like that F40. The white Esprit does need some work. It has an nice stance though with the Novas and according to the owner it has over 400hp.
  11. That'll be me. Check out the other thread so we wont hijack this thread anymore.
  12. Well Guy, I'm always up for getting together for a drive as long as I'm not working. Although I'm not a big fan of structured car clubs, I enjoy metting up with other car enthusiasts no matter what the make. I like Paul's (93) idea of meeting at VCR and then going for a drive afterwards. I like going up Angeles crest as well and I've been wanting to try Azuza canyon. Also now that I'm a bit more confortable with the car, I've been wanting to check out Willow Springs. It also seems like everyone has posted their email. Here's mine: How does meeting up at VCR during a non busy weekend sound?
  13. Guilty!!! That was me at VCR. And yes, I did get there early. I spoke to the guy with the white one last time I was there but I don't think he's here. He's trying to make his car look like a V8. I've seen the yellow one there a few times also but I've never spoken to him. What were you in? ... and post the pics!!!!
  14. One more vote for the Blitz SBC I. Although mine is not color.
  15. Craig, I have the HKS weld in BOV's and I really like 'em. I have the ones listed on Johan's site. As for turbos, Matt Monet from Dynamic Racing has a nice upgrade. He also has the wategates. One thing though, if you plan on running boost any higher than stock, I would not trust the ECU to control boost. You should invest in an electronic boost controller. It's been proven that the stock controller has a problem controlling boost spikes when you upgrade the turbos and/or wastegates. Gonzalo
  16. That's a neat looking Cobra Guy, although I don't think I've seen it. Paul93Lotus, Guy or any other local, anytime you want to get together, let me know. I also sometimes join the OC group.
  17. I've only been there 3 times in the last 10 months. Actually there's a vid on Youtube of my friend's Gallardo and my Esprit reving at VCR. I may do the Toys for Tots also.
  18. That's a nice looking Esprit. 'Ever go to the SuperCar Sunday meet in Woodland Hills?
  19. Actually the original poster already has the LED's installed on his car. They look very nice on Bill's car along with all the other mods he's done.
  20. I don't think Gordonie has held any events lately. Are you local?
  21. I've wondered why no one else has tried the Bars stop leak & conditioner. I know that Cadillac suggests using Bars stop leak & conditioner on all their Northstar engines at all times to prevent leaks in the cooling system. I also know that Lotus had some input in the design of the Northstar as well.
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