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  1. I wouldn't take it just anywhere. After I had my second gear replaced by the local Lotus tech, it took 3 tries before the roll pins stopped leaking. They are tricky to get right and require a special tool that I doubt Joe's Auto repair would have..
  2. No that's not me. Although I think that car has been spotted in Santa Monica also. I don't know who the owner is though.;location=all
  3. No, I added the water injection. It's not dialed in yet. After the run I found out I was loosing 30rwhp WITH the water injection. Now, I'm waiting for smaller jets. As for the Z06, you can see in the second link that I posted where he pulled on me a bit. Thanks. I did not get a chance to run Allan's modded Gallardo. That would have been a really close race. Maybe next time he comes down here.
  4. Well, it looks like weather is not cooperating. I don't think I'm going.
  5. Thanks Shah. Where've you been? Are you planning on attending the final CC? Actually the Gallardo SE is a lilttle quicker than the Murci. So I guess you can say bye bye Murci too. Thanks, It seems like the clip of that same Gallardo and my Esprit reving has already become a classic too. No silencing, just straight pipes.
  6. Here's another view. It's the fourth vid down.
  7. That Corvette is no where near stock. It has about twice the hp than it had when it left the factory. I would consider my car mildly modded. I have a Red ECU, upgraded wastegates, Blitz boost controller set at 12psi, no cats, dump valves and water injection. Although I just found out yesterday that I was spraying too much water costing me hp instead of gaining any.
  8. My Esprit vs Gallardo SE vs 600rwhp Z06 enjoy Sometimes it goes private for some reason.
  9. Yup, I did go. It was awesome. Hopefully the vids will be up soon.
  10. Aren't the turbos oil & water cooled?
  11. Yes the Exige S will be here in the states in a few months and it will be a supercharged 4-cyl with 218 hp. South Bay Lotus (Southern CA) already has 3 ordered.
  12. I was thinking about this. When you are stopped at a light, do have you foot on the clutch or do you keep it in neutral?
  13. Same here. Although I agreed to send him photos in exchange for a signed copy of the book. Recently I received an email stating that since he had to get a new publisher, his small buget doesn't allow him to give away copies.
  14. Is that your car or one just like it? It seems like that vid was posted by Kato.
  15. Sounds like this was your first sign of a problem, def clutch related.
  16. It just shows how small the Esprit community is. The Interior acceleration vid is also my car. I forgot about that vid. The second vid is of a car I almost bought before I bought mine. I recognized the plate.
  17. Wow, that's impressive for a stock gearbox; specially considering your hp levels and half-sec 1-2 shifts.
  18. Here's my V8 and a Gallardo. I have straight exhaust and BOV valves.
  19. Hey Rydning, what gearbox are you running?
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