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  1. It will fit, you just have to get the angle perfect. The corner of the glass passes through the corner of the boot after you have most of the roof in.
  2. The rubber is not attatched to the fiberglass. Just unbolt the rubber, slide out the fiberglass piece, bolt the rubber back in.
  3. The S300 spoiler IS the S350 without the extra fiberglass lip! Carl, the extra fiberglass lip is just for looks. It does not hold the rubber piece. The rubber piece just bolts onto the bumper.
  4. I just looked up the S300 spoiler. It looks like the S350 spoiler with the extra 'glass piece removed. Here are some pics of mine:
  5. Wow, I didn't realize they were such bad cars. A friend of mine had one a while back and he liked it.
  6. Yup, I get "Who makes Lotus" all the time.
  7. Matt, if your car dies when coming to an idle and the starts back up and starts/drives/idles fine, then I would look dirty/bad IAC. You may be able to clean it with throttle body cleaner see if that makes it better. Although I have not had good results with cleaning IAC's. Cleaning the throttle body may help too. Will, I noticed that when I first got the car, it would die occasionally when coming to an idle after spending time at higher RPMs. Now the car has 7k miles and I've driven it under those conditions more often. Now that dieing has been reduced to an almost non-existant hunt for idle for a few secs. So this leads me to believe that since this happens under conditions that aren't usually seen, the ECU needs time to adjust/learn parameters. Especially since it does it less with the more I drive it.
  8. I don't know, mine has done that twice. It is possible that your IAC (idle air control) valve may be on it's way out. Not too difficult to replace. Do either of you have an aftermarket ECU?
  9. Were you running the car at high rpms a few secs. before it died?
  10. It's not the first time GM has underrated their engines.
  11. Well, I think the small upgrades are nice such as tire pressure monitor, adjustable coil-overs, and short throw shifter. Then there are appearance changes which I like such as silver mesh in the bumper, diamond stitching on the seats and slits instead of round holes on the rear grill (cheese grater). There is the also argument that the Final Editions may hold their value better due to their small number. And finally, some believe that the FE models may have an upgraded ECU. Though this hasn't been confirmed by Lotus, mine when stock dynoed higher than any other stock V8 I've seen; about 345 rwhp. Now are those upgrades worth the extra $$? That's depends on the individual. Not to mention that they are the newest Esprits you can buy. This may be something to consider if your looking for a low mileage car because we all now that a low mileage older Esprit is NOT a good thing.
  12. Ah, pics from church. So how's the car running Paul? Yes it is. That Cizeta is there often.
  13. I'll contribute: new 1st & 2nd gear syncros used 1st & 2nd syncro assembly new 2nd gear new bearings new seals parts and labor = $3700
  14. There are several V8's here in LA and a few S4s's
  15. I have Johan's Red ECU. Here's his site:
  16. gmendoza

    So Cal guys!!!

    Well looks like we have one more Esprit interested in a meet; Sean with a red V8. Also if we make a few calls, we could def get more. On a side note, I too had issues with said tech. Well I, like others, have brought this to his attention today and it seems like he's working to resolve the problem. At least I was satisfied the way he handled my problems.
  17. gmendoza

    So Cal guys!!!

    I also found an oily rag in my engine compartment; sitting on the EGR pipe/BOV. I told him about it though.
  18. gmendoza

    So Cal guys!!!

    Sorry to hear that Paul. I picked up my V8 this morning too.
  19. gmendoza

    So Cal guys!!!

    I have his number too. I'd drift the Camaro, I don't know about the Esprit.
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